Faster Than a Bugatti Veyron? Koenigsegg Agera R – CAR and DRIVER

We get behind the wheel of the Koenigsegg Agera R in Ängelholm, Sweden on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Abroad. It’s fast—blisteringly fast.

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  1. Those doors are the most stunning part of this car.

  2. it just a luxury go kart!! who cares!!

  3. Ferrari’s great Porsche is awesome Mclaren is the shit but Koenigsegg is god.

  4. this video is as entertaining now as it was years ago! 🙂

  5. The bugatti vision GT will defeat Agera R

  6. 11:00
    Yeah it’s much more better than a Bugatti

  7. Some people here never learned math.

    Really nigga?

  8. Did he really say "this is a properly engineered car?" Ummmmmm does a bear sh#@ in the woods? Christian is sleeping better after that one!

  9. I find the aesthetic of the vehicle so pleasing that I could care less what car is faster or not, it is a precise work of art that can only be truly appreciated by a select few individuals.

  10. it looks hideous at 10:26 due to the mirrors

  11. Wish I could find the words to describe how awesome this car really is, but I’d be writing lots of books in my attempt to give it the real justice that it truly deserves. Probably the best car ever to be made in the history of the world thus far.

  12. that’s my future car agera R like Tobey Marshall

  13. fastest car ever?

  14. I live 2 miles from Ängelholm 😀

  15. it maybe faster then bugatti veyron bs slower than bugatti chiron

  16. You can be deaf and in first place!

  17. Beautiful, ford based engine, i like it

  18. The Bugatti veryon is faster

  19. Beautiful car

  20. Love it

  21. Just listen to the twin turbos…..

  22. Surely that would fuck up your hearing after a while.

  23. Agera R is the best car in the world

  24. è perfetta

  25. LOL…the bugatti Veyron SS is the "pretender"…as none of the production cars go that fast(they are limited to 258mph)…that’s why Guiness book of records revoked it’s record. The Venom GT is currently at 270+mph… on a track that is 40% shorter. Way beyond what the Agera R can do.

  26. Performance times are @ 3:25 for those that want to jump to them.

  27. The Toyota Carola is the sexiest car in the world in my opinion

  28. 4000 km keren

  29. Status: waiting some car break the Veyron record 😀

  30. Not worth the money…except for ultra rich, just to have it..

  31. Buggatti may have power, but in my opinion looks ugly and lacks character, ridden a rental in Dubai and yes a whole different experience but nothing close to a Laferrari or this beast of an Agera

  32. I love this car so much

  33. Just started the video. The answer to the video title’s question? MUCH faster.

  34. correction-hypercar

  35. good machine best speed .

  36. incredibile

  37. Great car but kinda embarrassing that it gets beaten from 0 to 60 in the $150k Mercedes-AMG GT S’s 3.0s.

  38. the ugliest keonigsegg is the keonigsegg ccx

  39. Bugatti Chiron vs agera R…which one?

  40. race of top speed will never stop.

  41. SSC? Lol, where they at now?

  42. Not super hyper

  43. this is my dream car

  44. The one:1 is faster than the agera r. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO WIHT THE WHEELS. I stared to cry when I saw it.

  45. it is just about time that how much time a car can hold on to the top speed record

  46. Sweden sucks

  47. Ahhh..!!!! The good ol’ days when Car and Driver was actually good, Jethro’s episodes on C&D Abroad were amazing and Agera R was only $1.5MM. How much has changed for the worse in just 4 years. Sad…

  48. Great car but I still prefer Bugatti EB110SS as greatest car, ever. More refinated, more beautifull, more professional.

  49. that downshift after the 300km run sent chills all over me

  50. my top speed ive been in was about 240 in a f1 car, adrenaline is basically anxiety at that point 😂😂😂

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