Gold and Groceries!- Audi SQ5 Review!

For this video, we hop in Boston local Andy’s incredible bagged and wide-bodied Audi SQ5. One of the most interesting and different modified cars I’ve ever been around, it was definitely a review I will never forget. Thanks for watching and stay awesome! Social stuff, Tshirts, and more below!

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  1. Golf with golden wheels? No thanks 🙁

  2. looking back, bags are for groceries would have been a great title!

  3. Awesome, deep black air suspension, its looks cool on low level

  4. gold wheelsets look so unoriginal at this point

  5. Low key you should do a Audi TT 1.8t

  6. Audi’s are beautiful but they are extremely problematic!!.. I used to work as a tech there btw.

  7. "a nice cruise through the city of boston" doesn’t even exist. to put it in perspective: Paul Revere’s midnight run was literally the nicest cruise anyone has ever taken through boston 😉

  8. I love the car so much i just can’t stop watching the video.

  9. where can i buy this wheels? 🙁

  10. I wanted to see how it looks like when the bag is on the highest

  11. Soo i should probably not get a s4 and just get an sq5

  12. Dude, on the real what kinda wheels are those? Like what are the specs?

  13. damn now i want an sq5 to mod bc my mom has a q5 and i love that so i would fall in love w the sq5

  14. Now that’s an SUV I would drive!

  15. does the sq5 have a dual clutch transmission ?

  16. the coolest part about this video is I literally know where every single shot was taken


  18. good lord that thing is siick!

  19. David, you have restored my love of cars!! I recently purchased a 2016 Audi SQ5 and I love it. I have had many cars, 18 I think, and after watching your videos you have sparked that love once again. Thanks and keep it up. This SQ5 was amazing!

  20. i wish i had this

  21. I normally hate cars with gold wheels, that are slammed this much and are a SUV.

    But, there is a but, this car just KILLS it, it is awesome!!!! :O


  22. Zi Rin Da

  23. Mazing car…

  24. the best looking most diffrent car you have ever reveiwed om your channel it took by a big surprise and amazed me and showed how much i love this kind of diffrent all utility everyday driveable car but every day is more funnier and amazing !!

  25. Matte gold probably woulda looked a bit better. But thats just my opinion

  26. Wow, these are diesel in Australia.

  27. You should review the Dodge truck with the Srt 10 Viper engine.

  28. oh my god this car sounds so good

  29. those wheeeeeeeeeeeeels

  30. SWEET

  31. Where are you guys cruising in this video?

  32. want to drive a tuned 2014 660 HP s8 and a cayanne gts

  33. Looks like an awesome car. Looks like you had a lot of fun driving it too.

    How much clearance does it have once it is lifted though? I live in Utah and there are potholes everywhere here… I don’t think I’d ever lower the car out of fear of damaging it.

  34. One of my favorite videos you have done, I love watching people driving on my back roads

  35. Still my favorite cinematic of yours.

  36. beauty SQ5

  37. Wheels?

  38. I wonder where I can get that AWE exhaust in Canada. Was is just catback or a full exhaust?
    Can you ask pretty please?? 🙂
    Edit: Damn it. It has down pipes… I need to really save money.

    I have a 460hp APR A6 with the same engine and transmission and I’m looking at an exhaust system to make mine sound better.

    It’s so muted compared to my opened up protuned 400hp WRX STI.

    ** You would hate a normal Q5.. lol

  39. see this guy from time to time SICK WHIP!!!!

  40. This is without a doubt in my top 5 favorite reviews of your channel, David. I dig a well-done wagon!!

  41. Discount Macan Turbo? Well done.

  42. This it the nicest swag wagon

  43. damn I need to get into one of these . beautiful ride

  44. Love this ride. Andy is an awesome guy – he has created something really special here.

  45. if i were to do an suv like this i would do a porsche cayenne. my buddy got one murdered and lowered. roars and its got decent speed. or a trailblazer ss… cant hate on the ls

  46. Nice car. The grille though — for me it’s too much.

  47. This this is so fucking awesome

  48. Are the undersized tires for ST4NC3!#@ are are they on there so there is no tire rub on the inside?

  49. See this car all around the Boston area. Love it!

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