How driverless cars will change cities

Why some say driverless cars won’t just change the way we commute, but the way we live.
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  1. I wonder if driverless cars will spell the end for urban freeways.  Freeways allow human-driven cars to drive unimpeded by cross traffic at intersections.  But, they also create bottlenecks and barriers for traffic not on the freeway.  Cars controlled by computers could synchronize themselves with traffic on cross streets so they don’t have to stop at intersections.

  2. All I can say no.
     I like the freedom of being able to just take off go somewhere when I want to with no waiting and being tracked.
    I’d only want a self driving car if it was 100% mine with no third party control and the ability to take over at a any time.

  3. In summary humans are bad, robots are good. People don’t need to be in control of their own lives and how they go about living it. Autonomous car companies can suck a fat one.

  4. I agrees with what she said except her last statement. This could and will be the end of traffic jams

  5. just drive behind a Chinese and youll get the idea of what a driverless car is about.

  6. fucking lies all u guy want to do is control us they lie they are controlling what they are saying to u trying to convince u that they are right they are using NAZI TACTICS brianwashing selfdriving cars are a scam they are going to con u guys

  7. That lady is a whack job. Im fully content driving my V8 RWD 430HP sedan with ONLY me controlling it. #racecarsforlife

  8. Actually traffic would get much better too. The reason congestion happens is because humans have horrible response time and slow down to a crawl in order to see accidents. Half of them are talking on the phone and the other half of them don’t know how to merge correctly. I can’t wait for this transformation.

  9. My idea, u know how they used steam to power, what about the smog in the engine is used to power, then when it’s done there’s something that cleans the air when done

  10. It’s bullshit they can’t stop hacking on computers. I’m watching Fox news and this guy is saying driverless cars are going to be great? For who I personally don’t drive for a living but let’s imagine this 18 wheeler going down highway there is a serious snow storm or rain whatever the software freezes up and kills all kinds of people you fucking genius. Russia hacked the election China Is hacking us constantly. Great China makes computers then we put them in automated cars hence accidents everywhere. Wtf we need to stop this now. There is always some kind of virus on a computer so let’s have cars and trucks drive themselves no thanks idiots. The guy says we are better leading the way in this technology and so are the drivers. How are the drivers idiot you take a shit load of driving jobs so corporate America just gets richer while we the people who will suffer when this turns into disaster for jobs drugs suicide. Who is going to be better not us.

  11. Driving where I want, when I want with who I want is one of my last real
    freedoms. All it takes is for a future vindictive government to use
    technology to limit where driverless cars go (and when they go) and all
    this will be lost forever. Our grandchildren won’t be able to have the
    freedoms we have. The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones
    NEVER touches on this point of view when he does reports about
    driverless cars. The ‘establishment’ view seems to be that they will be
    wonderful. Why will they?

  12. Ha driverless school bus what could possibly go wrong ?

  13. someone launch a EMP and throw us back to the stone age we don’t have to worry about computers no more there will be plenty of jobs

  14. cars will never replace horses its repeating

  15. Owning a car will be a symbol of prestige. Like having a butler. I bet you the services like Uber will be cutting costs left and right. They will make disposable cars or very rugged hard to vandalize vehicles. Its more fitting for an owner to maintain a luxury vehicle more so then a service provider. Car dealers won’t disappear. thats a silly presumption.

  16. "Cars have always been the same." Well, what’s the fu**ing problem? I am so tired of all these simple minded conversations… At the end of the day, I enjoy driving. PERIOD. Technology is just destroying passions and jobs. Not to mention that it makes us weaker, more and more ignorant, lazy and less skillful. If tomorrow morning you would be to wake up and everything was automated, what would be the point in living anymore? You’d have nothing to do. I want to go to Elon Musk’s face and ask him this simple question: What about all the races, car communities, car shows, car meets, drifting, car enthusiasts, all the automotive channels and simply the people who enjoy driving and being in control as opposed to some ignorant bastards who would prefer being on their phone, not even feeling the car nor admiring the landscape? God the world we live in is getting worse and worse everyday. It isn’t enough that technology is robbing us of our privacy, but now you want my car to be connected to everything else? Are you kidding me? I wish I could live back in the 70’s. Back when men were men and cars were cars. Steel, tough, aggressive. Screw innovation and technology!

  17. ALL jobs will be ELIMINATED. Keep automating everything. DUMB

  18. I refuse to have a self driving car. All it takes is someone to hack Google and take over the car.. I rather have me driving my car.

  19. has a blind person, I am in favor of driverless cars. I hate riding the bus because the bus is really stink in the United States. All those places that I get to go to and I don’t have to have someone drive me there. I really really really really want driverless cars right now! Free at last! Free at last free at last!

  20. On the contrary, rush hour traffic will reduce even if the number of cars increase. Since driver-less cars will maintain a constant acceleration and a mostly constant distance between the car ahead and behind, it will prevent the traffic snake that occurs due to surprise braking of the car by humans. This as a result will allow a constant flow of traffic, even with a larger number of cars. (Assumption based on all cars being driver-less on the highway. )

  21. horrible idea

  22. Still have traffic? If your car knows where you’re going, knows how to get there, can use the best routes/lanes to get there, and can inform other cars where each car is going, the cars can drive faster and closer together. Traffic should lessen as if each car is literally bumper to bumper "pushing" each other forward.

