H2O Car – Water Powered Car

Have you ever wondered why H2O/Water powered cars have never been marketed by U.S companies? Maybe the word OIL comes to mind!

Now the Japanese are marketing H2O cars. Please don’t tell me that America will be buying H2O cars from Japan, when this simple technology has been available for decades!!!

Stan Meyer Killed for Water Powered Car:

His story:

Stan Meyers was threatened and eventually poisoned, Andrija Puharich mysteriously fell down a flight of stairs. Carl Cella died in prison!!! Get the picture yet – the OIL picture!!!

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  1. Sciema

  2. Car dead, Company bought out and dismantled, Mr. Jimpax possibly committed suicide shortly after the video was made; all too real possibilities by now. Inventing an H2O engine driven car is extremely hazardous to the health of the inventors…

  3. The best naw but ….coming…sun …magnetic car:)!

  4. I will dedicate my life to getting someone to build this for me! I will keep him very safe! I am very wealthy!

  5. it is bullshit. Dont waste your money. The energy to split water is more than you harvest from the combustion of it in return. This is bullshit. Its simple chemistry, laws of thermodynamics. Its bullshit.

  6. This Company was lost during the tsunami of japan. Just AS IT WAS GETTING TO ROLLOUT ITS FIRST CAR. Imagine that?.

  7. He wasn’t killed, he died of a cerebral aneurysm.

  8. Same as a car I would assume, A battery recharged by a Alternator, which is powered by the hydrogen. So in effect the Hydrogen is powering everything.

  9. so, if we can move a car with water it’s possible the generate electric energy as well? I don’t know, there are so many miths on internet… it’s hard to believe in anything…

  10. Battery, why do u care anyway, they have done it!!

  11. They got shutdown by the greedy nuclear/oil/wind companies as this  truth will put them out of business. 

  12. Big Oil will try to find a way to sabotage this invention. I hope that this company will be able to succeed world wide.

  13. Regardless to whether someone actually discovered/invented a way for a car to efficiently run on water (or any other way that does not use fossil fuel), I am convinced that (excess) greed (i.e. Capitalism) is now a hindrance to the human race. At a fundamental level, it is not simply corporate and individual greed or corrupt government that is the problem, it is really our entire capitalist economic system that has became decadent – i.e. no longer a progressive system. Any reasonable person can see that, while there is still some progress in some areas, ultimately, capitalism is not a sustainable system, due to the fact that the World’s resource is limited and the World market is limited and the forever increasing competition between leading countries (and between large corporations) would eventually bring WW3 (just like how the system generated WW1 and WW2, both which were wars fought to gain more resource and/or world market share). Some of the greatest "evils" facing the human race are Invention and production for profits (i.e. "profits" as the PRIMARY end purpose, and often at the destruction of the environment) rather than to meet the needs of society. The real solution for the World is a fundamental change away from capitalism to a sustainable alternative socioeconomic system, in which (among many other needed changes) invention and production are primarily to meet the needs of society with due care for the environment (and with profits being a secondary purpose, if at all). However, that alternative economic system must also end the exploitation of man by man and country by country and must bring TRUE ABUNDANCE to ALL. In this new alternative socioeconomic system (away from capitalism), I suspect that invention and production will rapidly progress far beyond our current imagination.

  14. Well they could use part of the engine to create a hydro generator to produce the electricity they need to extract abd then a small deep cycle for when you first start the car to get it going.

    Lot of routes you could go to do this.

  15. Is it possible to replace a normal car engine with this technology? Especially with sports cars or HGVs and if so can it affect the car’s normal engine sound and usual speed?

  16. I call this bullshit. I was taight in my chemical engineering degree at Melbourne UNiversity that this is impossible. I still stand by it its impossible.

  17. good

  18. No they would not, and neither would you,

    The technology which is on display in the video is being seriously misrepresented.

    If you check the company and technology in question out.

    The technology is real but not commercially viable yet.

    It consumes the very, very expensive ‘Fuel Cell’ as well as the water.

    Would cost a fortune to run.

    The sensational & not entirely truthful (to be mild) interviews these guys did….
    Do smell a bit like an investment fishing exercise.

  19. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and those degenerates of their ilk have certainly forbidden the serial manufacture of the car!

