Chris Harris takes a 24 hour trip to Los Angeles to drive the new BMW i8. He hated the flight, but the i8 left a positive impression on the team. Capable of 23 miles all electric before the 3-cylinder turbocharged motor kicks in to recharge the batteries. This is one of the closest production cars we’ve ever seen that looks almost identical to the concept car it’s based on.

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  1. get the i8. then ls swap it. lol

  2. 140000 in us

  3. Don’t like the look of it

  4. Why, o why, would you show a car like that… with an AUTOMATIC transmission?

  5. Love the look of the car from every angle except the rear. Can’t get the image out of my head of it giving birth to a 911.

  6. 2000th comment this car is more ahead of time by 5yrs

  7. BMWi8 bad ads car

  8. he looks real short

  9. its crazy that my 1.8 4 banger corolla sounds like a tiny bee riding around on the road but the 1.5 3 cylinder bmw sounds like any other sports car

  10. Ditch the bullshit powertrain and drop the M6 V8 in.

  11. You’re An Ankel. % important tip What’s your opinion cbout !

  12. Tank

  13. chris, your brilliant! as always… 🙂

  14. I like how /drive dick rides the bmw manufactured electric RACE car but the EV west version of the e30 they think to themselves "hmmmm do I want an electric race car" like wtf

  15. Guys i’m getting triggered

  16. Why the freak is this guy talking about "dusting WRXs"? The i8 costs around $140,000 and the WRX costs $27,000. Apples and oranges.

  17. I work at the BMW engineering center in California where this car came from (after it came from Georgia). Cool to see the press cars in action haha some of the engineers joke about putting a 911 motor in the back of one of these things. As an insider, I think the car is slightly over rated, despite the great engineering and looks of it.

  18. nizzzzzz car !

    only needs engine swap to six cylinder bi-turbo from bmw m4 (tuned to 520 ps!)

    and get rid of this hybrid shit… 😉

  19. Whenever there’s a shot of the rear, I really can’t unsee the i8 rear without it looking like its shitting out a 911.😂😂😂

  20. Nice chem trails in the background sky view. Good job guys. Ps- great review.

  21. arabalar süper

  22. My friend owns an i8. One of the best things I’ve ever sat in.

  23. I thought the i8 was called a super car…but sports car of the future…wait…huh? Either way BMW is BAE

  24. Wonder if the M division is working on a monster version of this as we watch this video

  25. @Munchie Foster the sound of the car is fake.

  26. Gotta get Double Double W/ CHEESE

  27. No drifting? 🙁

  28. One of these and two other BMWs racing blew by me on southbound 280 a half mile south of SLAC. If you fuckheads are reading this, SLOW DOWN!

  29. Don’t know if should get an i8 or a jag f type R. If I buy this I’ll be trading in power for looks I think…

  30. bring back fld

  31. 9:16 Chris is giving this guy from the left the finger treatment #ChrisHarrisComingThru lol

  32. it’s exactly what BMW intended it to be, it’s a very niche vehicle. it’s a very good every day car. it’s VERY good at EVERYTHING it does and it’s great fun, BUT it’s master of none.

    I went with it over the 911 because it’s almost as much fun , personally I think it looks more exotic, it’s quiet when I want it to be, it’s loud enough for me when I want it to be, it’s got two small seats which is great for my 18 month so and it’s the most economic sports car in the world. It has a real presence and it’s just a really special car. the future for the i8 is looking very promising.

  33. Too many words. Too many hand gestures.

  34. great commentary. nice work.

  35. @ 4:47 I feel for that biker, I mean if you hit him he’s done at that speed. He’s risking his life riding those roads….

  36. That 1.5L probably has a service life of a few hundred miles considering how much stress it has to be under

  37. It does look nice but it costs more than the best Tesla Model S. No comparison.

  38. There has to be a reason as to why I’ve seen so many of these cars forsale as used trade ins with mileages stated less than 5000klm’s. This kind of leads me to believe that the i8 may be a bit under powered and not giving the desired thrill factor? Just guessing as I’ve yet to test drive one,

  39. Was considering a Huracan, but you’ve swayed me back to staying a Beemer driver! First video I have watched of yours and thoroughly impressed – you don’t rely on gizmos or humour. Your knowledge and passion for these machines wins you over! Keep up the good work and you’ll now be going on ‘Sages of YouTube’ on my channel!

  40. BMW needs to bring back the 8-Series to compete with the S-Class coupe… The S-Class coupe literally has no direct competitors from it’s other German rivals, it’s closest competitor is a damn Bentley GT.

    And iv’e always seen the 8-Series as being a coupe version of the 7-Series, it just seemed to have similar design language

  41. Most beautiful car ever made.

  42. Do these guys never clean their camera lens?

  43. Truly enjoyable review. The silence of EV mode is eery, in a nice way, very sci-fi. Quiet will become the new loud.

  44. Clean your sensor!

  45. Get an i8, put a fucking V12 in this, bye bye Aventador!

  46. These cars are amazing, can’t believe I saw one at a junkyard… Video is on my channel. Loud exhaust

  47. so what is the point on having drill disk brakes on this cars i can image how much it will cost when they go bad

  48. I BYE 1 1 DAY win I win the lat

  49. BAD ASS CAR.

  50. I bet Chris Harris could describe a Ford Pinto and make it sound like the most elegant car ever built

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