Here’s Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car

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I recently drove the Tesla Model X in order to find out why so many car enthusiasts don’t like it. Here’s what I discovered.

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  1. Is this a joke

  2. white balance?!?

  3. thats the point i like cars with no niose and it do not have pigeon wing doors dummy its cool

  4. I think he just has something against Tesla I don’t c anything wrong with it..

  5. wwwwwwwwwwwtttttttttttttttfffffffffffff!!!

  6. wow the car has a spoiler

  7. I saw that In Kent county

  8. Ur not funny

  9. This car is the future

  10. haha loved how it opened the pigeon wings easily besides the parked car =D


  12. Using a lighter to freeze a computer is just counterproductive

  13. lol that made my day, awesome review =)

  14. The information delivered is good but the performance was slightly cringe.

  15. Does he realise that it isn’t his car?

  16. Fuck you

  17. 5:40
    that wing though

  18. You said absolutely _Nothing_ (intentionally so, no doubt) about how many miles you got on a full charge or how long it took to fully recharge the car. Nor the cost of a full recharge. Thanks for avoiding the only thing that matters about this vehicle, _Jackass…_

  19. You don’t do that to someone else’s car man…

  20. DARN IT

  21. why am I here. dont even have money

  22. tesla taking over they have a row of charging ports just for tesla where I live.

  23. You ugly, annoying, biased piece of shit. Shut the f up and go away, honestly your voice is making my ears bleed.

  24. your such a liar the doors number 2 complaitn it bull you stopped the doors from opening

  25. At first I thought you might be retarded, but now I appreciate what you are doing. I am far to literal.

  26. 3:11 No dude, what the fuck, that’s someone elses car. Don’t fucking lick it!

  27. Lhh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ dude hella funny

  28. This is how you get a subscriber ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Dick

  30. "Just use the sink" lmao

  31. This guy looks like Mr. Bean. I like that.

  32. What is wrong with you

  33. TheWoldIsFullofSheep EducateYourselfDontBeOne

    Sorry but the viper thing is ridiculous!
    You can fill up a car even in the middle of Africa!
    An electric car? Only if your lucky some powerstations are in the course your going in America.
    Europe? They are non existing!

  34. troll vid

  35. They let you RENT that car and plunge their LCD screen? Wow. ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. 0:36 Car with open backdoor driving on te street ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. "random individuals unlocked car" lmao

  38. woow thumps up ๐Ÿ‘ for the advertisement man

  39. So the 26k people that disliked this didn’t watch more than a few seconds?

  40. u complain too much, the doors opened in the garage, it’s super obvious you could fit in.

  41. I’m glad I didn’t stop watching, thinking this was a bashing video. Thank you for the laughs!

  42. At a 150,000 grand a Ferrari would be in my garage. And I could probably afford the gas.
    I saw one of these cars the other day and was very under whelmed by it.

  43. 0:33 that guy in the back:
    Doesn’t look like that is allowed…

  44. Awesome video

  45. i’m glad you licked the screen of a rented vehicle! your show is hilarious.

  46. He looks so desperate to say bad things.

  47. @faze rain

  48. I think he hired Felipo from the lumber yard at Home Depot.

  49. Fuck autopilot. Gimmicks like that are only needed because too much incapable idiots drive around and would get into too many accidents without these gimmicks. We should rather focus on only letting capable people own and drive a car. We could save a lot of money without the unnecessary need to push these technical gimmicks.

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