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  1. audi q7 is win

  2. traction not torque or HP

  3. It’s all about tires. And as others say, it’s VW vs VW. Q7 is a rebrand of Cayenne and viceversa.

  4. thats how you know the end times are near – A turbo model porsche is 20k cheaper than a diesel audi

  5. Porsche

  6. лягушка


  8. Camaro zl1 vs Porsche cayene turbo

  9. Audi Q7

  10. watch out cayenns engine can blow iut any minute!!!

  11. Audi Q7 is the best

  12. so the porsche is good for rally !?

  13. show d bola

  14. Lexus LX or Landcruiser will put these two power wheel to shame….really off road on these two is a joke…power doesnt equal offroad

  15. who the fuck will drive a porche there hhh


  17. Все, кто здесь пишет на английском – сосали у меня член.

  18. Rip top gear we will miss you

  19. Porsche is best

  20. Oh god how old is this?

  21. fuck you test … boys children …

  22. Q7 is best

  23. I think both are great

  24. Audi win

  25. Very stupid way to test

  26. uaz still better

  27. i prefer straight forward english

  28. Q7 <3

  29. Audi q7 is better

  30. vaz niva все ставим на ниву ставки на ниву

  31. I still prefer top gear.

  32. The test seems foolish but actually its not, if a professional driver(The Stig) were to test both these cars on the same track it wouldn’t be entertaining to watch as the difference between the Porsche and the Audi wouldn’t be big. Hence, Fifth Gear did a great job at offering its viewers some variety.

  33. Land Cruiser … said enough …

  34. who else came from the russian girl driving a cayenne like crazy?

  35. wed have been better with Volvo Trac control turned off…. dumb ass

  36. the best family car out is the volkswagen multivan , very spacious and fuel economical

  37. Bmw X5-M// will eat both!

  38. my terios can do that in reverse

  39. acting like top gear are we…..

  40. i have read the comments and i tried to understand why no one mentioned the range rover sport.

  41. cayenne mesmo tendo menos potência conseguiu ganhar do audi v12

  42. I’ve driven both and i ended up with a Touareg.

  43. range rovers would kill those cars ! just saying.

  44. was expecting g55 amg to pop up from over the hill’s and make the vws shit themselves

  45. contos reais custa sei carro

  46. In order for it to be fair, they would need to have the same tyres.

  47. Both fugly overweight tanks. Wouldn’t want to be seen in either of them.

  48. both built simultaneously on the same production line in Bratislava.

  49. vary poo-r

  50. I would say both are junk.

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