  20. Woah, slow down with the retarded comments there buddy. Then again, I wouldn’t expect much from somebody subbed to RWJ and everything else that’s popular ever.

  21. Actually, if they’re not rich countries, you can be sure that they’re not winning anything from the oil the companies extract from them; only a handful of politicians and business man are.

  22. You throw this on the market, and oil companies/government/american car companies will terminate you before you sell your sale pitch. Oil is a huge commodity that is number 1 and will remain predominant for a long time. Sadly i wish this would take off and we could really start BUILDING our world and further expansion/exploration

  23. If this is or was on sale millions of people will buy one

  24. I’m all for clean free energy 🙂

  25. i hv it and it works. gasoline engine. buy HHO electrolyser set ( pipes is better than plate ). shift spark timing 2 degs after TDC. take some exhaust back to intake. and adjust air inlet pressure. HHO is more explosive than gasoline so be carefull.

  26. Thats weird, how come there isnt some twat in the comment section talking about how this is a fraud conspiracy theory since water fueled car is impossible according to some bullshit he has been taught?

  27. Is the inventor still alive?

  28. rip mr meyer 

  29. this is a dinosaur compared to the air car. SImple air compression that expells cald water as "waste" through the exhaust.

  30. Once it come out in full steam, the roads will be flooded with cars and not water!

  31. And the best part of this car is that, even if you run out of water on a highway, the worst scenario you can pee in the tank and move on……Wow!!

  32. seems like Genepax shut down their car manufacturing project, since this car wouldn’t offer the comforts that customers wanted, but they instead developed a system to convert any convetional car into water-powered, making it more attractive and cheap. In my opinion they made the best possible decision, hope they are doing ok.

  33. Cars today run off themselves, you can unhook the battery once you have them started and they will run entirely off the alternator(generator) built into the car. Which is powered by the fuel source. I don’t imagine it would be any different in a hydrogen powered car either. Even the new hybrid cars utilize alternators to charge the batteries when the gas engine is running.

    There are also 3 or 4 know easy ways to seperate H20 into H and O. Radio waves, Titanium Dioxide, and Electricity.

  34. Genepax was forced to shut down. Then right after Japan’s 3/11 their government announced that they would never again manufacture cars or products using water as fuel. Don’t mess with Texas!

  35. This concept has been around in the US for several years.. it definitely is carbon free technology and oil will be the passe… The Big Oil companies are likely to attempt too derail this concept.

  36. Imagine the future. A future where it’s sensible to take a piss in the fuel tank and have it run your car. Then there’s the oil industry.

  37. Even if this technology is here, it will never be released. 

  38. world needs this car on rood soon,

  39. its bulgarian patent

  40. The powers that be will allow this , after all the earths oil is sucked dry!

  41. i think Obama is gonna bomb Japan for this…

  42. it is fantastic! now that the japanese are at it sure it will succeed.—–a.n.bhushana

  43. This video came out in 2008! A year after the first iPhone…
    Where is this car?!
    Why hasn’t it been produced yet?

  44. idk maybe a car battery O_o

  45. Isn’t this impossible? Why is energy being used to separate out the hydrogen? Why not use that energy to power the car as an electric vehicle?

  46. where the fuck is it 

    4. THE ARABS DID:1-3
    5. THE CIA DID:1-3

  48. 13 Ιούν 2008 uploadet abd now we have 2013 maby shell-bp company kill them coz u dont need to buy gas from them to do dmg on the planet.
    +1 if u belive like me

  49. Knowledge comes from the word "know", not "feel".

  50. Would be nice but this does NOT work. Water is not an compound that can "give" energy in the way the video implies. Ask ANY university in the world.

    You CAN make hydrogen gas from water but the process is endothermic (costing more energy than it gives). And cars can run on hydrogen gas, which might have some benefits (no localized pollution for example).

    "Water cars" have been suggested several times, but is typically financial frauds.

    Why do this still circulate? Becouse some people are so deep into conspiracy theory thinking they think it just MUST be a coverup…

    (i myself have an masters degree in energy engineering and has studied a lot of renewable energy and this nonsense comes up every now and then. I am NOT a defender of the oil industry in any way but this just clouds serious efforts to find viable alternatives to fossile fuels)

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