Green Police: Audi Super Bowl Ad

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Green Police, the Audi Super Bowl ad, provides an uncommon avenue for green advocates, anteaters, Styrofoam, the legendary rock band Cheap Trick and the 2010 Green Car of the Year to find their inner connectivity.

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  1. illuminati

  2. Softening us for the coming fascism.  
    Have a gun – know how to use it.

  3. TDI…
    My low flow toilet device is wasting water, so is my low flow new kitchen faucet.
    The whole thing is a FRAUD.

  4. Tossing Out Food In The Trash? In Seattle, You’ll Be Fined For That:

    It is now illegal to toss out food with the trash in the city. Residents will get warning tags for now; the city will start imposing fines in July.

    "You can see all the oranges and coffee grounds," he says, raising one lid. "All that makes great compost. You can put that in your compost bin and buy it back next year in a bag and put it in your garden."

  5. This is actually what the future is going to look like if the environmental cultists get their way. They’re already calling for people to be arrested for so-called ‘climate denial’.

  6. This commercial has so much wrong with it. I don’t know were to begin. Agenda 21 and complete mind manipulation. Keep believing oil is old dinosaurs and that global warming is real. Watch your rights be stripped away over the cost of the environment. Just wait this will become a reality very soon.

  7. People who try to make you be environmentally correct.

  8. We don’t have the green police yet, but we have the cake police.

  9.  Cute ad… but a damn filthy dirty diesel (with or without the particulates) is about the silliest thing imaginable to call "green"… unless  you’re describing the skin color of a poor cyclist or jogger caught behind one of these stench wagons.

  10. One of my favorite commercials, and look at that dislike ratio! Do people not understand parody/satire?

  11. Holy fuck, people take this seriously?

  12. wow american audi adverts are really fucking shit and smug

  13. Green my ass, VW just got found out to be using cheating software to trick emission testing. Just goes to show you can’t trust the free market to self regulate.

  14. So these comments got insane fast.

  15. Not farfetched under Hillary.

  16. Extremely offensive ad. Audi, I am disappointed in you.

  17. You dial 2-2-2

  18. Predicting the scandal one year from know when VW admits to gender wage discrimination


  20. I’ve been looking for this commercial for years, and I finally found it again.

  21. Audi slogan "Truth in Engineering" …now google "Audi Deiselgate" 2.1million cars with volkswagon emissions cheat software!! You cant make this up..unbelievable!

  22. libtard wet dream

  23. Pointing out the blatant religion of the warmists

  24. Now we have the Water Police in Cali, $100 fine for using water on the wrong day

  25. This ad is now simply hilarious. "You picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem".
    Those green police were not kidding Audi-Volkswagon. "Please step out of the car" while they write you a 30 billion dollar ticket ….

  26. funny

  27. Stupid Commercial, it builds on Cops Gone Wild and shooting and going postal on Civilians. Not a good message for a Auto Commercial.

  28. the nightmares

  29. The green police where actually a nazi ss group during ww2 that would hunt down minorities and put them into concentration camps.

  30. This is now far more hilarious given the DieselGate scandal this car was caught up in.

  31. lolololololololololololol looks soooo funny now……

  32. Not funny anymore, right?

  33. Hilarious in hindsight.

  34. oh the irony

  35. The EPA before you know it 

  36. Ouch. Emissions cheating scandal puts this spot in a VERY different light.

  37. Back in 2010 this video seemed ridiculous. Now I’m not so sure.

  38. There are a lot people that probably wish the green police actually existed. It’s actually very scary

  39. oh my damn this just became so damn ironic now that their cover also got blown haha

  40. Hahahahah this ad is awesome!!

  41. Can somebody please explain to me why people do not like this video? Isnt being eco-friendly a good thing?

  42. still so fucking creepy

  43. Anyone else notice the dinosaur search dog? 0:41
    I assume he is looking for fossil fuel? lol

  44. Not funny at all. Everything they just made light of is already being implemented in other forms. Such as the unconstitutional road block where you are being question and searched without a court ordered Subpoena with your name on it. 

  45. I guess Audi found out if the police, green or blue, wants you they gonna get you in the end.

  46. Easy to be "green" when you cheat! GG Audi! Cheating emissions just like parent VW. Did you need to be so smug about it?

  47. Parody is only funny if there’s a strong element of truth there.

  48. No wonder VW / Audi cheated on their emissions testing. How else would they get past the Green Police?

  49. Well, this is the future we all will get for letting agenda 21 be seeded across the US with no-one fighting it. China, India, the rest of the developing world can have zero pollution controls at all, while you get swat teamed for your car leaking a bit of oil. Enjoy the totalitarian dystopia that comes with compromising with criminal corporate globalism. The game is rigged, the only way to win is to not comply. PS don’t EVER turn in your guns.

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