Fastest getaway driver clocked at 180mph in modified Audi RS5

A man caught doing 180mph in a police chase on the M6 motorway has been jailed for nine years. Ben Westwood, from Wednesfield, is thought to be the fastest driver to be caught in the UK. Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how during the 65-mile chase in January, Westwood, 33, almost outpaced the police helicopter, in a stolen car. Westwood was found guilty of dangerous driving and conspiracy to burgle and steal earlier this month. The court heard how the modified Audi RS5 had been previously stolen from Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire.

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  1. smokey nagata was going faster, but he didnt steal a car

  2. The exhaust looks badass on the IR imaging

  3. listen m8 not everybody was born with a silver spoon like you most ppl in this country are poor and have no choice in certain circumstances certain area cuntys houseing estates its not the individuals fault its societies as a whole once you understand this we will start to win and become equals because this is not a choice this is not a democracy its a blindfold to make you believe it is when it just isnt true,go and work and be counted for?wat shite m8-its called slavery just higher slavewages

  4. yes ben. H.M.P. horfeild😂

  5. Fastest driver to be caught… sort of implies loads of others went over 180 and just outran the cops – never caught, lol

  6. You are not a mechanic.

  7. my ass badman hes in fucking jail sucking balls ahahahaha showing off about sitting in tht rs5 sit in a fucking bugatti then find out BITCH!!

  8. probably the guy from the transporter movie was driving.

  9. You dad ain’t no record breaker that belongs to the guys that get away the police don’t tell you about.You might think your dad is a badman but in prison his is someones bitch because he is small time to them

  10. 180? Man that’s nothing. My Zentorno can break 200 easily.

  11. Should be locked up and throw away the key!!!!!!!!

  12. No it wasnt an RS6… learn your audis ffs and LOL @ Darron Booth… firstly who spells Darron with an O lmfao bellend. dyslexic before he was even given a chance. And "earning his keep"… do you view claiming benefits Darron as earning your keep too you useless fucking waste of oxygen

  13. the real transporter

  14. Kinda inconvenient to get a two door car when you are driving two other people huh

  15. no, its just a 4.2, non turbo, 450 hp

  16. it is his old man actually geez

  17. great, another half million to keep a man in jail…. little overkill i think for no victims

  18. this Audi had a Lamborghini  v12 engine in it same as a R8

  19. 20mph for every year he’s locked up 🙂

  20. …Don’t you have to get away to be classed as a "getaway" driver?

  21. modifide Audi rs5 versus opel astra 1.6

  22. well they got this wrong,the rs4 has never had a v10. this car is the rs6 which has a 5l v10 same engine as a gallardo except gallardo is 500hp where as the audi is 572bhp. standard! the only mods on this audi is the limiter removed. look at the rs4 and rs6 almost identicle b4 you sayits a rs4

  23. He nevee slowed down wow

  24. idiots……..

  25. Don’t know whether to feel embrassed or laugh that this all happened literally around the corner from me haha
    they even drive past the old pub I used to work at and my ex girlfriends house before the audi blitzes into wood cross…. Kudos to the driver thoughs, balls of steel and no fucks given 👌

  26. thats a shit car my renault vz710 can brake
    980 easily

  27. Are you not entertained?

  28. Mate, I’m not born with a silver spoon in my mouth at all. I’m earning less than minimum wage, yet I wouldn’t rob from anybody. Nothing can justify this behavior, stealing somebody’s car that person could have worked very hard for, even gone as far as spending their life savings on it. If you want to take it out on somebody, take it out on the government and the banks who take the food of your plates, not your fellow man.

  29. Are you serious?! Your police force is so well equipped, that equipping them any more would deem them military!

  30. @stevenmack77 check out the Audi s6 c6 it has the 5.2 v10 lambo Gallardo engine stock

  31. Was that fire coming from his exhaust? 

  32. Ha ha they hid in my flats and the police dogs were sniffing under my front door!!!

  33. Funny at the end when the guy walks thru the door to his floor… might aswell have been a prison cell door.

  34. lol i was born and raised on council estates its not the countrys fault its the mugs that think the country owes them something. I have made my life the country didn’t help me but i don’t blame it as this country is being sucked dry buy scum that don’t want to work and just drink steal do drugs and claim benefits and the sooner the government realise and cut these people off the faster it can start recovering

  35. You said it kidda "hes a BAD man" just saying… that is what you said, Right!

  36. where was the Audi?

  37. If cops had half the stuff you want them to "GUNSHIPS, LASER GUIDED MISSILES" we would be on curfews leaving our houses as and when told.. 1984 come to life.. You under-rate UK cars im in the SOUTH EAST of the UK POLICE drive SUBARU IMPREZAS, MITSUBUSHI EVOS, BMW M3 AND M5’S I think THEY HAVE ENOUGH POWERS ALREADY. Without being kitted up better than the army. We have Armed response, if the 999 call is weapon related then their sent out, but unless ur in a city they will take a while to arrive!

  38. oh this was in 2012?! i think he is out of prison now. lol stupid europe

  39. What happened to Smokey-Nagata and his V12 Supra being the fastest thing on UK Roads?

  40. ) years for robbery and driving fast? wtf? thats way to much

  41. lets get some facts straight firstly, the car was a ringer, been around bham for ages just kept changing number plates, was just tuned. The kid is genuine it is his old man, at the end of the day we all make decisions we have to live with, the video dont show the car getting away or anything, the lads only got caught because they went back to the car after

  42. where was the 180mph?


  44. Can tell they are smokers

  45. He did t get the 9 stretch just for that 1 job lol. That we’re charged with around 6 or 7 ram raids issuing different vehicles ea h

  46. They did a robbery then went home to the flat where they lived with cctv everywhere and a helicopter above them? Oh right… very well planned. Stupid cunts lol

  47. OMG… quick, tell top gear

  48. He’s not even the fastest lol Smokey nagata is in his supra

  49. I doubt very much you are a good mechanic if you bluntly deny that a lambo engine wont go in an audi. Its common knowledge that a derivative of the v10 engine from the gallardo is used in the RS6

  50. Did the guys not notice a CCTV camera at face level every 10feet from leaving the car? Dumbasses

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