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  1. i got told it isnt a lighthouse its a radio tower thingy and it does spin fast

  2. well you didnt get hit so you cant really blame 😛

  3. Kunde gjort detta men min945…frugan bredvid o jocke bak

  4. lol you definitely got fucked by the police after doing that, cameras blinking all the time speed trapped.

  5. I was in a coffie shoip in amsterdam and this was playing on in one tv, turned out it was on some kind of play list cos it was on the next day as well

  6. haha wow ghostriders bike is like twice as fast as the 911 bro, this here ist the real shit ! get rid of the cops at mid speed, u need skill for this shit 😀

  7. Sweden, on six a clock all go to sleep.

  8. The light goes that fast. Trust me, i can see it from my window.

  9. Sounds like a 3.4 twin turbo the way it spools up. Bad ass

  10. the best movie Who watches 2016 ?

  11. Inline-6 sounds great in sports cars.

  12. No liscense plate i think

  13. where the heck are all the cars??? even if its late night…

  14. One of the 1st videos i saw on you tube. great racing classic! Big up you tube for original entertainment!

  15. denne er min farvorit video great

  16. fake police fake police hey

  17. I don’t much like the song, but that’s some damn good driving. Hell, I’m pretty sure even the cops had fun with that.

  18. This guy is crazy


  20. No one gives a shit about bikes. 2wheels=bad

  21. And ofcourse the cops were real…….Oooooor not…

  22. Still the original great of car vs. cop movies on you tube

  23. Who cares about that trashy ass music.. Porsche ftw.

  24. Well, if I remember right, they do one video each year. So it is close to mind, that they probably do not have plates on car while making their videos … 😉

  25. Sweden road looks so fun

  26. Police all over the world use Volvos – quite often even the T5 5 cylinder turbo version with around 250hp. You shouldn’t try to drive away unless you’re in a proper sportscar 😉

  27. Sounds like its on boost and also a G50/50 5 speed with the shifts. Narrow body car

  28. Ghostrider beats em all… 10x faster ;p

  29. haha, me too !

  30. 964 <3

  31. Is that really how the Swedish police pull people over, holding out a "STOP" sign out the window?!

  32. its a 911 vs. a volvo box, Who do you would have thought was gonna win 🙂

  33. lol one day i will go make holidays in sweden for 2 weeks, rent a car for 3 days(maybe a lambo) and then.,….you can expect what

  34. ive been stopped by civvies driving a rusty old mazda in stockholm. may be fake, but they may be real.

  35. LOL im assuming the car doesnt have plates on it considering all the red light cameras you flew through….not to mention the whole "dominating the police thing" and all

  36. A swedish cop wouldn’t approach a car like that, so yep, that’s fake!

  37. There is something suspect about these videos – the bike and car ones. They almost look computer generated or staged.

  38. Who gives this a thumbs down? Idiots. This is the classic video that got me and a whole lot of other guys of my generation into cars.

  39. such a chef d’oeuvre cinematographique ….

  40. Love the sounds.. but Have any of the videos started recording in HD yet?

  41. this is fake video… look to the velocity of the lighthouse in the final part of the video in the minute 6… lol

  42. how can i not liking this? how?

  43. Its all bs! He’s not going as fast as he looks. They speeded up the video, look closely at the long beacon light on the left side when he passes thru you can see the light going faster than it should!

  44. 4:15 Got flashed

  45. Truly pathetic music selection. Then, profanity iis the first refuge of the dullard minded. One day black people will realize they are only denigrating themselves with this sort of filth.

  46. idiots in the volvo thinking they can catch the porsche

  47. I feel like they were just trying to mug him of his sick car

  48. Ha, ha, ha, great video!!

  49. and bye cop

  50. No it’s real. The police looked like that here in Sweden some years ago. And they would hold out a sign through their window when they wanted you to stop haha.

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