Hidden green menu in Audi MMI 2G (A4, A5, A6, A8, Q7) Multi Media Interface how to

How to enter secret green menu in Audi A4, A5, A6, A8 and Q7 with MMI 2G system (MultiMedia Interface). Thanks to this service menu you can change welcome screen, enable optional features (battery level, oil level…), change language coding and adaptation of head unit module, disable regional and software version restrictions to perform firmware downgrade and much much more. All that without VAG-COM, VCDS, VAS or other diagnostic tool.

If you can’t get it work, probably you need to enable the hidden menu with VCDS or Vag-Com

Check out more at http://mr-fix.info/audi-mmi-2g-hidden-green-menu-description/

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  1. how can reset 2005 a6 check engine or computer

  2. Hi! This is not working on my MMI, i have factory fitted audi phone too in my vehicle but i never used, should I place a sim card inside?

  3. Hi. Can anyone help. I tried du push car and setup button but it didnt help. The message was: your vihcle is not installer or something ? What does that mean?.

  4. Does it work?

  5. Good morning Mr.Fix .. I write from Italy and I have a Q7,year 2009.I cant access the hidden menu,what are all the right steps in Italian?TThank you

  6. Hi! Right now we don’t have a car with Concert system to test for hidden menus. Please subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss video when we upload it 🙂

  7. does it work with a6 2011?

  8. hey i have 2012 a5 and its not working

  9. +mr-fix how can i connect my Audi with the pc? 🙂

  10. Hi, I have an Audi A5 SBK 2012 with Mmi Advanced. How can I enable that green menu? (i don’t have the SETUP button)

  11. You can find instructions here: mr-fix.pl/wpis/mmi-2g-aktywacja-aux-in/
    Note that the standard DSP is the only one working for now (Bose and B&O not supported yet)

  12. hello MR-FIX i have 2012 audi A4 S-line with MMI bang & olufsen speakers how can I play my music from my phone to the car speaker without living my phone in the glove box? please help

  13. I do this on my S6 and it says no further settings available"   🙁

  14. Hey I have Component Protection on my amp and it is only playing from one side of speakers. Do you have any videos on ways to turn it off or do you know how I should go about getting that done? Thank you!

  15. I am afraid not

  16. mr-fix Tell the people they need VCDS first, the feature must be enabled before it can be accessed. I have a 2010 A4 and I have Ross-Tech VCDS 😉 In the description you stated "All that without VAG-COM, VCDS, VAS or other diagnostic tool." This is not true at all, this is why many people are confused.

  17. hello mr fix i have a 2008 audi q7 quattro and i am unable to connect to Bluetooth what do i do please help

  18. Is it possible activate hiden meniu without vcds?

  19. Probably you have to enable the hidden menu with a diagnostic tool. It’s 1 minute of work. Soon I’ll upload video with tutorial how to do it – so please subscribe 🙂

  20. Hey,please help.I have a 2009 audi a4 avant s line interior and exterior and i cannot acces hidden menu.i’m pressing the butons setup and car at the same time and hold it for more than even 10 – 15 seconds and it doesn’t appear.what can i do?thanks

  21. At audi a6 4f 2006 with MMi basic, can i acces hidden menu??

  22. Hello again! If you can’t get the [SETUP]+[CAR] menu, you probably need to enable it with diagnostic tool. Procedure is simple and quick (1 minute of work). Soon we’ll upload step-by-step tutorial about that, so please subscribe 🙂

  23. will it work on 2015 A1?

  24. This may be irrelevant to the video but I’ve got the 2014 2g navigation update on a dvd, i’ve tried putting it in the cd player but it says its unreadable. Could you help me out please?

  25. is it possiblt to change from japanese to english language?

  26. 2008 audi a4-audi harmony,,,not working

  27. anyone able to figure this out for the 2017 A4?

  28. Hello, i click these buttons on my s5 but it says no other options available?

  29. I have a a8 and my MMI turns on by itself I have tried to reset it but didn’t work and know the back up Camara also it doesn’t work after I disconnect the battery.
    Any suggestions?

  30. Does this work with a 2007 Q7?

  31. what is the difference, or is it just the color? 

  32. @mr-fix Hello i have a 2006 A6 Avant how can i make music play from my phone through the bluetooth. Hope you can help. Thank you.

  33. Thanks anyway but the problem was I dont know where "module 5F" is

  34. work in a 2006 a4 s line?

  35. how does it work on a 2007 q7 

  36. Hey MR-FIX when I start the engine it says MMI, so which one do i have MMI or AMI ? stell need ur help

  37. Hello great channel ! Do you have a video how to enable lock/unlock horn beep for sufi mmi3g cars ?

  38. will a 2006 audi a6 work as well?   This a6 looks a bit newer.

  39. @mr-fix
    1. Hold setup
    2. Then hold Car
    3. Release the 2 bottons after 2 seconds or … 
    Is that right? 🙂

  40. 2010 a5 coupe ?

  41. Soon we will upload video with step-by-step tutorial on how to enable hidden menu in both MMI 2G and 3G. Please subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss the video 🙂

  42. mr fix where can u buy the particular cable 

  43. it doest work on audi A6 2009 2.7 TDI
    and my SAT NAV say is not availible

  44. Hi Mr. Fix
    I have Q7 2015 and I don’t have setup button :(, how to enter the hidden screen

  45. hi, mr fix, i have a 2007 a5 3.2 but i cannot get into the hidden menu as you did, is there any trick for my car?  looking forward to hear from you:) 

  46. how can enabling test mode in Hyundai Tucson ix35 2015

  47. hi mr fix i have a4 2011 and i cant acess the green menu setup + car is not working

  48. Hi Mr-fix, i have audi a6/c6 and its version is 21.2.0. could you advise if europa maps 2014 would work or does it needs an update to sw version 5150 or 5157. Please advise?

  49. It does not matter where it is. All you have to do is connect to OBD port under the steering wheel with a diagnostic tool and follow the adaptation procedure. Check out our latest video about enabling hidden menu in MMI 2G (module 07) so you get the idea.

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