Ferrari LaFerrari Vs Porsche 911 Turbo S Drag Race – DRAGINFO

Ferrari LaFerrari Vs Porsche 911 Turbo S Drag Race Video!
This was filmed at the Vmax Event in the UK.
Which one do you prefer: LaFerrari or 911 Turbo S?

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Porsche Turbo S Vs LaFerrari Drag Race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_KBhYOeqWM

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  1. 918 vs LaFerrari for fux sake!

  2. The Porsche just kicked f12 berlinetta’s ass and now they putt it against LaFerrari

  3. LaFerrari able to do 0-60 in 2.4 on a proper strip

  4. How could one compare 6 cylinder engine with a 10 cylinder? Why do such a thing?

  5. Make it fair compare it to the 918. I bet the 918 will smoke it

  6. this is like a Porsche racing a civic ….

  7. HyperCar vs supercar? still Porsche gave a tough competition. i can a bet a million dollar over turbo s if you would race any Ferrari supercar with the turbo s

  8. 918 wouldve murdered dat red slut

  9. He dun got owneded.

  10. ferrari 😉😉😉😉

  11. The Porsche launches way harder but once they’re going that Ferrari made the Porsche look like it was standing still

  12. The Porsche 911 turbo s (2015) 182,000 with 560 HP, the ferrari 1,200,000 with 950. Tell me who the fricking winner is. ferrari is a joke when compared to the 911 turbo.

  13. not a fair race at all .. bring the 918 ! 

  14. Porsche a scale up version of the Beetle, Ferrari a scale down version of.. God!

  15. Porsche is too light, if it crashes it disappears

  16. idiotic test. replace the 911 with the 918!

  17. give the porsche the same horsepower and he eat him like a breakfast! not a fair comparsion

  18. Ayda ferrari gecdi

  19. la Ferrari should race against the 1000 hp M5 turbo clunker previously pitted against a Veyron

  20. fxxk vs 918 weissach package that would be awesome?!

  21. I wonder how would they perform around a circuit?

  22. Butthurt Porsche fans think 918 would win? nah.

  23. is True jeremy Clarkson
    ferrari the best!!

  24. ferrari the best
    porsche sucks seems a new beetle tuning

  25. Awesome. Ferrari Power!!!

  26. One more launch control for the Ferrari and it goes in emergency-mode.

  27. this race is no sense at all to begin with

  28. aspetta che mi prendo un caffè mentre aspetto che arrivi 😂

  29. hmmm a million dollar car vs a car thats not even 200k. I wonder who will win. if they had equal Horsepower the Laferrari would see nothing but the dust trail that the Porsche left behind

  30. lol Porsche was quicker 0-60

  31. thats not fair

  32. great Porsche ! but Laferrari is the king .

  33. Laferrari is even faster than the Veyron (watch drag Laferrari vs Veyron). No car is faster than the Veyron, except Laferrari and Agera S/R.

  34. lol put in to the Porsche 250000$ Tuning and you will see what happens with the ferrari and to remind you guys the porsche is a 6cyl. while the ferrari is a 12cyl.

  35. Maybe 991 should call his bigger brother 918′ i see.

  36. ferrari forever passion sex beautiful n
    porsche normal car


  38. It should have been matched to a Porsche 918 spyder

  39. the porche wins because it did a good job keeping up with a 900+ hp hypercar

  40. LaFerrari é o carro mais fantástico já feito

  41. ah sorry as in other years Ferrari won everything , laferrari hypercar of the year , and the fantastic 488 gtb as a supercar of the year .

    ferrari ferrari is not begins to make diesel cars to sell and does not drive you use cost as a course unlike porsche that are not worth anything and they throw you back, in my area there are 3 on sale 1 year but no the wants and also buys the seller told me that he got tired of keeping them there.

  42. El Porsche 911 es el rey de reyes…lo lamento por ustedes los amantes de Ferrari.

  43. porsche got fucked.

  44. that porshe is the fastest car I’ve ever been in imagine being in the la ferrari

  45. Can’t get over the V12 sound. So good! The Porsche is an amazing car too. Completely different cars though. Really shows you how big the power difference is. 

  46. don’t mess with the Italians

  47. Ha! Ha! That’s like comparing a track star to a child!

  48. porsche 911 turbo s smashed every ferrari in its class so now lets compare it to 1.200 000 car right ?

  49. Holy Shit that porsche looked like it wanted to lift off 😮

  50. That dog shit got ate for lunch, and then spit out!

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