Fifth Gear Web TV – Audi S5 Sportback

It’s the most powerful of the new A5 Sportbacks — a range that seems to have the critics divided. With 330bhp and Quattro four-wheel-drive, the S5 Sportback also offers practicality with a big boot and four doors. But is there any real point to this racy four door coupe? For more videos, news and reviews go to

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  1. its 5.1 sek. from 0-100km, AND ITS FUCKING nice, but also expensive as hell.

  2. The problem is, BMW doesn’t offer anything like the S5 Sportback. If you want something like the 335i, you have to consider the S4!

  3. The amazing thing about Audi is not just that is over 100 years of pure heritage owned car production. A World leader in awards, design built concept racing innovation invention design and technology, but is a major player, influence, part of the greatest car manufacturers today throughout its invention innovation technology design engineering built in or out of productions Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, VW, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Gumpert, Scania. Audi ~ Vorsprung durch Technik, Simply The Best.

  4. makes more sense to buy the bmw in the UK until it rains or snows which is very often

  5. @TheMegaCONARTIST Yeah its should’ve been compared to the Mercedes CLS 63AMG and a Lexus ISF or BMW 5 series

  6. Why is she comparing this car to the BMW 335 ? The two cars are not in the same class.

  7. no manual? ahh man

  8. Does anyone know if the ABT upgrade is compatable with an S5 with the auxillary heating system installed? I’m looking to tune my S5 Sportback 11/2010. Thanks for any relevant info in advance =;)

  9. @thunder95y Audi are just modest.

  10. @MrKiR0 And Im sure there are people who like both Macs and PCs… They’re car shows… so as a car fanatic, yes I like both.

  11. your 100% correct 335i is everywhere and everywhere oh and everywhere

  12. 30mpg is not bad really

  13. The new S5 has a supercharger same as the S4

  14. Okay Vicks how is a 4 door 3 series BMW more practical than a 5 door door hatchback. ..The extra door will make this far more practical….You just don’t like anything but BMW..

  15. What a bitch she compared it to an Evo

  16. I saw you bashing the Maserati, the Alfa Romeo 159 and I am alfa fan
    and also this film
    my concusion
    Woman go search for another job cause you don’t make sense!

    BMW more fun to drive? I want to see in wet or snowy roads what car you prefer

  17. Audi Vs BMW. Two different Philosophies. Both great cars. Its about Image ultimately.

    I Prefer the Audi. Beautifully crafted. Nice lines, nice drive, and they are built to last.

  18. @MegaGmaan Ur a fcking imbecile. Buy a Yugo, and grow up kid.

  19. ……then what’s the meaning for the A7 then if you can get the S5 sports-back

  20. 5th Gear continues its loser hatred of all Audis——their opinions are pretty much ALWAYS the same—-all they want is ‘drifting’…hate to break it to you, but most people do not want to drift around a street corner….and on a track, Audis are consistently faster than BMWs due to better traction and better ability to put the power down.

  21. redesigned from old Skoda Rapid…pay attention to side corners

  22. Who needs Manual? The S Tronic with the Paddles is so much more fun…

  23. The A5 Vesrion of Car drives well and is well refind, except for the 2.0T motor which is a total let down, It burns as much as oil as a twostroke race bike

  24. Audi: Safe, Style, Sporty
    BMW: Trouble in winter, can look ugly, small boots

  25. 3Series more practical ? I test drove both before buying the S5SB. The boot space is about the same if not more for the S5 i’d say but the flexibility of the S5 is better. And to be honest, the S5 drove better than the 335i…i don’t know how she gets the idea the BMW is more dynamic.

    I think thats more marketing than reality. Only real downside of the S5 is its fuel consumption together with the small fuel tank.

  26. the evo is a fucking rally car not a hatch back or saloon further more for 40k u could get more than the sg330 u could get the 460! which would eat the s5 for breakfast lunch and dinner

  27. @CassettePlaya1 Not one that you mentioned are in the same segment. cassette playa ha ha.

  28. She gone fat

  29. @TheMegaCONARTIST Okay then what cars were you thinking of?

  30. what about an RS5 Sportback? Make that Audi!

  31. Audi is Class, bitch.

  32. @iedei I’d like to see where you discovered that "Audi’s are consistently faster than BMW’s due to better traction and better ability to put power down". Quattro isn’t as advanced as a I think you think it is.

  33. @edmaluf Why is it criminal? Most people who can afford these cars can’t be bothered with a manual gearbox and it’s likely that even if you could afford one, YOU wouldn’t buy one with a manual, anyway.

  34. @edmaluf

    lol And I thought I was the only one… xD
    Slushboxes are a big no no in my book.

  35. for flamboyancy, yes..

  36. mitsubishi? U MAD?

  37. is this monza silver?

  38. @edmaluf What did you get then?

    I love the gearbox, despite wanting a manual. Launch control and paddles for when you want a giggle, D and ACC on the dual carriageway. Steering is good too, light in traffic. PAS turns off at speed so you just feel the road. One downside is, for an understated S car, it does turn heads. Nice when it’s female, unnerving when it’s a dude looking at you (the car) going phoawwww. Gets 20 MPG if used but does 60 in 5 flat with Launch. The fuel tank is too small.

  39. coulda had a V8

  40. Well, Victoria… I prefer the S5 Sportback. The 335i is too… common.

  41. audi is gay

  42. Dynamic steering? I don’t even know if I have that…

  43. this women is geting too old!!!
    and other thing is that 335i compares to S4 not S5 Sportback and same with Evo…

  44. to me, this is the perfect car… i love the s5 coupe, but its just too unpractical. plus this is one of the best looking cars on the road. saldy, its not available in the US, where I live.

  45. they need to make this in the USA!!!!!

  46. why do they shoot so much video of the silly woman driving it, i want to see the car damnit!

  47. wait…5.4?

  48. Compare of the cars she mentioned are not even close, what the hell is she on about, FAIL WOMAN FAIL.

  49. Wish there was an RS5 Sportback. Wish they came to the U.S.

  50. @squashmadmatt U stupid moron, S5 does’nt have a supercharger.

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