Fifth Gear Web TV – Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

It’s an SUV that produces 330bhp, reaches 62 mph in 6.5 seconds and comes with an earth-saving hybrid powertrain. In this video, Graham from the office tests the new S Hybrid to find out if there’s really any point in putting an electric motor into a two tonne Porsche. For more videos, news and reviews go to http://fwd.five.tv/fifth-gear

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  1. He is listening to BBC Radio 1??? Oops

  2. I have seen a couple of reviews with you (don’t know your name) and you have done a very good job THIS time not being a dork anymore. So instead, the important thing here actually becomes the car you are reviewing, which is how it is supposed to be! Lot of good facts, very good video and an interesting experiment. Good to see you back up there again.
    But change your shirt please.

  3. @masterkorp Seriously, the old one was almost as good as Range Rovers on off road. And they have’t made it a soft-roader on the new one soo….

  4. @HardlyNormal12 bullshit. Newer cars emit a hell less pollutants than older cars.

  5. i think those computer displaying emissions makes your driving experience so stressful since you’re constantly "under pressure" to save more gas…

  6. What about tyre wear? Thats a co2 emission

  7. @HardlyNormal12

    "If you want to be eco-friendly ride a bike or plant some trees! "

    Is there no middle ground!??! Don’t be ridiculous. And, no, your Accord pumps out 4685 g of Co2 per year (this is smog in case you don’t recognize global warming), while this does 1502 g. And, don’t give that BS about "how hybrids are made" because it was been shot down by every credible expert (INCLUDING FIFTH GEAR)

  8. @HardlyNormal12 exactly mate. TREES are the answer. MORE trees.

  9. Yeah the whole concept of a heavy, powerful and expensive hybrid, a pointless SUV on top of that, is downright retarded. Just to show that they can do it

  10. This thing blows.

  11. Whay in hell would I want to have a display that takes up so much room just to give me stupid geeky "percentage of the trip producing no emissions" info? That in itself is so embarassingly gimmicky that I’m ashamed to be a Porsche owner now. So blatantly ass kissy of Porsche to try to please some passing fad. Really, who gives a f..ck ?? Just make it more efficient and shut the f…ck up about it. No need for a freaking banner in my face.


  13. stupid and pointless car

  14. Not eating meat would reduce methane emissions from cows to a much greater extent that hybrids but no one comments on that. Also even if you own a Bentley, you have to drive it in the city and traffic sometimes. This car is great because if u r stuck in the city/traffic, you can run the electric and not emit crap and use no gas. If you want to drive 90mph, you can do that as well. It really is the best of both worlds. Let Toyota develop this in a car, competition is healthy.

  15. @Dansotherutubeacount no stupid. hybrids mean the general population of car drivers will be releasing less emissions, reducing the carbon impact of cars in general, which means the green brigade will get off the back of supercar manufacturer’s to tame their beasts. Also, by putting a token hybrid in the lineup, manufacturers can justify the more thirsty performance vehicles they make. Its a good thing.

  16. @HardlyNormal12 I think any 4-cylinder car is more eco-friendly than a hybrid.

  17. Fifth Gear still makes a web series? Why?
    Why do people even care about the Cayenne? It’s going to be canned anyways… as will the Panamera when they pull out the new 928, which is all that matters..

  18. what is the techno sound track at 1:26

  19. someone tell him that in fact HE’S USING petrol

    how do you charge the batteries?
    when you finish this (painful and useless) journey and you want to use again the batteries you have to charge them
    and THAT uses more petrol

    the only intelligent thing that a hybrid can do is start/stop at the traffic jams and energy-recovery from braking
    and nothing else, so double, triple crap

  20. @nacokomulogin I have to agree the car looked pretty nice except for the rear -_-"

  21. Like HardlyNormal said, this like other hybrids are just gimmicks. Even the Environmental lobby agrees running an old car has less effect on the environment the that of building something new. Furthermore, I’d advise him to pay more attention to the road ahead, rather than the slinky graphics, otherwise he may find himself rapped around a lamp post, or worse still, killing someone.

