Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Mercedes SLS Black Series – 200mph drag race

It’s the supercar drag race of the year: can the sublime Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Mercedes SLS Black Series overcome the searing pace of the Porsche 911 Turbo S over a standing kilometre?

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Flat six plays V8 and V12 in the ultimate test of the latest and best supercars. Can the astonishing traction of the Porsche 911 Turbo S compensate for the 622bhp and 731bhp offered up by the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Or will pure, unadulterated pace be too much for the 991-generation 911 Turbo on the standing quarter mile and standing kilometre? Steve Sutcliffe referees this incredible supercar drag race.

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Can a supercar beat a superbike? Can a Audi A1 outrun a Nissan GT-R on a wet circuit? Can a Porsche 911 slay a Corvette on the drag strip? Autocar pitches the giants of the performance car world against each other to deliver the all-important verdict.

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  1. I’ve seen probably every video of the F12 on youtube. I have to say that it’s probably one of the most incredible cars ever made. I’ve seen it in real life. Couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s way way flatter than on videos. Much flatter than lambos.

  2. Porshe-560 hp ,Ferrari F 12- 740 hp.Put the 458 Speciale against the Porsche and all we see who is best.Let’ compare F12 with 918 Spider by the way…

  3. wow, sls black is less expensive than the standard f12? i had always thought it was the other way around 🙂

  4. stock vs stock and with twin turbo  the Germans cars suck ever they can win only underground just bullshit but really here isn’t fact because the Ferrari has f12 engine.

  5. Sls black series quarter mile in 11.8 ? Something wrong here another channel test it 11.1 i know they dont use lc, is lc makes a big difference ?

  6. Ferrari should make a light weight F12 with FFs AWD system. Drag King

  7. so the F12 stops pulling speed at 200mph 320 kmph the 911 Turbos S limits at 333kmph the aventador stops pulling at 350 with the right conditions fair enough all are amazing cars <3

  8. *FERRARI* *BERLINETTA* ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡!!!

  9. the porsche turbo s doing a drag without the launch control is just unfair! the overboost function which gives it 750NM of torque doesnt function without the launch.. a car that is .01 seconds slower than a buggati veyron to 60 that has 16 cylinders if iam not wrong can pretty much take the lead on any of these cars in the video.. post the same video with the launch and i will keep shut

  10. Without launch control is just cheating.

    Each of these cars have to be played out to their strengths. Just because one car cannot do it on concrete meaning nothing.

  11. 911😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Fuckin funboys dont know the difference between rwd vs awd fuckin hilarious kids this days. Lets compare a Dick and a vagina

  13. They always have problems with that concrete. Duplicated this race today . 991 turbo S vs F12. The Porsche wins all the way to 130mph . The F12 looked like it was going to take over after that

  14. Naturally Aspirated > turbo.

    f*ck turbo
    the noise is ugly as f*ck.

  15. bullshit 911 have better start

  16. f12 looks like a dragon…terrible engine :a masterpiece ,a brutal beast!

  17. I LOVE F12


  19. The fact that the 911 is being compared to cars almost 3X the price shows Porsche are doing something right

  20. stupid race

  21. the SLS was catching the 911

  22. I have yet to see a test by Autocar where they didnt fuck something up. Whether its raining, the circuit is damp, or the tires are wrong, they always screw it up. The launch control on the turbo s is the key ingredient, its what makes it so fast, and here they have it deactivated. Seriously Autocar, stop fucking up.

  23. The Porsche is a good value for money. The SLS wasn’t far behind either. It’s also good. As for the F12, according to the top speed run demonstrated by Steve Sutcliffe, the speedometer said 203 mph. That must be 199 or 200 mph according to high tech telemetry. What a machine!

  24. the power difference is just too much, however the gap for such a difference is too small… Porsche is simply the better car

  25. As if the F12 did a 0-60 run in 3 seconds without L/C! That’s so impressive

  26. Very very very great video!! Nice!!

  27. Unfair race here. No launch control used, and the ferrari cheated.

  28. whoa ..

  29. wo. so painful to watch.

  30. ferrari forever n.1!!!!!

  31. people I saw 2 other races where the porsche wind

  32. I don’t know how those Russian make 22 seconds at 265 kph pass for the F12 in Unlim 500+… It did a 19.7 seconds at 272 km/h in London, Sea level, air pressure, etc… does make slight difference but 2.3 seconds? Noway! They need to learn how to drive.

  33. well i’m a fan of hp and normally over a long haul hp always wins …( so because one car can’t stabilize its big hp under real world conditions lets slight the test ?
    and this was a slighted test , why ? yes , it was a fair match between the SLS and F12 , but unfair not allowing the Turbo S to use its launch control ..which as anyone in the car biz knows or should know is its advantage – by fully utilizing its extra weighted four wheel drive disadvantage when in non launch mode – another apples and oranges comparison , very disappointing

  34. F12 !!!

  35. The F12 is using 2 way limited slip (not sure) if it does, I found out this car drift as good as ///M when the diff locked but it may performs differently coz F12 is about mid- high end power vs BMW low- high end power with twinturbos. They both drift so well but differently. Love Ferrari F12 and ///M cars!

  36. came here to see Porsche nuthuggers whinning….wasn’t disappointed.

  37. f12 drag races = turbo turbo s i think ill pick the turbo s

  38. Ferrari F12 has the most powerful aspirated V12. Gets beaten by turbocharged engines. Now. Remove the turbos form those engines and see the magic. The Ferrari would smash them.

  39. I hate turbo on super cars

  40. Ill take the Porsche

  41. Porsche is the plucky one from that group.

  42. Ferrari is another planet, ferrari is King supercar!!!!
    Mercedes is good car
    porsche is vw tuning
    bye bye porsche!

  43. F12 rules them all.. forever

  44. Ferrari did false start, with LC Porsche would have won..

  45. This is not Turbo S!!!

  46. Bring in Laferrari

  47. Eh, the ferrari doesn’t pass the 911 till they’ve been driving for 10 seconds, by that time, the Porsche is going ~125 mph. So in practice, the 911 is faster.

  48. Launch it and the Porsche will be a lot quicker

  49. The track was absolutely filthy

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