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  1. man i love ferrari

  2. drag race???? ahahahahah! the most stupid race! 

  3. cd os BR mn?

  4. Someone call the police, I just witnessed rape.

  5. Porsche has the best traction….

  6. Love that about Porsche

  7.  $162,000 Turbo S vs. $234,000 458 icrapia…Turbo S wins…Car, w/ less H.P. Also wins..Porsche IS Superior…Ferrari, is Only for The Name…

  8. Why doesn’t Porsche just make another flagship model to put this engine in. One that looks different to the standard 911.

  9. Ferrari is purely for looks and not performance

  10. @Grunddy, you can’t afford us! Sorry, a 458 Italia only cost the same price as a Five bedroom home. I know that piece of shit 911 slow don’t cost 100k.

  11. @DucAlexx how does it feel to have that "bug" kick the sh!t out of your precious Ferrari. I love how all the Porsche haters use the excuse that the 911 is just a VW Beetle. That only makes you look even WORSE!!! A Beetle is killing your precious Ferrari all day every day. Even the non-turbo 911’s lap a circuit just as fast as a 458! Porsche is a superior car in every way except "hype"

  12. This is the 3rd video I’ve watched where the turbo s beats the 458 (both italia and special) How many more do i need to watch? The porsche is the faster car. Get over it

  13. This guy Pirrelli8 is just one blooy idiot, that thinks Ferrari is it. I am not saying it is a bad car, I know a mate that has one now a 355 challenge, his always spending money on it, new clutch every 4 thoesand klms etc. I only replaced 1 clutch for my turbo in 18 years of owning it. But this dickhead just love to insult people and that’s not cool, if you don’t own a Ferrari he call you every name under the sun. Not every one is going to like Ferrari. That just goes to show you how much of a narrow minded un educated fuckwit he is. Even in this race the 458 italia gets smashed by the Porsche I am not surpprised with 35 HP less Porsche is and always will be one of the best super cars money can buy. But then he comes out and says the race is rigged he is a total fuckwit and some. I know the only Ferrari he own is the scale model that’s on the mantle piece. Cheers

  14. porsche is legend

  15. porsche ALWAYS WINS!

  16. Eu sou Porsche, eu nunca trocaria uma Ferrari por um Porsche. Porsche Wins!

  17. I Love Porsche

  18. Porsche beats Ferrari means it’s quicker than 458 so no need to go crazy….they are both good cars. If you wanna have a fair race, same price range fully equipped 458 vs 918 spyder but no some people say that’s not fair…we just witnessed a not fair race put the porsche proved us wrong

  19. It’s hilarious seeing these idiots say that the Porsche has an unfair advantage since it’s a "S" model. You idiots… The Porsche has LESS HP and 2 fewer cylinders!! How on earth is that an unfair "advantage" for the Porsche?? Delusional. Also, the dope below who said that the Ferrari would beat the Porsche on a track.. Wrong again! The 911 actually embarrasses the 458 even WORSE when you head to a circuit!! Even the non-turbocharged GT3 keeps up with the 458 around the track and even BEATS it in some cases! Ferrari might cost more because of the self manufactured "hype" and "exclusivity" but Porsche are and always will be the superior performers. There is a reason why Porsche holds the record for most LeMans wins even after sitting out for 15 YEARS! They have twice as many LeMans wins as Ferrari.

  20. 458 italia: amazing supercar
    911 turbo S: big fast bug.

  21. I can’t believe what I can see here seriously people, ferarri a million dollars aud and the porsche is 500k half the price so what’s the comparison tell me some say Ferrari is based on a real race car and porsche is garbage…. I can buy a small shitty plane and shit on every car in the world but that’s not the point is it.

  22. Whoever this pirelli8 guy is, I want to apologize to the rest of the world for his behavior. Moron! I own a few Ferraris. Factual cars not just 1/32 toys.
    458 Italia. 355 F1 Berlinetta, 599 GTO and a 308 GTB with bored-out motor by Nick Forza; making it a 3.5… My cars are my joy but by no means are they the glorious beauties that moron pirelli8 is making them sound like. I have had my 458 in the shop 2x with cam issues and my 2007 997 Turbo; none!!
    I love Ferrari over Porsche but my Turbo is more reliable. The AWD makes a huge difference. Both cars; both companies, are amazing. Can’t go wrong with either. In behalf of all real Ferrari owners, we apologize for that moron.

  23. I am so happy that the Porsche won

  24. As I always say, Italian waste… again kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. That Porsche destroyed that Ferrari.

  26. Turbo S is so quick! I guess the PDK, AWD and launch control rule the race

  27. That Porsche 😍 my dream car

  28. ferrari is better however

  29. Crazy fast & beautiful! My last Porsche was a pristine 91 930 Turbo. While certainly no match for this beast on a track it was an amazing thing to behold. May be some of it was the fact it had an upgraded exhaust system, Garrett Turbo replacement and something I found out later. No catalytic converter! All I needed was a test drive. A thing of beauty

  30. Porsches r way better than Ferraris

  31. Porsche wins again. No big surprise. Hey, do you know what happens to a Ferrari after a thousand miles? It catches fire.  Porsche  with  Ferdinand Porsche gobsmacked 🙂

  32. Porsche is king 😉

  33. Porsche vs ferrari ha ha ha Porsche is WIN

  34. Damn…Porsche 991 Turbo S PDK is freaking Fast

  35. 530hp inteligent performance supercar VS 565hp flashy supercar…

  36. tutti montaggi

  37. Porsche "sports car" someone needs to clear shit out of their eyes. Porsche is not a sports car is a super car

  38. Useless ferari.. How shit is this car was so overprice

  39. italy makes the best pizza. germany builds the best cars.

  40. Porsche wins again. No big surprise. Hey, do you know what happens to a Ferrari after a thousand miles? It catches fire. 😀

  41. @Grunddy, type in Underground Racing Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 Italia vs 2012 Lambor, and come back and talk to me buddy. Race that dip shit,

  42. I have driven a Ferrari Speciali Yes it was a nice care. But not even close in the league of the Turbo S. Yes you can say what you want. Just wait until they bring out the twin Turbo Carrares. And from what I have read the 2016 GT2-RS IS GOING TO BE A MONOTER. SO IT WILL PUT YOU YOU COMMENT IN THE RUBBISH BIN CHEERS

  43. Ferrari it is much nicer….appearance matters for me!

  44. A turbo can makeup almost any ting fast, this is 2 wery different types of engine.
    And the Turbo engine Will win almost ever time, but I LOVE A NATURAL ASPIRATED ENGINE 😀😀😀😀😀

  45. without launch control ofc or it would be an overkill

  46. I checked the price of the Italia (around 230k, without tax). Then I went over to the Porsche website to customize my own personal 911 Turbo S Cabriolet with everything I wanted *Aero kit, folding mirrors, blah blah etc). I ended up with 200k. Now, the 230k for the Ferrari is STOCK. I’d rather use the Porsche as my daily driver rather than a Ferrari…. they’re just for show and will probably be sold within a year or two.

  47. Porsche turbo s is a master piece definitely fastest STREET car

  48. Repeatable out come, every time, w/ a great Launch :):):)

  49. Porsche everyday super car that pisses on cars twice the price

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