Haptics. BMW quality.

Discover BMW quality: A BMW has a unique feel. Every button you press is well balanced and has a certain pressure point. A group of specialists at BMW focus on this. Have a look at their work and you’ll surely remember this, the next time you’re in a BMW.

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  1. Horseshit consumption i would think could give you stomach aches, buying a BMW later gives you aches and pains that no antibiotics can help. Oh, only rich fags own bmws..straight heterosexuals own pickup trucks..there wives own lexus and caddi’s. 🙂

  2. I disliked because bmw is horseshitt!

  3. please explain all the cheap plastic parts under the hood i dont like how they feel they dont feel safe and strong

  4. The best feedback of all the cars i driven. Awesome quality.

  5. That’s why i love BMW, even if i have never ride in one ^^’ : their story, quality, everything about them is so perfect. I wish i will have one, wehn i’ll get older 😀

  6. We want reliability from BMW cars…. Nobody gives a shit about haptics, that is implicit in car design, and customers don’t care how their finger feels while using the cars, but how well does the car last.

  7. BMW interiors are not what they use to be. I won’t buy one because i don’t want to be one of those drivers showing off my wealth, besides they all seem to be in a hurry to get to the Short Hills Mall.

  8. Button engineers..

  9. I love how anal bmw is about everything! My 335i is fantastic!

  10. that’s just an oppinion.

  11. I love BMW … hehehe

  12. The paddle shifters could be better but the rest of the LCI 335i is spot on

  13. BMW

  14. Great BMW

  15. HAving tons of fun in my E30 was that a thing back there already? I don’t think so 😀

  16. The new 3 series and new 1 series feel cheap and nasty inside. The 5, 6 & 7 series however feel very special. It’s a poor show though, that the quality in the 1 & 3 Series is so low. The climate buttons and knobs just feel cheap and nasty.

  17. this is like: women please buy bmw.

  18. Cry Mercedes, cry!

  19. BMW is junk reliability.

  20. stella clarke is one fine mutha. she should do porn

  21. Vow ..!! what handling…shifting from my BMW (3 series E-90) to my Ford made me feel the difference in handling …

  22. i think that mercedes audi and jag did the same

  23. A perfect car, only for special people!

  24. Nice, that’s my beautiful sister…
    Even as her brother these things are secret from us.
    It’s very exciting when they are allowed to tell us what they’ve been working on.

    BMW is a privilege not everyone has.

    What an honor it would be to work for them.

  25. a women’s touch

  26. Now only if the engine plastics and rubber parts were of this quality..

  27. my face when every car manufacture does this LOL

  28. Very nice piece of machinery

  29. Anyone who dislikes this video does not like cars

  30. Ich fahre seit Jahrzehnten BMW. Sehr erfolgreiche Wagen. I.d.R. zwischen 300.000-400.000km. Mit einer Maschine. Noch nie Probleme gehabt. Sehr gut, auch in den Details. So müssen Autos sein.

  31. muppets who have never driven a car with a quality interior disliked this video

    love my 2001 5 series. feels far better than a brand new Ford/Holden/Chrysler/whatever

  32. this is some high level shit.

  33. sket.

  34. jesus fuck – the force development for a window button – really – i find that rubbish – let’s have all retards be able to drive cars.

  35. I have X5, great driving I have to say, but average quality & very poor reliability.

  36. oooooooo come on
    only germans can thing at all detalis

  37. i just wonder if the 11 DISLIKES is even from humans or empty brains ppl,,ppl never appreciate the art of life,,the pleasure of joy and the German creativity…

  38. This is exactly what I love about BMW. Feels good to know that they have put so much care into even the smallest aspect of driving one. And it really shows, you can feel it as soon as you step inside one


  40. Mercedes looks better above S class. C class and E class are pretty weak compared to 3 series and 5 series.

  41. Maybe you should spend some time driving them before commenting?

  42. Bmws are for people that appreciate precision and a quality build and pickup trucks are for the working man or guys ashamed of their tiny penis. And what a douche bag you must be why would you watch bmw videos on youtube if you dont like the brand.

  43. See this is proof that you have employees wasting time on how a plastic button feels instead of improvement on BMWs mpg, transmission, leaking sunroofs, and other major areas. BMW is over hyped!! Click dislike if you’ve ever owned one and noticed the soft button skin material come off the steering wheel! Yeah you know what im talking about. Audi is the better German Inc..VW second..BMW is behind Chevrolet. If not for sharing tech data in Germany i think BMW would be more avg 80’s style car.

  44. Anybody who knows cars disliked this video.

  45. BMW though not as luxurious as Mercedes or feature filled as Audi, BMW is solid and very detailed in a subtle way. simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

  46. Too bad they didn’t talk about the steering wheel control redesign that now is like every other Japanese luxury car.

    Eliminating the sllak control for the cruise control is a big mistake!

  47. The haptics team may try as hard as they can and at the end the SUPER POOR QUALITY PLASTIC everywhere just cracks and the drawings fade away. How can you have haptics without quality materials? Dont tell me you cant make a plastic hose or a button that wont crack in a year. my 87 renault 11 still has its dashboard looking great. BMW is only designed to keep you going for mad repair costs, you cant even work on your own car or go to a mechanic, it has to be $$$ BMW, and after you pay so much you can still feel the cheap plastic buttons wtf.

  48. 0:22 Пугает то что бабы работают над салоном

  49. You’re mom eats horseshit.. fucking fag

  50. This is due to at least 50% Japanese lacquer- up to now.

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