How Does Google’s Driverless Car Work?

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Description: Society has been dreaming about driverless car technology since the 40’s and 50’s, and now it seems that future is finally upon us – but how does the technology work? Dough Aamoth, Tech Editor at TIME Magazine, breaks down how it works for us.

Big thanks to Doug Aamoth and Time Magazine!

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  1. I don’t like diving

  2. I want it

  3. It may not happen in 25years did he say! Well that puts paid to me driving one, I may well be not here.
    Come on! I’ve been waiting all my life for this, since reading about them as a child, am now getting despondent.
    get them on the roads quick, NOW!

  4. nice but not the steering-less one proposed by google…it’s scary.

  5. Imagine people doing all kinds of activities in their moving cars without paying the least bit of attention to the road.

  6. great another technology failure that proves we are becoming more and more lazy soon we will be worthless to robots and they will get rid of us so long world

  7. i love my freedom to drive where i want i like fast cars I’m a professional DR i don’t like a driver less car because there are days i want to drive 100mph & self driving cars won’t let u do that

  8. talks about self-driving cars & doesn’t even mention artificial intelligence, dude do more research before making a video 🙂

  9. What about dense fog?
    Can the sensors penetrate the dense fog to see the traffic lights?

  10. un believable

  11. Yeah.

    People can cause thousands of traffic accidents a day but self driving cars are not allowed to make one accident?

    I trust technology far more then i trust people.

    I rather have a self driving car drive me anywhere then a stupid human driver.

  12. self diving cars would come in handy when your on a long road trip being behind a wheel for 6hrs

  13. what if you like driving

  14. can’t wait.

  15. I want a driverless car to not have a steering wheel and look like a room inside instead of looking like a car inside.

  16. no mames pendejo aqui tenemos a MAME

  17. Since the possibility of hyperloop exist does this invention matters anymore?

  18. For those of us who are sick to death of driving…this can’t come soon enough!

  19. People having road rage at a driverless car is going to be so funny, calling the car a f(king a((hole 😂😂

  20. it is for vaginas who can’t drive.

  21. 2:25 so does that mean in the future I can hold up a stop sign and troll everyone?

  22. The older we get the sooner we need these cars….

  23. Driverless/ driven, not the point. Car addiction is the point, it doesn’t really matter if cars are driverless or not, less driving less often is the real liberating revolution that saves the planet and rejuvinating communities and homesteads, all this blabbing is a distraction from this main point

  24. It is not fast

  25. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said he or she was worried about this being like Jurassic Park.

  26. The problem is you’re on Earth, some jackass is going to vandalize the hardware.

  27. It won’t happen in 25 years? Um……yes it will. Within 10-20 years these things will be everywhere.

  28. Death trap…but fools are born everyday

  29. I would walk everywhere before I trust my life to a death machine robot. Humans have dignity and are smart. I would never give up manual control of the wheel, gas and brake pedals on a car and I will march on Washington before they take away the ability to manually drive. I am only 32 soon to b e 33 years old and I hope this technology fails so badly it takes more than 50 years to get in in mainstream so I will never see the terrifying nightmare of it in my lifetime,

  30. wtf this should be for old people who can’t drive anymore i want to drive cars

  31. I can say I will never have a self-driving car.

    I like the feeling of driving.

  32. You own it or rent or pay as you go? Or use it as a taxi.

  33. This is really cool, but I wonder how much power all those sensors require…

  34. I myself enjoy driving so I wouldn’t want a driverless car, but I wouldn’t mind car you can hop out of and it parks itself, that part I’m onboard with.

  35. In 10 years fully autonomous driving will be a luxury standard on every new car. In 20 years, human driving will be an out of date practice and no longer done by the masses in civilized countries. In 30 years human driving will practically be illegal except under rare circumstances.

  36. so google when will u make a "*Self Flushing Toilet??*"

  37. In 1890 when they had the crazy idea of a horseless carriage I said they were stupid and I will say it again.

  38. I hate driverless cars.

  39. I am in love with self driving cars they will become better with advanced AI from robotics. Also to solve the problem of car accidents its not that hard, just put special ID in each car so the other cars will recognize it from a mile away and do all the necessary action to avoid collision.

  40. I need a robot to feed me. This is ridiculous. Why do we need this? The time you get to your destination you will have aged ten years……fucking stress. People die in 25 mph collisions all the time. Neck breaks.

  41. The question is, when this come out?? Its just 2016. and how much $

  42. in future we don’t have to drive at all

  43. This is bad. the best part of driving is having control and freedom to do what the fuck I wanna do in my car. If you hate driving, take a bus you lazy fucks.

  44. bad idea all the way just have it optional this car can be turned into a weapon a bomb on Wheels with the attacker never leaving leaving a footprint

  45. I would so buy this epic car! Thank you Google for making this epic car! 😀
    Also, does anyone else besides me have a fear of driving cars? >_>
    Cause, I have a fear of driving.

  46. I think having an autopilot that will allow the operator to get out of pilot mode and into executive mode would be a good thing. But the operator needs to be able to assume manual control. I don’t care how complex the software is, if it isn’t as complex as the human brain, it’s going to encounter situations it just can’t handle. That’s what the operator is there for.

    And that is why I will never own a completely driverless car. If there is no manual interface for me to assume control in an emergency, then I want no part of it.

  47. This will make roads safer by the time the companies are confident they ironed out the bugs but I feel that having a steering wheel and pedals is vital because you may need to drive off road a little, your destination may not be on maps or if your mechanic needs to drive it onto one of those lifts.

  48. Probably won’t happen for every day drivers any time in our lives to be honest. Its simply too expensive and useless for that reason. I suspect the first industry to grasp it for private reasons will be the trucking industry. (and maybe taxis)

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