Hollywood stars shocked by Singapore car prices

From Vin Diesel to Luke Evans, Michelle Rodrigeuz and Gina Carano, the cast members of action flick Fast & Furious 6 are all no strangers to racing cars in the movie series. But how good are they at guessing the crazy car prices in Singapore? John Lui reports from Manila.

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  1. I’m from singapore

  2. If you have a car in Singapore , you are rich!!! You also have to pay for more things and I have a car and sorry for those who don’t have a car….Btw i am a singaporean and i am 12

  3. Everybody is there talking about expensive cars while I’m here in my father’s taxi…

  4. But they’ve got a lot of these cars on road

  5. did anyone notice vin diesel said 154 us dollar πŸ˜‚

  6. MIchelle Rodriguez:))!

  7. I was shocked too

  8. im living in singapore and some of the items and car r cheap

  9. I actually know why cars are so expensive in singapore

  10. Wait till you hear abt the prices of our houses here in Singapore. πŸ˜…

  11. Just take the public transport if you can’t afford a car is not like Singapore is very big.

  12. actualy,there are a lot of cars in singapore

  13. ”’The subaru is pretty fast” that basically confirms that this dumb bitch has 0 knowledge of cars.

  14. Well we don’t need our own cars the transport services ar really good

  15. Cost of a car in singapore are equalant to owning a chopper in another country.

  16. singapore is not as big as other country and if everybody owns a car, there will be no space and more traffic congestion.

  17. An average car in singapore can buy a porsche in malaysia

  18. I’m Singaporean so I don’t find this surprising but I get really surprised when I hear that other country sells cars at a more lower price than singapore do

  19. Yay Singapore is noticed I’m from there (a sports car would cost at least a million)

  20. It’s because they earn way more money in comparison to Americans.

  21. I am guessing one reason cars in Singapore are hella expensive because , the government wants to encourage citizens to drive less cars , save fuel and take public transport. Be environmental friendly. So can non Singaporeans shut the fuck up and fuck off , before insulting my country? -.- At least do some research before barking shit.

  22. its just because singapore is small country.

  23. im from singapore but to young to afford a carπŸ˜‚

  24. that singapore government is smart , they make u buy cheaper car that is made by their own country and they can make more money , there should be many gleely and chery on their streets . China people are so smart

  25. thing is they making prices so high so people won’t be able to afford cars and only take MRT/BUS so THEY CAN EARN $$$ AND WASTE OUR TIME because public transport is so SLOW

  26. OMFG Singapore is so fucking poor lol

  27. U can buy a supercar in malaysia with that bmw price

  28. theres way too cheap in malaysia.So buy cars in malaysia guys

  29. hey listen hear amrichcunt you stupid motherfacker singapore is a small island of courss they need money facking amrichcunt not like ur country facking big shit pile of amrichcunt white people deserved to die.

  30. Are you insulting my country???

  31. How much a Merc E class cost in north Korea if you plan to buy and drive legally?
    answer: 500k Usd included 450k of tax for Kim

  32. Vin’s reaction is priceless

  33. #2017

  34. No Singaporeans here?………………………. dafuq

  35. Chris Evans – "Good god". hahaha

  36. Singapore why money so normal yet things cost so much , I a, Singaporean and dis is our life for poor people

  37. Singapore was 1st, and Malaysia 2nd

  38. I’m from SGGGGG WOOHOO

  39. pinoy ako gago XD

  40. michelle tho πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

  41. wait until they heard car price at Malaysia..3 time higher than another country in this world.

  42. That’s sg.. these guys must be dead if they know RM150k for a 2.4 Honda Accord in malaysia.. and RM60k-80k+- for mostly USED superbikes..

  43. hollywood stars, who don’t know shxt about the world
    said she’s not surprised, that’s not a surprise face 2:05?

  44. But why do you need a car when you can literally get across the city is an hour?

    The public transport is so efficient that it’s even faster to get to your destination than cars

  45. to be honest, as a Singaporean, we feel unfair it, emm but also proud, hehe, furthermore, our cities are very small, well we rarely see sports cars

  46. Because they need to support their people-they may be small country but have over 5M people-Singapore are rich

  47. it’s not just Singapore alone but Thailand, Hongkong, Vietnam car prices are a lot more than comparing with the U.S

  48. stupid ass country

  49. Next video: Singaporeans shocked by America’s Houses

  50. They don’t know that after you pay that, you actually only own the car for 10 years.

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