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About the video:

Falken drift team and friends drift demo at 100% tuning, Ahoy – Rotterdam.
Five cars gave three times a day a 30 min demo.


– Remmo Niezen, BMW E30 V8
– Lars Verbraeken, BMW E30 1JZ
– Michel Ditmarsch, BMW E30 M3
– Mark Vissers, Volvo 360 Turbo
– Wim Lemmers, Toyota Soarer 1JZ

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  1. @killian665 it’s for down force and straightening the car out in a slide. The tips of the wing create drag and it helps keep the car from spinning out

  2. Ahhhhhhh, turbo noise…



  4. i love bmw e30 💗💗💗

  5. NO MUSIC NO MUSICNO MUSICNO MUSIC NO MUSICNO MUSIC!!! Please, no music, just the car engine. That is ALL the music you need.

  6. شو هاض الوحش روعه

  7. Please song name… : <

  8. Nice bmw and hardecore drift

  9. volvo 360 lol!!!

  10. 1JZ single turbo and the other has a S62

  11. Those bmw’s are cool but I would rather have a good runing dodge mopar babby

  12. No this is not true.
    First of all, it was not a 2JZ but a 1JZ single turbo @ 550 HP
    And its still in the same car never been totalled.

    Lars is still using this a his competion car but he is building an E21 wide body with a E39 M5 engine.
    And how do i know this? I made this video, which is also in the video discription.

  13. name of song please ?

  14. who need tits when you have a Turbocharger !

  15. its always money.

  16. Im looking for drift clips for an edit, if you can hook me up, please contact me!

  17. That music! *-*

  18. I hear a turbo and I think I hear a super charger.. but I’m not sure to be honest. It would be cool if you told me what engines are in the e30’s.

  19. eloeloeleoeelelk,sd;s

  20. I’m now expecting great things from this ending. You better not disappoint!

  21. No ones running neither 2jz or 1jz, its all mpower real shit

  22. if the m3 e30 complies with the d1gp rules then why not go to japan?

  23. Money……

  24. Is that a Volvo 360 at 2:53? Sure looks like it!

  25. okay remmo is running a V8 E30
    lars is running a E30 with a 1JZ
    michel is running normal E30 M3 
    Mark is running volvo 360 turbo
    wim is running toyota soarer 1JZ 

  26. What is the song?

  27. Nice good

  28. it wasnt this driver. ive heard the one with the e30 2jz was finnish. he then transferred it back to the supra

  29. you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Two of them run LS3’s and the third has a 1JZ

  30. That my friend is a nice dutch girl !

  31. WHAT BMW ARE THESE? i need to buy one with 2 doors

  32. Nice bmw and hardecore drift

  33. gamati bmw

  34. one of theese m3 e30 ive heard had a 2jz but the body was totalled at a point and the engine is back in a supra rz. is this true or not?

  35. ae cool

  36. <3 BMW

  37. Does anyone else realize that this music is a remix of a song off the 300 soundtrack?

  38. And the song?

  39. monster bmw monster bmw

  40. its in the discription…. 😀

  41. Not on this track, this was a demo and no competion.
    For example on de Nurburgring they go thru the Schumacher S at 160-180 KMH sideways.

    But those spoilers dont have effect when the car is sideways. So it mostly for "show" and gives you a good place to show the sponsors 😉

  42. NICE

  43. I wonder who are these cars engine?

  44. God hate

  45. 1:40 hot girl, nice legs 🙂

  46. نااااااااااااااااااااااااااااار

  47. music?

  48. много яко

  49. what engines are they running under those hoods ? and they have like no boost lag what so ever 😮

  50. გიო ლაშქარეიშვილი

    ДрифтФильм – Gocha Chivchyan 1/3 #zaRRubin     <—-this is realy drift

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