Google’s driverless car | Sebastian Thrun

http://www.ted.com Sebastian Thrun helped build Google’s amazing driverless car, powered by a very personal quest to save lives and reduce traffic accidents. Jawdropping video shows the DARPA Challenge-winning car motoring through busy city traffic with no one behind the wheel, and dramatic test drive footage from TED2011 demonstrates how fast the thing can really go.

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  1. Waly

  2. Cool

  3. them over protective safe nuggets be like "it will save millions yay" them hackers be like "yay can kill millions at once by pressing this button" win win situation

  4. Am i only one who enjoys driving. If this means that in future use of conventional car would be denied somehow or taxed … i am bit concerned.


  6. Does this spell the end of; Taxis, Private Cabs, Chauffeurs and Bus Drivers?

  7. I have dreams about just sitting in the back of a self-driving car as it navigates me around. I bet when I’m old in the future I’m going to be the weird grandpa who just likes to sit in cars and have it drive places- a thing that I’m sure the kids of that era will be familiar and bored with by then.

  8. and this shit will really happen in our lifetime –
    we should all praise engineers and scientist

  9. yes

  10. The rate at which computers fuck up is nothing compared to how humans fuck up. Google cars are superbly engineered and made because too many people are idiots. Computers have made a lot of things better. Internet and GPS are a big help to the progress of humans, and we need to get rid of these obsolete roads and cars.

  11. You’d still have speed limits so your car doesn’t fly off the road, but it would help a lot because you could have an accurate and precise prediction of how long it would take to get somewhere and then you could plan your timing a lot better.

  12. Pm

  13. 1 step closer to computers enslaving humanity

  14. I’m selling my car next year before studies and I’m not buying a new one until the driverless car is out

  15. This was made 5 years ago. The technology is even better now.

  16. I wouldn’t mind it if I could manual override it anytime I wanted.

  17. That’s all great, but driving is fun. I like driving.

  18. WHY the fuck is this not commercial yet?:S

  19. because Google had to do this. Car companies are interested in slower approach, becasue robotaxi would steal their profits. Hence Google.

  20. I think people are too quick to dismiss Google Glass. they are only in developer phase right now; the consumer product won’t be released until sometime in 2014. and even after the first consumer version is released, they will likely continue to create new iterations. they will find a way to make them aesthetically pleasing, and a bit more subtle. at the very least, it will be a great head-mounted video camera. it may not become a widespread, mainstream item, but I can think of many niche uses

  21. Technology  really is incredible. It makes me want to live a long time so that I can get a chance to see and experience it all. 

  22. technology is getting too good for our own good. open your eyes people, it is takin away jobs, it is taking away tasks that make us think and thinks for us, soon we wont have to do anything, soon computers will make appointments drive cars, make things. people don’t wont to do these tasks but they are what are keeping us humans and thinking otherwise there’s no point.

  23. Where can i get one ?

  24. I bet Insurance companies dont like this Idea!

  25. i sincerely think if this actually happen in the next 5-10 years. it would be the greatest invention ever in 21st century. think about it, there won’t be any death; fuel economy. Most IMPORTANT thing is there won’t be any traffics jams at all!!!!! you can do 80 at La freeway all the time!!! 

  26. It’s cool they’re able to achieve this from a technological perspective but I really prefer to drive my own car thanks. At the end of the day it’s just another way for google and governments to spy and control you. If they really wanted to they could take control of your vehicle and or keep tabs on you just like they already via the TSA. Cool technology but I don’t like where it could potentially lead to abuse of our privacy by people in power.

  27. I think he was being sarcastic

  28. Arouna ba

  29. This will completely reshape society. Just imagine. Kids will no longer have to rely on parents to drive them to soccer practice. Teenagers will no longer have to take Drivers Ed. People will no longer have to worry about speeding tickets…this is truly mind-blowing. I’m excited for the future.