  23. Driverless cars should always come with a steering wheel just in case you need to take over.

  24. They should make passenger jets that are computer flown to reduce hijackings and pilot suicide, and it can possibly make flights cheaper because of no need for paying pilots.

  25. It’s 2016 ,F**K THAT!… FORGET THAT !,

  26. great for terrorists. now they need only suicidal cars to carry explosives not humans. and the best thing will be there will be not enough police on the roads. the cost of bomb detector is a fortune car amkers cant install in it

  27. fuckoff with your stupid self driving car


  29. No need for driving. The robots have taken your job away every, Everything will be made by robots. No need to go shopping all the stores are on the web now. No store clerks anymore. All goods will be delivered by drones. No body will have jobs so they can’t buy the shit the robots make. So now there’s no need for people,………. What then?

  30. It’s going to be real scary when we see videos of people dying in these things not going to be cool then 🙁

  31. Southerners are going to have heart attacks

  32. self driving cars rule.

    I am looking forward to that future.

  33. This will be used by the government and corporations to control people. Late on a credit card payment? car stops working. Tax debt? IRS drives your car to them. Jury duty? car only drives to the courthouse.


  35. Going back to my original comment n this…cough…cough… genius’ comment…."no need for police, ambulance, doctors…’, garbage truck drivers, bus drivers, school bus drivers, Fedex/UPS, Uber drivers, car dealerships, car rental agencies, companies providing accessories for cars….etc. Not to mention self serve fast food coming up. Ahm… is this why Walmarts r being taken over by FEMA? Just saying

  36. looks like I will just be buying used if this self driving nonsense comes true and are any on these new seats not classified at torture metal is not comfortable leather is

  37. …………..I’m REALLY looking forward to having driveless cars as in my position in life I can’t get a licence (I had one) and I do miss having the use of one. All I can say is"HURRY UP" wiith them…………….

  38. There is the potential for the elderly and disabled to be more independent with such technology. That part I am very excited about.

  39. at the end, the lady was saying that having driverless cars will not end traffic congestion. that is total b.s. Of course it will. the things that causes congestion are traffic lights, accidents, and when someone stops suddenly and causes the person behind to stop and so on. (this has been proven over and over. There are lots of YouTube videos on this.) With driverless driving, this will not happen. cars will talk to each other and be able to move around each other. there will be no need for traffic lights. there will be no need for traffic lanes. cars will crisscross around each other. not only this, but cars can do it much faster. there will be no need for speed limits because cars will go what ever the optimal speed for any driving condition. 60 mph is best for human drivers because we have slow reaction times. cars can go 100 mph and still have far fewer incidents. If a car notices ice on the road, it will warn other cars to adjust. All of this is only after all human driven cars are of the road though. humans drivers are still the biggest challenge to making this a reality.

  40. " How driverless cars will change cities ", yeah into cities like Detroit, you know how many jobs the people would loose.

  41. Problem is . . . you have to sit where who or what sat there before . . .

  42. She’s wrong about narrowing the roads. You still have trucks whether it is 18 wheelers stocking our stores or people transporting those driverless cars to dealerships, logging trucks, fire trucks, lawn services pulling trailers….the list goes on and one why we can’t narrow the roads.

  43. People are stupid drivers, this is very exciting:)

  44. bet people were fear mongering like this when tvs came out calling them brainwashing machines, haha people never change! this is for people who can’t drive such as the blind or disabled and for the lazy like me, if you don’t like them don’t buy them, manual cars are not gonna be scrapped or oblished these are designed to work with them, until people realize its a convenient and end up buying one! not everything is a government conspiracy go back to watching x files fucking idiots! fuck i’d take a windows 98 driving my car over some of the arseholes on the road!

  45. This piece is somewhat wrong on a few points.

    Loser mass transit systems like subway and bus will lose ridership due to the fact that these new cars will be so much better and cheaper. Therefore Hyperloop, Personal Rapid Transit, and Maglevs will replace them.

  46. Where’s the excitement for getting a car when you can’t really drive it, human drivers would be just fine if it wasn’t for the dumbasses who text and drive. What about people who collect classic cars? I personally feel better when I have control of my vehicle. What about dirt trails and grassy roads? Why do people care about driverless vehicles? How would it perform in floods? Are we getting too lazy to drive cars? Why am I a furry? Please don’t say that we have to make our bautyful classic cars into cringelord self driving cars. Would non-self driving cars be illegal on streets?

  47. People will still own cars, but it will be a privilege for those who can afford it. The rich would always want their own cars, they aren’t going to use their smartphone to call a cab. You need a vehicle if you want to do business to transport stuff. The common people will not be able to afford cars, because computer technology and automation will make their labor redundant.

  48. Mmmmm yep just imagine a software bug or virus in a system with no mechanical redundancy what so ever~!! -scary- ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン this is coming from a tech lover and IT student..!! you don’t even need bugs or viruses in a computer for it to kaput~!!! (*/ω\*) even airplanes with all their tech still have mechanical backups~!! ^-^

  49. This is also all planned by United Nations agenda 21 and they want people living in tiny micro apartments in cities walking or cycling to work. Research UN Agenda 21, it’s all there. It’s all about control.

  50. I’m all for driverless cars, however I will not share a car with others, I’d rather own my own car and gave the option to drive.

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