Full Throttle : Porsche Cayenne S Diesel (Option Auto)

Porsche Cayenne S Diesel – V8 4.2 biturbo diesel de 382 ch / 86,7 mkg – boîte Tiptronic S à 8 rapports – 0 à 100 km/h en 5.7 s / Vmax : 252 km/h – Poids à vide : 2 270 kg – novembre 2013 – Option Auto n°205 (Décembre 2013/Janvier 2014) – ON ROAD SPEEDO / NOT A SINGLE DYNO TEST ON OPTION AUTO VIDEOS

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  1. Beurk !!!!

  2. Ça sent le mazout

  3. damn…the driver is a girl ?

  4. Diesel engines are better than gassers. Always will be.

  5. Arf,le logo ‘Diesel’ sur le coté,la frime keua….

  6. So fast, but the sound are a bit dull 

  7. c’est quoi le nom de la chanson au début ? ( a défaut d’aimer le son de ce tracteur –‘ )

  8. 382 HP top speed is 258 km/h

  9. OMG, what a torque at 1:36!

  10. sounds like a farting vacuum cleaner. Only reinforces my dislike for diesel engines. Yes they are relatively frugal but the sound is not for the driver that seeks thrill and enjoyment from the occasional mashing of the pedal or taking sweeping turns.

  11. Beurkkkk , ca pue de gazout dégueux et ca avance pas !

  12. not bad…

  13. pls music name name pls

  14. .

  15. That’s really fast for a Diesel Cayenne. Wow!

  16. Short shifting by nearly 1000rpm

  17. The engine sounds just like my air compressor when is charging. It’s very impressive anyways how she takes the curves and she can still accelerate pretty good just because of its TT power.

  18. an engine revving to 4500 is not a porsche by anyway fuck that shit

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