Giulia Quadrifoglio meets Audi S4 V8 on German Autobahn ✔


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POV – ONBOARD 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo Ferrari Engine, 375 kW- 510 HP, Manual) meets Audi S4 Cabrio ( 4.2 V8, 253 kW – 344hp) on German (WET) unrestricted Autobahn.

First Camera: https://goo.gl/NWDACN
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  1. mamma

  2. Voglio dire.. quasi mi spiace per l’Audi!

  3. Italian Power

  4. yeah quite enough respect to the frontmen…ok and good sound. drive safely. love this Giulia 4F

  5. italian cars=orgasm

  6. gazi bre…

  7. Anyone seen Audi S4 V8 ??? Cuz all I seen is a green A3 …

  8. ma non ce paragone ,siamo i migliori nelle macchine ,nel cibo ,nella moda ,e viviamo in un paese unico ,molti italiani non lo capiscono

  9. Car sounds awesome!

  10. If I were you I let audi come next to me a few times to get laugh :DD

  11. Daaaaamn, going 289 km/h on wet public roads takes balls. Amazing car. Alfa Romeo never disappoints !

  12. Public road it’s not a race track my friend, even german autobahn…

  13. It’s unrestricted but you have to use your brain,slowdown with rain man… that’s why they put stupid limits,because they want to control us and we let them put the limits because some of our careless driving

  14. So, you passed a green Audi. So what?

  15. By downloading this app you support me in doing more videos for you. Thank you!
    GPS Speedometer COA: iOS: https://goo.gl/JmWm9x Android: https://goo.gl/C4utdd

  16. Fabulous driving

  17. Only manual transmission here in Europe? US reviews use both auto and manual.

  18. Un missile!!

  19. Scheiß Alfa……

  20. Wjhahgtyadw fir de Les Trinh

  21. like gear shift, like the speed an power, like the shape … i think is one of the best car in the last 10 years

  22. The Green one was so cute lol

  23. WTF, no rain sensors!?

  24. You do not use indicators in the left lane like that nor flash light. You know you could go to court over that. Good video though.

  25. wow de audi het nit mal drùckt und 250 fahr ich auch mit a3 hahaha

  26. 510 hp vs 344 hp …..

  27. good car bot to expansive.

  28. this car is just so smooth and quick..I love it!

  29. A monster… a real italian monster!

  30. Big miracle, 170 HP more……*Yawn…….

  31. Very nice vid man! Youre cool!

  32. 3:54 i hate people like that, acting like they make the rules, he’s the one being a dangerous driver, braking on the highway and on the left lane ! take that guy his license please.

  33. Monster of a car damn!!!!

  34. https://youtu.be/LgAbagQmIxQ?t=46 Does the Giulia has dual calipers at the rear?

  35. " Deixou mesmo o Audi no chinelo…..aiaiaiaiaaiaiaaarrrriiiibbbaaaaa

  36. What was with that van at 3:55? Just being a dick?

  37. Did the S4 dissappear?

  38. My dream garage just changed: 700hp PagmeoTuning Alfa Giulia, 1100hp GAD C63 4matic, and 1790hp AlphaX GTR

  39. If you drive an AUDI, you are an ugly piece of shit 🙂

  40. …in Germania non mi è mai capitato che nessun automobilista mi abbagliasse mentre stavo sorpassando, aspettavano proprio un Italiano che rompesse le balle

  41. Il nome dell’ app sul tachimetro? qualcuno la riconosce?

    Does someone know the name of the tachimer app ?

  42. Non scherziamo .audi tutta la vita

  43. not big fan of Alfa but quite like this one , lets face it , it wasn’t a race audi even not tried

  44. what a stupid video!!!

  45. Such a great car but without paddle shifters, oh deer… Shame on you.

  46. WOW!!! the C63S, the M3 Competition package and this Giulia QV, i would buy all 3… Loveee this ride

  47. Wuts with that fuckn left turn signal tho. Annoying

  48. 130 bei Nasse?

  49. That’s a helluva fast car

  50. Fanukousndeifing. Shame so many stupid slow drivers in the fast lane. What are they doing there?

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