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  1. Stop arguing guys… you know full well that you could not afford either.

  2. Rolling starts are for pussies, pure and simple.

  3. Porsche all the way 500 hp vs 571 Ferrari

  4. Win for the 458 Italia. That car is just so sexy….

  5. Oh yeah one other thing. When you drive down the road you come across 30 911 Porsches and you never see a Ferrari this is because almost anyone can by a Porsche but not many can buy a Ferrari. Think about it It is the same reason you see 200 Corvettes on the road when you are driving. To drive a Ferrari usually means you have made it in life. To drive a Porsche or Corvette means you saved some money and bought a good fast car. But not a FERRARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Porsche stock 530hp

    Ferrari 650 hp

    Ferrari has 120 hp more

  7. M Jones… what model of Ferrari have you owned to get this knowledge?

  8. why you say that?

  9. Porsche is better and faster

  10. @Kingsun Cheung #1. Ferrari #2. Lamborghini #3. Maserati #4. Alfa Romeo #.5 Fiat #6. Rolls Royce #7. Bentley #8 Aston Martin #9. Jaguar. All have won Le mans by the way.

  11. Ferrari has tiny moped cylinders x 8-12…Focusing to much on US marker I’m afraid….easier to sell 12 "great" Pizzas than 6 "Awesome"..I Think Porsche is the only Company who acutally rely on science…fuel+air equals energy, and thats all its about…Not only get this fiat banged up in a planned race, in real Life, it wouldn’t stand a chance againts a 911 T PDK….

  12. ferrari. porsche is for losers.

  13. My car has 550Hp and almost the same in torque, the engine is the same block as the GT1 Le Mans race cars, they will do 300,000 miles, what Ferrari will do that? Of course if I could afford the 458 then Id certainly buy one, but its a lot of money for a car that in this video didnt leave the Porsche behind, and the engine wasnt about to explode, and it didnt need almost 10,000 rpm either

  14. that just isnt a pdk thats for damn sure, thats just handmatic

  15. Could they be any farther away from each other? Stupid….

  16. Porsche all dayy!! It’s all in the price tag. pound for pound. dollar for dollar

  17. my mouth is fully open but i am speachless, the ferrari is normal engine with out turbo and beats turbo charged porsche 911 andturbo charged gtr, turbo charged cars have crazy tourqe….!!! what if the ferrari intalled turbos, wow…

  18. A Fiat loosing to a Volkswagon ??

  19. 1 more gear on the porche and the ferrari is dead

  20. What car are you in

  21. Anybody, and Everybody who likes porsche knows that their pathetic. They could never be the dream that has came to be reality, the Ferrari.

  22. Porsches may be quicker but it does not matter when you put one next to the other it is like comparing a race car and a tricycle. Of course the Porsche is the Tricycle. They don’t compare. 

  23. Never in a million years would a 458 Italia beat a Porsche 911 Turbo beast over a 1/4… 1/2… or even over a mile straight…never…. Porsche Turbo 911 is the best budget super car for the money….

  24. Charlie No man`s land 1987….

  25. EXACTLY! i drove the gt3 RS and man that thing handles like if it has some kind of magnetic field to the road’s just give you a loud experience and i think apart from the Italia 458 the F50, F40,360, Maranello and 512 are the best looking cars from ferrari.

  26. First to say I am Porsche fan, but I can say that Ferrari is beautiful and need respect. While watching, just thinking, that this is the "old" 997  (S or not) and has 40-60 bhp less… I think all of us have seen 991 against 100+ bhp competitors that loose. Lastly… both cars are great!

  27. That was Only a Turbo… Not an  "S"…Porsche is Superior :):):)

  28. Ferrari 🙂

  29. To all the Porsche haters – the 2014 / 2015 991 turbo would win, even with a roll start.  From a standstill the Porsche has real world 0-60 times of 2.6-2.7 sec.  what did Ferrari do with their AWD car with nearly 100 more hp? not 2.7 sec… Look, i love the 458, its one of my top 5 fav cars, I even love it more than any Porsche.  And yes, to wake up every morning and look in your garage and see a Ferrari there would be so much more pleasing than a Porsche, but you can use the Porsche every day, use launch control over and over and over without a checkup.  So while i love them both, Porsche wins.  its the everyday sports car that can roll with the big guys.  I rest my case.

  30. One is turbo one is normally aspirated. Can’t really compare.. Turbo the 458 and see what happens. Bye bye Porsche.

  31. Two of the best cars (Porsche and Ferrari) !

  32. That’s a race where it only should be about the drivers. Anyone of those cars would win by a half of a car. Around a track I am almost positive the Porsche would win considerably. Damn those 458s are pretty though

  33. Italian trash…..

  34. Most of them hate Ferrari because it’s italian. They hate everything that is italian, especially nord european people.

    Italians are good in almost every sports, races, they have the best super cars, the best food, the most beautiful cities in the world, the sun, the best sea and beaches, they are latinos, one of the most beautiful language in the world, their girls love italians, and especially italians don’t use german sandals with sox! Try to understand this poor nord European guys come on!

  35. Damn, 458 is normally aspirated, serious tings. 

    Where would any of these car makers be if Honda’s Japs didn’t invent Vetec tho? 

  36. cannot get any closer than that, without being two of the exact same type of car

  37. Fucking amazing advice from people that have never been in either car and think they know what they’re talking about… 

  38. Never been a huge fan of Ferrari but they got it right with the 458 – such a pretty car!

  39. The title should have said 997 turbo, not the new 911 turbo s. Seems the uneducated people here seem to think it’s the new turbo. This is not. This car is an 11 model.

  40. Uhdarex ….Porsche is better… ahahaha……and faster… ahahahaha

  41. lol the porsche is half the price of the ferrari and try to use the 458 everyday, and see how it loses value as the miles build up, try the 458 in poor weather,  see how fussy the 458 is come service time!! I drive a 996 Turbo x50 with a map and sports exhaust and I can match the 458 easily, my car is 12 years old now, try and find a 12 year old ferrari in the same price category that will pull the same figures… NONE Prancing horse that shares Fiat parts… 

  42. While I would agree that to most people the Ferrari (and other Italian super cars) look better than the Porsche (I think the GT-3 looks better than the 458) as a Ferrari and Porsche owner, you should be very familiar with the build quality between the two brands. Ferrari does not match Porsche although Ferrari is less trashy than it was in the 80’s & 90’s (512, 355, 348, etc… 328 was ok).

    The driving "experience" is a matter of taste, performance differences are basically moot.

  43. Ferrari all day 😉

  44. The one YOU like most .
    They are superb cars

  45. I disliked simply because of the minute long advert

  46. Everybody knows that pdk shit is weak as piss water! And, there’s no way it could ever out shine the Prancing Horse. F1 all day everyday, fuck thumbs and pdk bullshit. porsche isn’t impressive with no launch mode, these debates are just getting to be too frequent.

  47. cant wait for ur Video to show 991 turbo s race

  48. I’m have 458 Italia and Porsche 997 Turbo-S. Porsche i much much more faster from roll and from a dig start,

  49. or you can just wach this video where you can see Italia 570 Hp vs 580Hp 911 turbo. Italia smoke him like a tornado.

  50. porsche is crap car ugly …total bad …ferari is beter

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