Her first time in a Porsche 911 GT3!

Inspired by the Porsche 997.2 GT3 introduction video, I wanted to try and create something similar using my GT3. The person in the video is a great friend; she’s such a great sport.

This was her first time as a passenger in my car on the track. I think the video says more than anything I can write here. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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  1. Ughhhhh I’m a college kid, and this is all the motivation I need …

  2. What a Sunshine and 3 minutes later the girl a done. Now you now why Formula One driver lost approximately 4kg in a Race…Pure Stress.

  3. Jsem rád, že to berete s humorem.

  4. This woman remember me to my girlfriend!

  5. Top lady,and a proper reaction video without some little blonde with her tits hanging out.she was tough as well no screaming and drama queen shit here.and that car sounds evil man loved it.

  6. Who is this fine looking chick? Have any more of her featured anywhere? Just a fresh-faced gal that brightens you up.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Finally a normal everyday girl, with normal reactions…

  8. Awesome woman!!

  9. gt3 is The real deal!

  10. Money doesn’t bring happiness but HP does. Every time.

  11. Nice ! Another Porsche race :

  12. Great fun

  13. I love this video, my dad raced Porches in the 70’s and 80’s we had keys for the Watkin’s Glen track,  Lime rock,  and Loudon,  we would go in 2 nights before a race and setup his motorhome,  and smoke a little pot,  and enjoy the Moon in the sky, and the fog setting over the track, and what’s up with this asshole commenting about a helmet?, If you don’t wanna protect your freakin  cranium, that’s your decision,

  14. thanks for the helmet asshole

  15. Nice Car

  16. 500 people who cant afford a Porsche.

  17. This is the drivers development track at mosport not the main race track.

  18. She must be a Nurse or an attlete…she is tough..

  19. Not the first time I wanted to see.

  20. Lady is fun, thank you

  21. " Are you saving your fastest driving for my lap?" @ 1:03

  22. wow marry her..shes tough and a good sport..but no helmet for her wtf man?

  23. i love this girl!!!

  24. Great car, lovely girl, and a great sport   🙂

  25. Listen to that motor !!! god damn

  26. I’ve see the videos, everyone has…some silly reactions, this friend of yours is incredible. She’s a good sport, she toughs it out so she won’t spoil the fun for you and she isn’t some complainer, even though she’s obviously miserable she stays strong and composed. That is one hell of an awesome lady right there.

  27. Pretty good. Now I want to see the reaction from a 911 turbo.

  28. Surely she wont forget! haha

  29. Super Geil. MfG. Suloja

  30. great friend, but not good enough for a helmet?

  31. Finally! A girl on here not dressed like a 9th street hooker.

  32. Did she say "poor little mustang"? Ha!

  33. Poor Mustang…LOL

  34. god bless you mr olsen

  35. she’s a good sport 🙂 enjoyed watching this. you’re hauling ass too.

  36. What track is that your on. I used to be a corner marshal. it looks familiar.

  37. Toronto motorsports park

  38. Women love speed

  39. Very good spirit ! very nice friend 😉

  40. You should change the title to chill never forget her first time riding in a car is slower than a Corvette Z 06

  41. Poor mustang,I like that..

  42. Put on the A/C for her, you idiot.

  43. Not correctly put the seat belt.

  44. The growling roar of the motor and the turbo whistle must be highly addictive.A very good video and the lady took it all very well too.

  45. hot lap traffic and no helmet. smart and safe. NOT.

  46. Auch! This puts a smile on my face. I love it. Tyler Lord Hamilton

  47. me faster

  48. Sutt Yoooot! Remember it’s ALWAYS pronounced POR-SCHE!  NOT "Por-schhh" OK?  Porsche. YES.  NOT difficult, except for the Australians.  Regards from the Far East  Bangkok-Johnnie

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