Fujimi: Porsche 964 911 Carrera 2S:4S Part 5

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The Airbrush I use is a Harder & Steenbeck 2 in 1 EVO with a 0,4mm needle attached to a EuroTech 20A compressor boosting 2,4BAR(29PSI) of air pressure through the gun.


The Spray booth i use is a Sparmax SB-88
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[email protected]

In my video’s I’m showing all sorts of tips and trick about model car building. I do tutorials( how to’s ),model kit builds,unboxing reviews and all sorts of other scale model related stuff.

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  1. I am amazed at how steady your hand is

  2. amazing work! im extra impressed

  3. Dude u inspire me man for real glad to see u back buddy awsome wrk 🖒🖒😎😎

  4. 💣

  5. You should build a rx7 fc3s from initial d

  6. I always enjoy watching your builds. they look classy.

  7. i love porsche, i think this is your best built so far….

  8. very good [TH]

  9. So much great information and inspiration in your work…thank you !!

  10. hi, can i use adding pens to all clears parts and what is your favourite

  11. Bang on build. Great details with an original touch.

  12. Will the paint dry out if I put it in the airbrush for ten minutes?

  13. Hello. How come you use Vallejo Model Air design for airbrush, and not the color one?

  14. you could have user high quality glass instead of that cheap looking plastic

  15. also I noticed you leave your fingerprints everywhere making everything foggy

  16. Hij is mooi geworden.

  17. Excellent as usual. I like to hit the lug nuts with the Molotow pen as well to make them stick out. Thanks so much for the tip on those pens they are fantastic.

  18. Love your work.

  19. Your webshop have some amazing deals, but the shipping is so high, 21€ to ship to Spain… Nearly doubles the price of the product, Isn’t there a possibility to have a lower shipping tax? Like with another Shipping Company or something like that? BTW, the Porsche looks so cool, amazing work!

  20. Great work. All that chrome is a good look.

  21. maybe toyota supra ? 🙂

  22. do a video of your collection

  23. Another nice job Tom!

  24. Wow, very beautiful

  25. I always look forward to your videos. You are an amazing artist

  26. Looks great

  27. It always looks so deceptively simple when a master works his art. He difference between this finished model and mine is so wide you could drive a Porsche through it. So much fun seeing how it should be done though! Thank you very much!!

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