Ferrari 458 Speciale vs Porsche 911 GT3 (2014) twin test review

CAR magazine pitches the latest 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale against the Porsche 911 GT3. Watch our twin test video review here!

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  1. I drove both these cars with ExoticsRacing in Las Vegas on their race track. Β The Ferrari is a dream car I had always wanted to drive and experience and the GT3 is maybe the best track day car you can get that also could be used every day.

    The Ferrari was spot on, but not magical. Β I mean it was very, very good, but not otherworldly. Β It was among the best performance cars I’ve driven.

    The GT3 was faster around their track (it’s lighter).

    I own a Porsche Cayman S and honestly I came away from my test drive thinking that neither was quite as intuitive as the Cayman, though clearly the engines in the Ferrari and GT3 are in a completely different category from my Cayman.

    I think the GT3 would make the better track day car.

  2. Thanks guys for video, where is the country in video??

  3. The badged up fiat will spend 55% of its lifetime waiting for the recovery vehicle and sat in repair shops.

  4. a 911 porche has one job: it’s drivers car. A wonderful one at that, precise, fast, efficient.

    But a Ferrari does more. It’s even faster, more luxurious, more attractive, and of course the history and social status. that’s the extra your paying for.

    If you have the expendable income it’s a no brainer buy it, but a 911 is an excellent car as well. You cant really compare them. A better comparison would be 911 VS say a c63 amg. which is much cheaper I should add

    Now the 918 on the other hand…

  5. Ferrari is a legend

  6. Ferrari is just the best! Porsche is just an overpriced beetle..

  7. The Ferrari is sexy but the Porsche is the best =)

  8. Love the GT3, still the best car for the money hands down

  9. I like the poshce its s class I have forza 4 I test the Porsche I have it and a Ferrari

  10. Ferrari always to spensive πŸ™ πŸ™

  11. Yellow should be very attractive and shiny when it’s running fast on the street.

  12. Ferrari is better than Porsche. The name, the cars, the heritage and they have greater success on track. I used to hate 911s and Porsches but now i see them in a whole new light but they still aren’t ferraris! How many ferraris do you see compared to a porsche? How many Porsches sound better than a Ferrari? How many Porsches make you feel as special as a Ferrari does. Exactly and don’t bring prices and practicality into this because first, if your think about prices than your on a budget and probably can’t afford these and secondly, you aren’t going to be lugging the whole family around the country are you? Well not in one of these. They are for driving pleasure and Ferrari does it better. End of story.

  13. The Horse, always!

  14. Bloke’s shirt can barely hold his nipples in

  15. great cars with the safety travel

  16. A como me gusta los coches rapidos jajaja

  17. Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BABETONIGHT——————c0m

  18. Two supercars incomparable. Ferrari unrivaled

  19. POR-SHA. For god’s sake. e.e

  20. That sheep.. almost got killed by the GT3… lol 3feet away..

  21. i see porsche all time. on the street. but is rare to see a ferrari … i even see porches on the ghetto apartment… but that reason i will never drive a porsche

  22. Even the sheep at 2:10 can agree that the GT3 has a nice ass…couldnted resist to have a look.

  23. luv porsche but i also respect ferrari! both manufacturers produce the greatest sports cars and both made history for motor sports… when i was young and somebody was talking about sports cars i was thinking of PORSCHE and FERRARI! now i own a 911 and im so greatful for this!

  24. You can pronounce Speciale correctly, but you cannot pronounce Porsche correctly? Apart from that, excellent review. Keep up the great work.

  25. Why dont the RS

  26. Porsche for ever! !

  27. like to see how the 458 speciale vs the gt3 rs top dog vs top dog

  28. Ferrari is the best forget the rest emmanuel laoutaris

  29. all 911s are jst shit on wheels……luv that ferrari btw

  30. When he said half the price who the fuck wouldn’t buy the Porsche. Except for maybe some asshole that needs to donate to UNICEF

  31. The Ferrari looks horrible.
    I would totally go with the GT3.

  32. This is an unfair comparison. A 458 Italia and GT3 RS would have been more realistic.

  33. me vuelbe loco los coches rapidos jaja.

  34. Mi nana un pli serrier 😧😈

  35. "The Ferrari 458 is one of the all time greats. It’s really is absolutely, unbelievably, mesmerizingly brilliant" J.C.

  36. The engine sounds Gooood

  37. Great review! thnx a lot.

  38. Porsche all day… Ferrari is just Italian trash

  39. How does Porsche make a 3.8 straight V6 that produces 460 hp?

  40. Mi nana un pli serrier 😧😈

  41. 2gear 2000rpm reach to 9000rpm only need 3secs

  42. Well… The ferrari is twice the money. But is it really twice the fun?

  43. I am sure the Speciale is an amazing supercar but not too long ago this guy on youtube compare it to the Porsche GT3 RS and to everyone’s suprise the Porsche came up on top. This goes to show you that Ferrari sends ringer cars to magazines for testing while Porsche always delivers the same set up that is offer to costumers. This does ‘t take anything away from the speciale which to me it’s one of my all time favorite supercars of all times. in a perfect world I would love to own both.

  44. Ive owned a 458, 911 991 4s and other cars, having driven the 991 GT3 at the weekend I simply couldn’t believe just how good that car is. Yes the 458 has the noise and the excitement, but Β£100K for the privilege over the GT3, I can’t drive the 458 harder than the GT3 to warrant that cash.

  45. A very good presenter! Down to earth dude

  46. The proper race would be a gt3 RS vs the ferrari and see the Ferrari be smashed…PORSCHE FOR LIFE

  47. ferrari forever the best car!!!!!!
    porsche horrible car shit!!!

  48. ill take the gt3 keep my 100 000 quid thanks. stupid ferrari always about being extravagant and special… I dont give a shit you just got compared to a car half your price with an in line 6 that does just about what you do looks better and doesn’t make people think im a fag. keep your specialty I hate ferrari so much wankers

  49. yo wtf is that 2:10?

  50. Anyone claiming they’d pick the Porsche are simply compensating for the fact that they know that they’ll never afford a Ferrari in their lifetime.

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