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  1. best sounding v8 biturbo

  2. Amsterdam… R.I.P

  3. R.I.P RS6

  4. john can you rebould your rs6 dtm everybody here in the netherlands misses it so much 😉

  5. rip rs6

  6. RIP

  7. Nice

  8. i would die to get the re6

  9. How mutch hp does IT have

  10. RIP RS6..

  11. Amazing car!!! I wich drive one

  12. sponsorship goals

  13. Hej

  14. so fast.. quick and easy… the Audi

  15. Jon was fluffy here🙈 good looking

  16. what camera r you used

  17. RIP :C

  18. this beast….:(

  19. What a car! Would love to drive one of those✌️

  20. rip

  21. you lost some weight

  22. Yeaah holland

  23. jon looks so young 😀 and more muscly (if thats a word)

  24. Did that rs6 get set on fire

  25. RIP RS6

  26. I just so happen to be the biggest RS6 avant nut!!! drove one here in Bangalore,India and I immediately fell in love with it! I am definitely gonna buy an RS6 when I make my first million 😊

  27. R.I.P Rs6

  28. He looks much younger here haha

  29. yeah just a stock car with 24-karat gold turbo’s ahah………………

  30. i don t whant to get used to that is gone, but RIP

  31. Is it stock car?

  32. like this car

  33. Why was it burnt

  34. where i can take wallpaper with that camo?

  35. R.I.P Audi RS6

  36. Love cars adrenaline diving and freeride ski? So SUBSCRIBE to my channel, yuo will find all of these things!

  37. Who would do something like this 😭 r.i.p

  38. Me and my dad live in the us and we have a rs6 sedan and are going to put it in a s6 bodi

  39. Why did I get a notification on this video 2k17

  40. that RS 🙁 … <3

  41. not bad

  42. R.I.P. Audi rs6 ✌😢😭

  43. RIP

  44. Rest in peace…

  45. Hey guys!
    Which car there (D792)?

  46. Did you have the full turbo-back "cat-less" exhaust installed here?

  47. I’m not rusty when it comes too driving.. your not cool either… kissKiSS

  48. This car overtook me some years ago on some highway. I was amazed by the sound it made

  49. Jon used to be more bulky, lost his gains

  50. Jon without filters

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