Fast Driving Girls – Marty & Bonnie Porsche 911 991 Carrera 4S – Hot Girls on the Autobahn (V051)

Marty & Bonnie
Driving very fast the Porsche 911 991 Carrera 4S
Short Movie: “Girl friends just wanna have fun”
Marty’s boyfriend leave the keys of his Porsche at home. Marty call Bonnie and they go for a very fast ride, both driving and flooring with sexy dress and high heels.
30 minutes of video available on our website: lot of scenes and angles!

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  1. Looks like couple of strippers stole a car. They have no idea what they are driving!

  2. Ask here to drive that car manual she crash it in a sec

  3. tragedy;(

  4. Driving like nutters cos they ran out of dish washer capsules. Get back in the kitchen crazy girls in heels.

  5. Mit solchen Schuhen fährt man kein Auto.

  6. 1. She holds the steering wrong
    2. She weares the wrong shoes
    3. She looks like she has no idea about cars

  7. +1000000000
    Yes please do that!!!

  8. I do not know how the hell I got here..

  9. Make videos please where the girls don’t wear seatbelts. Like Ary before. It’s so hot if sexy petite girls drive fast wirhout a seatbelt. Completely free and sexy.

  10. You should have hid a camera under the steering wheel 😉

  11. The video is very good but the car is not manual is automatic

  12. This proves my point, PDK is for women to drive. Real man drive stick shift.

  13. Bitch?

  14. Sexy girls drvining Porsche! I like it!

  15. Its the same my grandads car a 911 carrera


  17. Excelent driving car automatic.

  18. Nice

  19. Hammer toe. Next.

  20. The best video Thanks Fast driving girls fir upload this videi

  21. You girls have the best job…..and not to mention, the best legs.

  22. Sexy lambo besser

  23. If you’d drive a manual including revmatching and double-clutch method when you slow down, i’d tip my hat. But with automatic… nice legs though.

  24. Déjà on ne conduit pas une Porsche avec des talons aiguilles et on fait chauffer l’auto avant de prendre son pied… Capito !

  25. Dumb whores

  26. OK! Now let’s try that in a track with a proper stick and no ABS…

  27. Holy shit!! This is what the 991 sounds like??!! Beautiful.
    When I buy one it MUST have a manual just so I can row the gears and hear that magical sound.

  28. Vous êtes belles les filles

  29. Simply excellent!!!

  30. Nice video but this kind of Porsche should be manual and not automatic….

  31. BAD ASS

  32. Fast Driving Girls ha haa loooool

  33. You two bitches have to drive barefoot like in the Quentin Tarantino movies, and a manual, because even my 80 year old grandma knows how to drive automatic. 😝👎🚷♿🚫

  34. Ok, nice driving, now back to the kitchen!

  35. What idiot let those girls drive his car?

  36. Ok your daddy bought you a porche. WOW.

  37. I can even get over their whore-looks. but actually driving that thing that fast – IN HIGH HEELS?! Those stripper-PLATFORM-high heels..?! That just ruined the vid for me.. The only thing that almost did make me cum was those 2 seconds at 1:39 . 🙂

  38. la porsche non mi ha mai fatto girare la testa con tutta onesta,bo,forse per la sua aerodinamica,design…

  39. Full whores he wanted to be fucked . When driving a car you already have seen the pussy…

  40. Beautiful girls, heels and smart fast driving. Respect.

  41. I was watching this and all along was thinking, what a pair of trashy degenerates, driving like self-absorbed idiots who think they own the road. Then when the video finished, I realised I had a hard on!! Just proves, that prime-ordeal lust is more powerful than intelligence and common sense every time.

  42. Well that was a turn on.

  43. I agree. "Unfortunately" all modern exotic cars came out for the 90% with robotized transmission (see all models of last Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8 and even Porsche). So it’s very difficult to combine sexy girl + "sexy exotic car" + manual transmission, if we want use some new car. Well, this is the second video of 50, with A-T, the first was, in fact, the "Bonnie Lamborghini Gallardo – Video 019" 🙂

  44. automatic and not standard????? what a waste

  45. When you lose control goin that fast ….. your wherever you go, heaven or hell , before you brains can process the crash info,
    actually , a wreck is probably one of the best ways to go . I know ive had 2 wrecks one on a "big hog" , that broke my left leg
    in 11 places, got thrown off the bike , but if I would have died that day, it would have ok with it.l would of got a hellofa bikers
    funeral, and been there at the wake, keg party, and had all my brothers there with me . And then got cremated and every patch ,
    would have spread my ashes, on a big run! Live fast die young , and leave a good looking body .

  46. They drive like my grandad but he drives 10x as fast and he more rich then them

  47. Nice love the tire spinning

  48. Disappointed that car was not a manual.

  49. This coudn’t be better. This is awesome!!! The shoes, the babes, the car, the large gaspedal… all are awesome!! 🙂

  50. Driving a Porsche in the straight and claiming to be a fast driver. Probably legit in Russia. But in other country it’s considered to be ridiculous.
    Show us how you andle the beast on mountain roads or curvy land roads and we talk again about "fast driving girls".

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