Fastest Porsche 911 (1200 HP) ever on 1 mile

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Porsche 911 (997) Mk.1 DT 1200R (1200 BHP)

Первые три заезда против Lamborghini LP560-4, Nissan GT-R AMS и Nissan GT-R GTT были совершены на обыкновенном топливе (АИ-98), при которых автомобиль развивает “лишь” ~920 л.с.
В заездах против Porsche 9ff и Nissan GT-R DT 1200R, автомобиль был заправлен спортивным топливом VP C23 на котором Porsche DT 1200R развивает уже 1200 л.с.

First three runs against the Lamborghini LP560-4, Nissan GT-R AMS and Nissan GT-R GTT was made on pump gas, in which the car produces 920 BHP
In the races against Porsche 9ff and Nissan GT-R DT 1200R, the car was filled with sport fuel VP C23 which allows it to develop 1200 BHP

Данный автомобиль является (This car is):

– Быстрейший Porsche 911 за всю историю Unlim 500+ по скорости и времени прохождения дистанции в 1 милю
(Fastest Porsche 911 on the whole history of Unlim 500+ by speed and time on 1 mile mark)

– Быстрейший в мире Porsche 911 по времени преодоления отрезка в 1 милю
(World #1: one mile time for Porsche 911)

– Топ 5 в США по максимальной скорости среди среди Porsche 911
(USA Top 5: top speed for Porsche 911)

– Быстрейший в Европе Porsche 911 по времени и скорости на дистанции в 1 милю
(Europe #1: by speed and time for Porsche 911)

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  1. Haha, i know that it’s automatic :DD The shifts are still weird and not normal at all. Might be because they surely reinforced the clutch and gearbox.

  2. 2:34 1000hp GTR vs 1200 hp Porsche – GTR wins.

  3. nissan wins ever andré brasil

  4. I absolutely love GTR and Porsche. All of these cars are blistering fast. If choosing to buy one, it would hands down be a Porsche….but I love them both!!!

  5. Although quality might not be quite there… SPEED is definitely on its side!

    And it does a HELL OF A GREAT job at it!!!! =)

  6. A 911 running 9’s in the 1/4 mile, wowww.

  7. White GTR is tuned well. Driver is a good driver also.

  8. старты с первыми 2 ниссанами проебал потому что… так то одинаково они валят почти…


  10. Почему порш так на старте тупит,особенно во втором заезде,дал типо фору и проиграл заезд

  11. That orange skyline should have won that and driver

  12. Not that impressed .. With 1200 bhp that porsche should have opened bigger gaps on the streight …

  13. You forgot to notice the reaction time! so GTR still wins!

  14. Коробка переключает жесть..

  15. that due to bad driving, his reaction time was a second slower otherwise the gt-r would have won it

  16. im still waiting for someone to tune the new 991 turbo s, im sure it will shit out of all other cars with just 1000hp…its just technically superior and no one can compete with it…even the stock turbo s is a beast immagine a tuned one…

  17. its obvious gtr won. 1 sec diference reaction time.

  18. no, you forgot to notice that the reaction times are not taken into account, only the elapsed time over the mile etc. Sorry, Godzilla still looses to a 70 year old design

  19. What happened with the second race? It looked like the Porsche driver fell asleep.

  20. That white gtr with 700 hp…..damn…..

  21. Drag time is the best:-)

  22. same time for last run!!!amazing!

  23. 365 km/h the GT-R, my fucking god, that is brutal.

  24. I love the 700 HP GT-R, gimme one any day.

  25. That only means in the 4th race the 1200hp GTR driver was shit :))

  26. I’d still take the Porsche over the Nissan. 🙂

  27. Why is the 1/4 so slow?

  28. GTT ROCKS!!! 365 KM/H BABY

  29. A puddle where u race?!

  30. you really need to consider the wind and other factors. road surface and etc

  31. dude , this porsche is freaking automatic 😉 , check other vids about this porsche

  32. 3:52 look at the turbo piping glow!!!

  33. The driver of porsche is rubibish, like he was sleep. A beautiful car 911.

  34. GT-R 1500 Horse ? LOL

  35. at the 3rd race gtr won ,not only for hp, it was because those modifications are differents ,and if u can see, hp its not the only way to gain a race

  36. That’s a fucking weird Porsche.. either wrong horsepower or very very bad tuning. The shifts are weird aswell..

  37. at the end of the day these times are still shit, a 450hp ford falcon xr6 turbo will do low 10’s for a fraction of the price for one of these. still love my supercars but this really isnt that impressive at all

  38. GTR is clearly faster than the 911s with less hp

  39. that white Gtr just rocks it

  40. That bull ain’t going for gold

  41. did anyone see the hot turbos on the porsche on that race? so sexy!!!!

  42. Your forgetting supra, Silvia, and lots of more great car.

  43. Dragtimes ride Nissan’s dick so hard. Always try to make lmabo and porsche look bad by handing them to horrible drivers

  44. Cool story kid…

  45. The track is awesome. Great video thanks

  46. We have new record 997 Turbo Tiptronic EsMotors 1/4 9.70 at 238.72 Km/h

  47. Are you 100% sure? 😀

  48. i have no problems with that. I was pointing out to the GTR fan boys that they get beat, and regularly.

  49. not sure you get it. The reaction times are not taken into account in the results, just the elapsed time over the mile etc. So GTR looses. How bad does the driver have to be? It’s got launch control and a gearbox controlled by buttons.

  50. This race is specifically about 1/4 and Mile times.  So , who crosses the finish line first is inherently irrelevant !!

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