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  1. Hehehe soo far..

  2. That Porsche sound like an Austin A30 or else it’s worn out.

  3. trying to ball with a busa is tough

  4. да бля Hayabusa взебёт этот porshe развернеться и еще раз взебёт

  5. weight is the key. busa less than 300 kilos. porche less than 1 and a half tonnes. nuff said.

  6. What was he doing by sitting on the gas tank . Idiot

  7. Would still rather have the Porsche 🙂

  8. No chance fuck the Porsche

  9. the question is why porsche driver opened the side door window ?

  10. Смотреть скучно,как стоячий велосипед

  11. Hayabusa is great bike really

  12. That looks very much like ‘no-mans land’, inbetween iraq n Kuwait!,

  13. you should teach college, that way they all fail and i get the job

  14. @hosam elsaqa Window was down because he wanted to hear the Hayabusa’s exhaust… And the new Porshe 991 turbo S would only lose and by alot. Maybe a little less but these porshe’s don’t have the power it takes to take a Busa man.

  15. both of these are Stunning bikes.I would love to ride.

  16. i doubt he is alive any more…..

  17. Thing of beauty. The amazing thing about this is simply that a $10k bike anywhere from 99 to 07 (this looks like gen 1) can spook a modern sports car worth 10x more. Just good old fashioned race off fun lol!

  18. New 991 turbo s would still loose, only by a little less. It would need at least 800+bhp to keep up. No stock 991 has 800bhp.

  19. The busa is going….going….going………..goneski!

  20. I love and have bike but the haybussa is fucking shit

  21. this bike would only need 4 gears out of six for this car !!! a gsxr 750  15 yrs old would be hell for this car !!! 

  22. You have to laugh when you see this! WOW, what a difference.

  23. close the windows you dumb

  24. you’d have to it against the likes of a porsche 911 because it would get detroyed against a bugatti. The hayabusa mighh get off the line a little bit quicker but wouldnt be long before it got left like a speck in the bugatti’s rear view mirror

  25. lol no

  26. Cars are shit compare to the bikes .. Hayabusa can defeat Buggatti Easily…

  27. No contest……

  28. 隼!😉

  29. I like the way the muslim scratches his funky balls with the gas tank, and a question…what is wrong with the porsche?……running in 4 cylinders only?

  30. sorry but tray again with new porsche 991 turbo s

  31. wtf !!!!!!! it”s 911 turbo vs. the wind

  32. nao da pega pa raybusa nao

  33. sounds like a tuned 996 anyway…and he shifted early…so…not a real race 😉

  34. if them hit without you inside or over lol


  36. Test that one out, let us know how it goes.

  37. i’d rather ride a slow bike fast than a fast car, period. especially where i live in the city, and lane splitting is legal. a "supercar" is as useless as a Prius on Sunset Blvd near Beverly Hills where people plunk down nearly $250,000 for a car to look cool in, and then just sit there in traffic looking dumb as i pass. speed and power? just the sensation of less mass and occasional weightlessness makes the bike superior imo. a fast bike loses no power at any time. up hills, headwind, long steep grades….a bike just flys. even my bike, which is considered "medium fast," does 0-100mph in 8 seconds without fuss. i just twist the wrist and its there. the experience is like no car, super or not, can give. all things being equal and considering the power to weight ratio it would take a 600hp car, give or take, to match it. 

  38. porše je dobar ali je idiot svako ko hoće protv buse

  39. not sure these events are so popular,,,,I can only imagine it’s for the rush of the sheer speed, it’s really no contest

  40. now put bugatti

  41. I guess he had a guardian angel. "which".

  42. He is a gay whom everybody is talking about

  43. it’s impossible for a car to beat a bike unless you upgraded the car

  44. Weight/power, no car can compete vs a fast bike. This kind of competition or game is simply at high risk for the moto pilot. Useless as we can easily foresee the score.

  45. Hayabusa diker atar hocum borumu bu hayabusa the japan falcon

  46. The Hayabusa is the equivalent of old school muscle cars in that they’re only fast in a straight line. I can’t imagine one of them tearing up anything other than a drag strip.

  47. The balance weith-power of a bike can NEVER be compared to a car. Bikes might have even a better weight-power balance than a F1 automobile.

  48. build that 911 then rerun

  49. you are the idiot he has right in a bike you can slide on the ground to survive when you have the leather jacked and other bike stuff but in the car you are in the seat you cannot escape the crash i sawed a video in youtube where a guy driving with a hayabusa turbo 400kmh and he was outtacontrol and crashed with his bike on the ground but he slided on the ground wich he dont died…….

  50. why???

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