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  1. I would rather have the C10. sounds Soooo fucking mean!

  2. c10 sleeping on the light HARD in the first race

  3. Firstly he forgot to warm up the tires,2nd the truck have aerodynamics like a brick 3rd If there was a fully built drag car who runs 6-7sec 1/4 mile instead that pickup truck..those 2 cars would be raped on the drag strip

  4. I agree , a American teen/gear head would of stood on the gas pedal lol

  5. в детстве такие же машинки из пластилина лепил как этот шеви

  6. Rt and 60′ fails, why bother even timing it if you’re going to suck so bad.

  7. Hauls ass …. WTF does that mean ?

  8. C-10 should just stick to grocery shopping

  9. truck shouldn’t even be in any of these races.

  10. Beautiful c-10. Hauls ass, groceries and anything else in style.

  11. Sick truck!!!! never backed down even if he was losing the race.

  12. Estan super las carreras

  13. the aerodynamics of a house

  14. truck not gear for top end

  15. The American car is fighting to stay in a straight line.

  16. c-10 sounds like a piece of shit and looks like something Helen Keller drew

  17. chevy c10 needs turbo !!!

  18. now put a nitro 14-71 Race Blower on that nigga

  19. Truck was straight up garbage. Who drag races on mile strips?

  20. nice c10

  21. lol that truck was like a fucking tank dragging an entire gas station behind him 😀

  22. Ya good race dumbfucks put a car that doesnt weigh anything up against a fucking hunk of steel

  23. the torque converter seams to be the problem in the 850 horse powered chevy the limit for torque is about 425lbs maybe a diesel torque converter will improve shift times

  24. Is take the chevy any day. I can’t believe they raced it against those cars thinking any point would be proven. That truck is 50 years old and it’s badass

  25. 610 c.u… 

  26. C10 wins!!! Just because souds and looks much more meaner. Hahaha

  27. Wow! A beautiful classic truck,,made all those exotics look pathetic, but its on the wrong track, not even in America would that truck win,,he needs to modify that traction somehow, because it does have  horsepower,just not enough hook,,,,I hope he comes back,, with it complete,,,

  28. Européen cars power

  29. шеви супер, классика всегда в моде, но не туда он полез, не против легких и быстрых супер и спорткаров надо выступать а против гелендвагена и рейнджра

  30. Конь – огонь!

  31. What a stupid race , who races over 1 mile anyway.

  32. c10 driver is fool
    make americans shame !!!

  33. …..the trucks still cooler

  34. Why would take a 68 c10 and put a square body grille and lights on it. This guy is a moron. 67-72 c10 is one of the best looking trucks of all time why would you ruin it like that?

  35. man i was hoping to see the blown truck smoke the porsche, i mean damn whats the porsche got 300- 400 horse? poor truck got horrible start with porsche looked like he hooked against the 599 but the weight of his all steel truck surely played a factor. had a friend that had a 70 shortbed with a blown 396, that thing ran in the low 7’s all day. if you can get the power down those trucks will haul ass

  36. Wasn’t built right. Another catalog kid build!

  37. I don’t care that the C10 gets stomped every race, it’s still a bad ass truck and would love it over any of these.. coming from a Ford guy lol

  38. Besides, it’s been a heavy hunk of steel with no traction for 50 years anyways! Why are they comparing it to a brand new supercar that was engineered to have traction? Fail.

  39. @ :41 tells the story why you need more than power. You need something better aerodynamic than a brick.

  40. american cars always big  but very slow 

  41. I love the truck! It was insane 🙂

    But there’s too much comments from retards, unfortunately.

  42. Шурале громкий, но как оказалось не быстрый

  43. Truck is not setup worth a damn, so kind of expected it to lose.. There are much better "American built trucks that would destroy these other cars".. But if you are true car person, you can’t hate on any of the cars in this video..

  44. Пикап тяжелый слишком!

  45. звууук…

  46. That C10 what a serial killer

  47. Can i come drive your truck ill hook it up and bust the doors off of both of those car you drive worse than my grandmother she could out run the drive with a fucking moped your slow minded individual

  48. Never let Europeans try to build and/or drive american muscle cars (or in this case pickups). They ruined It by chopping it and making the grille look like a fucking escalade, and then they pussyfooted it the whole mile. If they would’ve put the pedal down, we would’ve heard it. Not to mention they didn’t heat the tires prooerly, hence the skid off the line. Sorry tea drinkers, but you suck at trying to be American.

  49. love the truck at least the guy had balls to take it up against the Ferrari and Porsche

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