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  1. Big, fat, ugly, poor handling, and with the weight and reputation, I doubt diesel would help with efficiency. I give this car a 2 – for nice interior. It loses points because it’s horrible!

  2. that test result was shocking

  3. Stupid british people!

  4. brand whore syndrome again

  5. The Panamera Diesel is having bigger Sales then the petrol version,the Orders for a diesel version are Triple then the petrol versions,bussines is growing:))

  6. people forget that in other coutries diesel is so mutch cheaper than petrol.

  7. I like it, looks a bit weird but after looking at it for a couple of years it grows on me. Of course now a days you can have a Porsche with diesel when it’s in a suv or 5 door like the panamere. It gives you longer range for instance. So you diesel haters, would an Ev, a hydrogen or what ever will show up of alternatives in the not belong in a Porsche either?.

  8. If I bought a car like that, I’d want to drive it, hear it and enjoy it. A diesel would not do any of these things for me. It hurts me to see more than 50% of new car sales in 2010 were diesel but I am hoping many motorists are starting to see that diesels are not all what they are cracked up to be and will see that petrol is better.

  9. Original nur mit Schummelsoftware 😀

  10. Forget the car, why is the upload quality so poor?

  11. When you’re buying a porsche, even a luxury sedan like the Panamera, you’re buying it for performance and handling that’s characteristic of the company. Porsche ruined both with the diesel, and the stiffer springs to handle the heavy engine will ruin the ride. If you really want a diesel powered luxury sedan, you can get a pretty well optioned Jaguar XJ diesel for the same or less money.

  12. Well, anyone who has not owned a large saloon will not realise how wonderful a creamy low-end torquey six-pot turbo diesel powerplant makes for real driver satisfaction. As for Jaguars, BMW’s and Audi’s, (all excellent manufacturers of fine pedigree motors today), none of those can ever claim to be in the same stable as Ferdinand Porsche, whose marque is the standard bearer for timelessness in class-leading era defying elegance.

    No, too many armchair critics who have not made the journey of getting inside the progressions of intelligent design; not just automotive design but with the boundaries of a thoughtful mindset approach with subtly progressive industrial design, not out to break down previous formula’s with radical novelties that would otherwise lead into a cul-de-sac like Audi’s hideous looking saloon cars or BMW’s less than inspiring line-up. Mercedes Benz are on a winning streak at the moment and it will be interesting to see where they go next, but for me, the Panamera as above, is without peer in it’s class as luxury touring car, – which must surely be the most exclusive way to travel on the continent at the moment. I am about to invest in one for just that very purpose. Not for me the airport and all that goes with less than first-class air travel today.

  13. It looks like the elephant man on the outside, but inside outstanding

  14. I have never see one of you give a car a zero, that must have woke someone up at Porsche’s HQ when it aired.

  15. you are typical british. if you were going to test an english car, your votes would be much much much higher , even if it was a rubbich. shame on you

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