Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Porsche 911 Turbo S

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (740 HP), Dmitry B.
Porsche 911 Turbo S (991) Gorilla Racing Stinger (650 HP), Konstantin K.

Результаты (Results):

Фотографии (Photos):

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  1. Звук ферари секас внешность секас, да пусть хоть за 10 сек едет до сотки

  2. 11.2 in the 1/4 is it!?

  3. водила на ф12 рагуль

  4. is not real
    porsche is tuning 👎👎👎
    ferrari standard vs porsche standard, ferrari Wins!!!
    porsche tuning vs ferrari tuning novitec rosso ecc., ferrari Wins!!!
    ferrari is King!!!
    porsche lose

  5. People cant understand this race is a AWD vs RWD… Thats the reason the porsche won

  6. Rocco, rafael,hector…bring me the 918 now !

  7. winner f12 berlinetta

  8. Последние время Феррари у сосо ) проиграл ауди rs 7 какой нахрен суперкар этот феррари 🐑 вот какой ферарри 🐑🐑🐑

    aspirated vs turbo lol

  10. lol i did with stock turbo s, 1/4 mile in 10,5 sorry… i’ ll eat that red one lol

  11. only start Ferrari win for me 🙂

  12. boa ferrari

  13. Очень неплохой заезд для Феррари. Достаточно тяжелый автомобиль + атмо движок + задний привод, и вполне неплохой результат. Закопался на старте, а потом ехал очень бодро. Если бы ускорялись не с места, а с ходу, то шансов у 991 не был бы никаких вообще.

  14. oh god that ferrari sound

    sooo gooood

  15. who cares…so it passes a straight line a few micro seconds ahead. There are porsches everywhere. they look bland….BORRRINGGG
    some days i see more porsches than bmws..or benzes.

  16. если бы феррари была бы полна привадная то мб ехали бы на ровне

  17. Poor Ferrari its tough to beat the twins its all over when they kick in!

  18. 911 turbo S the perfection
    it kills almost every ferrari except LaF

  19. And now we see why Porsche has always been an endless thorn in Ferrari`s side.

  20. stock vs stock the Ferrari ever win.

  21. The Porsche got a turbo and AWD … the Ferrari its naturally aspirated engine. GUYS YOU COMPARE THE WRONG VEHICLES ! 🙂 but its fun ;D

  22. These cars sound just terrible man, it’s like radio shack speakers. They whine and hiss, American big cam V8 is the true sound for cars. This is just 2 stroke weedwacker noise. Europeans suck when it comes to car sound , this is tinny, whiny shit right here.

  23. F12 got too much power which is not getting translated to the wheels.

  24. The F12 was ‘WET’ mode.

  25. How hard can it be to match the sound with the video clip!!!!???

  26. They both won because they both drive more expensive cars than 90% of us here watching the video

  27. Isn’t 11.2 sec on the 1/4 mile a little slow for a stage 2 991 Turbo S? I thought they could go high 10s stock

  28. полный привод решает вот если бы дистанция была километров 5 тогда бы было понятно кто на самом деле быстрее

  29. both on my list

  30. why is that gorilla porsche slower than a stock one?

  31. turbo s all the way!!

  32. One of the best channel cars on youtube!!! Congrats Dudes…Парабены

  33. everyone is saying how good porsches are but when the cars names are displayed does no one notice it says gorilla racing stage 2 for the porsche aka that shit isn’t stock. Now put that porche against a tuned f12.

  34. damn that Porsche must have a ridiculous tq graph

  35. Porsche rules


  37. great cars

  38. Porsche will always be your father ok little pony

  39. Ferrari is Ferrari, emotions , passion, history , attraction e t c , if I throw a stone it will go faster than the Porsche, is a stone better than a Porsche?

  40. Wow…Turbo S is quick!

  41. I still would purchase a Ferrari over a Porsche

  42. berlinetta kok kalah mulu ?

  43. And you can still modify that Turbo to make more power! one thing you cannot do with any Ferrari..

  44. porsche start faster and maybt thiss only draf but real reac dont think that f12 willl osse …
    only FERRARI

  45. Listen Ferrari fuck fan boys, RWD vs AWD, I fucking understand, but it’s F12’s fault it was a RWD, so get rekt m8.

    Porsche faster anyways bitchez! Porsche will fuck the F12 on the track m8

  46. Ferrari levou pau,

  47. f12 740ps and the turbo with 650ps wins Porsche is the best

  48. He just doesn’t know how to launch

  49. too all ferrari fanboys who said porsche is MUCH LIGHTER :

    porsche turbo s : 1.675 bis 1.745 kg

    ferrari f12 Berlinetta: 1520–1630 kg

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