  30. Computers fuck up too though. that’s another problem

  31. I think this is a good idea for disabled people who need assistance in driving but I wouldn’t want this not just because of the privacy concern but because I enjoy driving… 

  32. At 1:32 the car begins to make a left turn from a 2-way street.  It sees the pedestrians in the crosswalk only after it begins to turn, so it comes to a full stop in the intersection.  This is both dangerous (there could have been oncoming traffic) and illegal.  So, who would get the ticket for this infraction?  The owner/passenger or Google?

  33. well that escalated quickly

  34. seen that the the car is operated by software, doesn’t that raise safety issue based on the Holting  Problem?

  35. This biggest problem I see with this being implemented into society is that so many people ENJOY driving. It might be a struggle to give up the ability to drive. Especially considering how driving has become almost a "rite of passage" in our society, a sign of maturity. Unfortunately, people will be stubborn about this.

  36. well if the car limits manual control to under a certain speed limit and takes over when you pass that, i’d feel like that’d be ok for even the dumbest of the dumb.

    also there’s a car being worked on right now that is constantly watching while you control it but if it sees an imminent threat/danger it takes control and does what it has to to avoid. That would be very helpful for those who enjoy to be reckless drivers.

  37. you’re not dead are you. I’m sure lots of people with fucked up brains could have driven you over already.

  38. Automobile, as we know it, has an age of around 120 years, so is getting obsolete. With it’s steering wheel, gear stick, brake pedal, Throttle pedal, and signal and lighting lever, the driver has all the responsability to fix all the driving parameters, sense road conditions, obstaclaes, make decisions of where, when and how to place the car in traffic, stay on the lane or get another, and so on. It’s incredible, with some minor technological aids, that even up to date, this same primitive cars are sold, all sort of shapes, colors, tastes, but all with the same 120 years old almost prehistoric controls, gulty of heavy traffic congestion and car accidents. Let it evolve!

  39. hurry up and start production for very affordable prices, so the foreign powers can leave the middle-east & finally we can have some real PEACE in that region.

  40. why is this not mainstream yet?

  41. These people are sick don’t buy into this crap we aren’t that stupid or that damn lazy to need all this crazy technology. I love how they make it seem so harmless knowing they’re gonna track all our whereabouts and tax us by the mile wake up people we’re living in a prison planet they want us fo have no control over anything call me crazy I’m calling you naive back

  42. learning a simple markup-language which without stuff like js or css can only display simple text and images in a browser has absolutely nothing to do with driverless cars

  43. autonav cars will be superceded when they replace all roads with maglev tracks as i proposed 30 years ago. maglev tracks are cheaper than roads and require less maintenance. car-sized automatic trains in constant circulation, like robot-driven taxis. no accidents. no cars rusting away in garages and parking lots.

  44. The rite of passage will be learning HTML among other high tech stuff. Most important gadget to own in the future will be tech tech tech. And the driverless car would be made to either drive itself or be driven. Maybe it will "learn" the exact style of driving that the driver prefers…smart car. Or an electrode could be hooked up between passenger/driver and car and they will communicate thru brainwaves…but then that would not eliminate driver error. Lots to consider…

  45. Drinking and driving will become a thing of the past.

  46. Its going to be utter hilarity to see all of our self-driven cars give a wiiiiiiiide berth to all unpredictable people driven cars. They will eventually become a nuisance as the continuous flow of traffic has to stop at an intersection, because your tiny monkey brain can’t time crossing a flow of traffic at 60+ mph. "Some asshole made me late to work, because he wanted to drive his car!" I’m sure we will set up mock towns so you nostalgic people can drive all you want.

  47. They told me I was crazy* for not getting a driver’s license. While I just saved me time, effort, and money. ^^ – Before I need to drive, nobody will.
    (* exaggerating)

  48. Also the possibility for a rental service, so you don’t have to own a car, you can just dial a number and a car gets directed to your mobiles location, then you get in go where you need to go, then it goes and picks up someone else, less cars on road, more utilization of the cars that are on the road, should be generally cheaper than owning a car given its running costs (tax, mot, insurance, repairs etc)

  49. now that’s what I call google drive!

  50. any growth in speed would be very costy, think wear and fuel

    the speed limit is staying the same

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