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  1. чурки всю россию засрали

  2. Absolutely nothing happened. Lots of fuel was consumed, lots of wear on the brake pads, the toyota lost its left mirror and got damaged on the hood and the front bumper, the porsche got damaged from the back.
    For what?

  3. Did he really just kick a glass window wearing flip flops? Russians are fucking crazy.

  4. who are mafia

  5. Fake !!!

  6. Nothing Mafia about it dumb ass!

  7. i’m pretty sure that’s just anybody who drives a porche cayenne…

    i hate people who are arseholes when they have an expensive car…

  8. Fucking real

  9. wtf is wrong with russia

  10. mafia white tshir white short and white sandals WTF lmao

  11. Really nice sandals there, bad ass..

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