Forza Horizon 3 – FORZATHON – Win the 1982 PORSCHE 911 3.3 – How to get wreckage skills & More

In this video, I show you guys how to complete ALL the challenges in depth for the upcoming FORZATHON even for April 28th. Including how to get wreckage skills, complete a championship to win the PORSCHE 911 3.3 and how to play a game of flag rush.
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  1. This car will have an RWB Kit if not a similar one, i’ve seen nicks January video gameplay of the Dev version and it had a WRX STi type wing (Like the ones in RWB, but it didn’t have the rest of it, kind of like the porsche in PCR) and a RWB Style Front Bumber

  2. Nice vid keep it up m8👍👍

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