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  1. I think this program is copying their name from top gear

  2. Who the hell decided a woman should be doing this video

  3. Nice job, keep it up:)

  4. @paikmendez Actually it weighs less if you talking about a metric ton…which you are by spelling it "tonne". Porsche is just incredible at keeping the weight down. They are probably the best manufacturer in the world at keeping their cars lightweight.

  5. she so much eaiser to watch the Jeremy Clarkson or James May.

  6. Dear Porsche,
    Please keep the front of this car and make it into a sedan with a trunk. I really hate the hatch and lines it induces from the car’s profile. The front of this car is astonishing, especially in person. Wow

  7. where is seat belt?!?

  8. Vicki is small but has the nuts of a Beefmaster!

  9. Isnt dutch like a retarded mixture of englisg german and french ? lol so that means the only foreign language you speak is spanish . watched many soaps have we lol

  10. Vicky’s so hot…

  11. im sorry, but its hidious

  12. please 5th inwest some time for postprocessing, color grading etc.
    this vid is pain for eyes!

  13. you dont say !!

  14. my mom really wants this car.

  15. @jmbkvyp yep i agree. nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen to this, i really ddnt expect that i will get such a cheap deal for my brand new car from this site. you can also get it from here =>

  16. If they told me I could have her job but I’d have to have an irreversible sex change, I’d do it.

  17. 0-62mph is 3.5 seconds according to motortrend. 

  18. I bet she is a screamer in bed.

  19. VBH Going sideways what more would a man want ?

  20. WTF is wrong with you?? Yeah women generally do suck at driving but shes AWESOME at it! And ur saying they can’t drive a supercar just cos they’re women??

  21. she is the worst in the Fifth gear team. trying to be like the rest of the crew. great car terrible presenter

  22. Garbage. All it needs is front wheel drive…..oh wait a minute BMW is coming out with that as a glorified station wagon. Maxi pad & milk mommy taxi. Typical automatic for the masses. Marketing!

  23. 1:16
    this is the first time i have ever heard vicki saying "brake horse power" instead of "bhp"

  24. You could speak seven thousands languages and still be jerk with obvious jealous sexist old jokes… So no need to get educated, just get some manners 🙂

  25. @MrGeefgeld firstly, if you’re going to be sexist be educated. Woman*.

  26. I need a girl that can drive like that. Anybody know where they hang out?

  27. God !! 99% of the Youtube Videos I’ve watched , I see people fighting over silly reasons !! Why can’t people just enjoy the video 🙂

  28. youre a dumbass

  29. @mildhehe on all four seats you retard

  30. Porsche’s are just beast

  31. Are all Panameras have diesel engine??

  32. Vicky is great!

  33. How did she even get the job?

  34. Of course you have plenty of room Vicki, because you’re Stumpig (the runt of the litter). If you want to know whether a "little girl" can fit into the Panamera, get Vicki to test it. She can barely see over the steering wheel; she needs a few cushions.

  35. Can you please put and fasten the seat-belt thumbs up if you agree guys ^_^

  36. I’ve had the opportunity to testdrive one of these <3 There’s no word to describe the feeling I got when I fired up this beast!

  37. @thegreatcb7 i agree with you completely

  38. When the panamera first came out, I thought it was the fugliest thing I had ever seen. It grew on me over time. The rear spoiler should be kept up at all times

  39. How come the link isn’t working, like I typed the link in my search bar 8 times and my computer keeps crashing.

  40. i like women that drive like her. i think it’s sexy!

  41. she looks like a beast also !
    ThM – Norway

  42. Well, this isn’t helping my kitchen 😛

  43. clunck , your having a laugh, it bottom’s out is what she meant too say ,the ride is well………..hard at best,stick too the m5 or amg’s

  44. supercar, one of the best porsche cars after the cayman r

  45. She made me go from dreamcar to whatever.
    She dont bring any manly aweomenes in to the brand of Porsche.
    For her its like buy some milk or bread.
    U dont get excited to see this.

    Actually piss me off
    Think Tiff or what hes name had been a mich wiser choice.
    Ms. Butler fits better for Biggest Loser and such.

  46. She’s a beast behind the wheel.

  47. dumb

  48. this is the fucking whip

  49. @MrGeefgeld no i cannot speak dutch. I speak romanian, russian and learning arabic in the military=) have a good day sir.

  50. well seeing she is a race car driver i guess she knows what she is doing

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