#Forzathon – FREE Porsche 911 Turbo, Wreckage Skills – Horizon Secret Service Challenges! (FH3)

Today I share with you the Horizon Secret Service in the new #Forzathon event in Forza Horizon 3 which starts on the 28th April to 1st May. You will be able to win a new, exclusive car, the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3. You will also be able to win some fast and easy credits. The challenges or achievements I will be covering:

1. Eye on the Spy
2. Car Chase
3. Stirred, Not Shaken

In order to unlock the Porsche 911 through the Eye on the Spy challenge, you will have to complete one challenge. I hope you enjoy the video, find it to be helpful or useful, and are now aware of this 3 day #Forzathon event. Don’t miss it! As always, thank you very much for watching, and have a wonderful rest of your day!


WINNER OF THE GEARS OF WAR 4 ELITE CONTROLLER IS… Tescos value Orange juice. Thank you everyone for the participation, more giveaways in the future 😀

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  1. I just completed the challenge

  2. Noooo way! This is isn’t real?! No, no, no, I don’t believe it.. nope nope I can’t cope, thank you so so much! You’re the best!<3

  3. Just look at your achievement list it shows upcoming events and prizes


  5. Another great video…keep it up!!  Hope the RWB kit is available for the 911

  6. I love this Porsche so much it’s really good at deifting

  7. This car is going to be sick 😆

  8. current #FORZATHON hasn’t even ended and everyone is banging this one out!! The heat is on!! #awesome!

  9. Mega early today with this Forzathon. A little birdy told me, you can obtain the Porsche 911 Turbo starting 28th April. Can we hit 20 likes? Cheers 😃

  10. Can u rent the db5 instead of buying it

  11. Can’t wait! Plus you deserve so much more subscribers

  12. I hope it has an RWB kit otherwise I’ll be disappointed

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