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  1. mxm i dont trust that

  2. This car not flying its hanging with a rope lol

  3. it is a fake !!!!!!!!ots a baloon

  4. Fri Mar 7-Eleven icy to get to inspection of

  5. drone with a plastic car

  6. google. com

  7. what the hell!!!

  8. this fake

  9. is it a car or a balloon??? haha…..

  10. वट

  11. is this real

  12. just a deleted scene from Harry Potter

  13. A rubber air balloon car or a video film trick, air propeller are so tiny you can hardly spot them 🇬🇧😎👍🏻📢 !!!

  14. good heavens pilot drives a moto car

  15. appears to be of small mass low inertia thus requiring minimal drive power, ergo a dirigible

  16. yeah its a fake car its as ballon with the shape of car

  17. the Flying Cars in the Future?

  18. fake

  19. fake transformer

  20. fake.

  21. its balloon car not real one

  22. Impressive!!!

  23. It’s a balloon. ha ha ha ha

  24. free energy haghnejad

  25. fake.

  26. it’s wonderfully how can u believe it

  27. yeamen

  28. this is fake video

  29. عالیه

  30. 😻

  31. Fuckin’ fake!!!

  32. price add plz

  33. fake

  34. kon he kutte logo ko chutiya samjhta hai

  35. People probably came here from the Helium Balloon vine.

  36. Where was the crane to which this car had hanged? What a nice number of view on such a scam!

  37. is this.neighbor hood like.999999.years old?

  38. wtf lol

  39. hahahahahahaah fake

  40. It’s diecast modrl

  41. fake video

  42. Its a drone…

  43. this is the new future of memes

    or tecnology

  44. I used to own an Astra, I should have kept it and converted to a flying car like this one.

  45. Harry Potter is real .

  46. It’s a easy way to get away from all that traffic below you

  47. Nice video

  48. ha ha.. gud CGI

  49. riyaan

  50. FAKE – Just about like everything else on line.

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