  22. ‘without using any petrol’?! You gave it the power from the damn petrol!

    this car is a typical hipster indulgence. just get a cheaper, better faster Cayenne S

  23. @omfggoogle looooooooooool

  24. @RareSuperCars Fucking fag. get a life

  25. If you’re going to drive at 15mph the whole way, why don’t you just bike. Retarded.
    The whole argument with driving to the city centre made no sense. Just don’t drive if you’re going to do something that stupid.

  26. @itsTiLER I always wondered – why none of the carmakers do it?! It would be super ecofriendly

  27. Wish this twink would shock himself sane via a good battery lick !
    Sorry, he’s just the most annoying puff to ever review an
    automobile. *cringe*

  28. back lights of cayenne… WTF?

  29. @AdrianC12345 My ’97 stock Nissan Terrano II can to better and is very good on the road to.
    My Nissan Pattro(modified)l is Certnaly much better and don’t cost what "thing" cost. SUV simply don’t go offroad.


  31. @AdrianC12345 Sure’s that because my father trade his Porsche cayenne turbo, because it can go off road like my Patrol, when in the road, my supra was a lot faster ahah, stupid SUV

  32. @GooseThunderfoot Most hybrids to have one extra source of enegy that other cars don’t: regenerative breaking. This energy would normally be lost as heat but instead it can be used to move the car forward.

  33. Why not diesel and hybrid ? well be great I think

  34. @JCY006 You sound like a guy who would have said the introduction of the Cayenne was the worst thing to ever happen to the ‘performance-orientated’ porsche marque. What you don’t realise is that the supercars porsche make, aren’t going to be selling in their droves in order to secure the companies future. What the cayenne did, was sell like hotcakes and gave porsche an amazing amount of money to put back into developing their other cars.

  35. It’s basically a rip off a prius or lexus, nothing can be worse.

  36. What is he talking about "some people said [the Cayenne] wasn’t fast enough, so they put a turbo in it"? The Turbo was available from the start in 2003.

  37. сначала подумал что GUF

  38. @masterkorp SUVs don’t go off road?! Hahahaha!!!!! Don’t make me laugh!!! Things like the Tahoe or Escalade or Hummer can’t go off road because they weren’t engineered with it in mind, but this can!!!! Even Volvo SUVs can do mild to moderate off-roading!!!!

  39. I cannot stand this guy! hope he doesn’t get promoted to tv.

  40. @toyotaprius79 go kill yourself the prius is the worst car ever built

  41. Time to revisit basic physics. Read: The conservation of energy. Unless the car can plug into an electrical outlet that is powered by sustainable means (and it isn’t), every single watt consumed by the electric motors was generated by burning fossil fuels. Even worse, every watt is converted at least 4 times since the fuel was burned. The cake is a lie.

  42. he sounds like australian lol

  43. nice

  44. For a few hundred quid more you can get BMW’s new x5 m50d which is a M version Diesel which is more powerful than the cayenne,as good fun to drive and the best bit it’s more economical,unlike the Cayenne doing 34mpg the x5 achieves 37mpg on combined fuel consumption.So why buy the Cayenne?

  45. @HardlyNormal12 Diesel isn’t that good either, on paper yes less emmisions but they spit out way more other particles than a petrol engine. and then it’s about the particlefilter, Kia Ceed seems like a good low cost car but when you need to change particlefilter in the diesel it costs around 3.500£ to change and that’s several % of the price when it was new. I agree on the hybrid part.

  46. @Xbox360customUK He said the range was lighter, not this specific model. Truth is in the details.

  47. I would LOVE to win one!!!

  48. I prefer my BMW X5M and Mercedes E 63 AMG

  49. At the start he said the new Porsche was a lighter version of the others and then near the end he said it was the heaviest of the cayennes!

  50. @itsTiLER What about a Hydrogen-Hybrid? Think FCX Clarity cross Prius.

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