Faraday Future’s FF91 car announcement in 7 minutes

Faraday Future finally revealed its first production car, officially dubbed the FF91, tonight at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Subscribe:

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  1. I love how a few days after faraday says their car can do a 2.39 0-60 Tesla puts out a software update that makes theirs do 2.38

  2. This is what im expecting
    " Just Press the Button and it will find its way to the garage "
    cars loading
    still loading
    one of the crowd goes "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

  3. spouse warning admission sin economist form no bite tea.

  4. yeah, cause you slaves are to dumb a species …you need your Masters to do the thinking and driving for you

  5. What business person would be running late to an important meeting? Always be 30 minutes early.

  6. I gotta a fix for the garage mode.. Ctr-Alt+Del..

  7. The car would cost over a million dollars a unit. The company is plagued with financial problems that most likely lead to it’s eventual collapse. Plus it’s Chinese owner isn’t backing it anymore.

  8. This company has good future, all it needs is a good visionary and leader.

  9. Guyes I have some Awsome videos at my channel come check it out

  10. Electric cars are the best

  11. FAIL!!!!!!!

  12. New species? All you did is put a potato on wheels. That doesn’t make it a new species…

  13. This company is as overrated as Tesla is. It a looks really cool, but why are they talking about "the fastest *production* EV " if its not in production?!!

  14. dam that ferrari was nice

  15. Too bad it’s not the quickest any more. Neither in production.

  16. Another Chinese company copying amarican technology its pretty much copying teslas exact game plan from their HQ in silicone Valley to the factory in Nevada

  17. How can this startup compete when tesla already had supercharger and gigafactory? elon musk is really a brilliant mind

  18. I was going to invest in this company but I got a little lazy tonight.

  19. Stop bashing them. Competition brings the best out of companies. You guys should hope they succeed.

  20. this company is vaporware

  21. Can you imaging if FARADAY had a Glitch that affects all the other systems. Imagine that car self parking and then ramming into another car then going backwards. Sampson was dumbfounded when the car didn’t park itself on stage. Then they got a person cloaked in black to climb into the car and lay another Faraday Fart!!!

  22. finally a competition to Tesla.


  24. Pathetic moment, when Nick the turtle asks to send the car center stage just like you were coming home. The chinese dude yells out a Kung Pao sound almost like a money, pushed the button and nothing happens. Chinese dude yells out another moneky sound, and then Nick Sampson scrambles, by saying the car is Lazy. Ah No, the product is stupid. Just another display of Farady Fart Technology. Plan doesnt work.

  25. Impressive, but it’s not the fastest production EV.

  26. 5:52 Cringe

  27. BUTT UGLY Pathetic CAR,  Look likes they design that Radar sensor on the hood to also double as a Tow Hook!  Don’t trust anyone that looks like a Turtle with glasses and a Fat Dude that has so much FAT, he has no idea to compare cars against TESLA.  Pathetic.  Remember this company cannot pay its bills, stopped construction in Nevada, and stopped paying contractors and vendors.   FARADAY FARTS!!!

  28. It looks on every video I’ve seen this ff91 parks in the same spot on their stage.

  29. Sheeple are the easiest marks. Just get in a damn car and drive. I guess if the money is out there- take it!

  30. the asian guy is so cringey

  31. would someone please make an offroad electric vehicle!!!! a truck or jeep please!!!!! I’m so sick of these futuristic rolling kidney "beans" made for only the street.

  32. I Clap when the car didn’t move

  33. I love how they are saying like this is the quickest car in the world. Actually not. It´s not the quickest production car in the world because it is not in production. This is like competing in a thing you can´t even compete. You know what i mean? They are trying to be better than Tesla. They are better on a paper, but not in real. And also, Tesla made a huge progress last 5 years with its acceleration and they have 2 more years to get quicker than the ff91.

  34. Imagine the whole time its parking there’s a parking meter but you didn’t pay for it and so the police r their leaving you a ticket. lol

  35. I thought this going to came out like 2019

  36. Today full speced P100D is 170k, seriously, it is EC car not ICE V12. Why does it cost soooo much?

  37. Everyone on Lucid videos or Faraday future or Leeco are commenting such negative comments without realizing this is what Elon and Teslas goal was from the beginning. To accelerate the advent of sustainable energy transportation. Im happy for the competition….and so should you.

  38. The FF car is a nightmare for free people but a wet dream for an all controlling totalitarian government. The government can track every person in every seat of every FF car including the back seat. They know where you go, when you went there, who you were with, what was said inside the car, who walked past the car and they can shut you down and prevent you from going anywhere with just a few keystrokes from a government computer.

    If you cannot OPT out of having onboard surveillance and control features the car your freedom and privacy are in danger and in peril.

  39. Kudos for at least making it real. The greater the competition, the better the cars for consumers. Papa bless!

  40. they tested all those car on the video except the GTR ?? whaaaaat?

  41. I was more amazed by the large round man with a tire around his waist fitting into that tiny sweater.

  42. It is not the fastest production car. It is NOT in production and still is a concept car. Tesla P100 is in production and is the fastest PRODUCTION car. I hope they do succeed and get this in production but it is a big if.

  43. Something about this company seems very odd, awkward and dishonest, like they are trying way too hard to be Tesla. Like a chinese rip off a Louis Vuitton handbag.

  44. faraday past!

  45. Killing him concept civilization read reflection bell bathroom.

  46. BUTT UGLY Pathetic CAR,  Look likes they design that Radar sensor on the hood to also double as a Tow Hook!

  47. I think I’ll stick to driving myself. Idk if I can trust a car feeling lazy tonight

  48. Elon Musk laughed hard when the car failed to park itself.

  49. Price? If it costs 100k it is better than Tesla. If it costs 200k it is not.

    It will all come down to the price in the end. Lets stop fooling ourselves. ECs should be much cheaper than ICEs. I want full speced P100D for 60k… that’s what the price of the car should be. Tesla should simplify the purchase more.

    You should have 3 options only.

    P80D fully speced for 45k
    P90D fully speced for 55k
    P100D fully speced for 60k

    Model 3 should be the same but 10,000 less on each car

    Model X should be the same but 10,000 more on each car variant.

  50. The Chinese should have just given the $2 billion to Elon Musk instead, we’d all be driving on Mars right now.

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