Honda NSX Twin Turbo vs Porsche 911 Turbo S

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  1. nsx how embarrassing u r?

  2. That camera man has BALLS!

  3. fuck that nsx looks beautiful

  4. Lucky cameraman

  5. get a better driver for the nsx

  6. The NSX driver needs a slap.

  7. not good race nothing im sorry!!

  8. So… are they not racing eachother? The only way the nsx could have won the second race is if they are comparing times.

  9. No balance on the nsx. smh

  10. funny…all these people commenting on the NSX driver probably never sat inside a 700+ HP car…or ever had to experience a mid-engine car starting to dance…now imagine both these things together? yeah, even pros have a hard time controling those 2 things together…i’ve driven mid engine cars, and tail happy 700+hp cars, and i cannot imagine how would it be to have both things in one beast, specially for a chassi that was never designed to handle that much power…you kids should just go back play your video games seriously..

  11. The NSX couldn’t grip and still wins

  12. I want to find this NSX driver and smack the living stupid off him.. A no handed person could drive better than this piece of trash.

  13. is the nsx driver autistic

  14. вот это он дал угла на нсксе

  15. Dasar joki nsx nya kayak lonte…

  16. На ходе пьяная баба за рулем

  17. nsx driver wasn’t old enough to drive

  18. hurmm..not to fast that honda,throw in the river

  19. needed limited slip diff

  20. no supo co tromar el carro en la salida

  21. bruh just call it a tie, 0.01 of a second the nsx won by against a stock 911 sighs..

  22. Detach from stupid driver The Honda has a very cool front shape, it’s like old lamborghini get better with that red color

  23. what ever negative comments about the nsx driver…nsx is the sexiest car in the world

  24. the nsx is weak. u can have the best driver still don’t beat the 911…

  25. o que adianta ter um carro potente sendo que não tem piloto … fez feio o cara do nsx

  26. the number of people here who have never driven a rear wheel car with more than 200hp is unbelievable, also they dont understand drag racing. the NSX won dip shits.

  27. something Russians doing wrong

  28. driver mod for thr nsx

  29. porche will look like shit when nsx and porche is on a nurbing track😂

  30. LOL please this niggas saying the NSX driver is AWFUL best be joking lmao. A burnout threw the tires out, that’s hard to correct. Half you people dont even drive like lmfao

  31. Dangit the NSX bogged of the line the first race and the second one. I was really hoping it would win.

  32. Was the Nsx driver having a stroke mid race or what?

  33. jaja hasta abriio los ojitos el nsx xD

    demaciado poder para quien no lo controla

  34. NSX could have done better

  35. why second one NSX won? start is different timing?

  36. NSX driver has reaction of dead turtle

  37. Lmao wtf get a better driver for the nsx and then start "comparing"!

  38. Drag racing a Porsche is kinda like taking a hooker to church……………

  39. i never liked porsche’s… the headlamp tho…

  40. My RUF will smoke all these….

    JK I drive a ford Taurus.

  41. that Acura sounds good af

  42. NSX did not win the second race, he was always behind.

  43. *facepalm*

  44. The point is stock 911 fucking hard ridiculous tuned nsx.Only playstation win honda!

  45. I wouldn’t bash the nsx driver
    If you saw a 700 ho evo launch you guys would understand what happen to the nxs keep in mind evo is awd with 700 hp

  46. Somehow they got the Stig’s retarded cousin in the driver’s seat of that nsx.

  47. how much hp does nsx have

  48. What the fuck is this?…

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