How much does it cost to own a Porsche Cayenne Turbo?

Learn what maintenance & repairs my Porsche Cayenne Turbo needed over the past 5 years. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo is a blast to drive and overall reliability is pretty good. With that said, if you’re going to own one, be prepared for little repairs here and there. Check out the basic maintenance costs/difficulty below.
►Annually or every 10k miles:
-$25 Oil Filter: http://amzn.to/2f2QvPv
-$60 for 10 quarts of Mobile 1 0w40 synthetic oil: http://amzn.to/2e3r7ak

►Every 2 years:
– Brake fluid flush (DIY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeqA0EIxKis&list=PLy0d3ZMZ3zE6HPSeYNre9PFvHuD2dX3uW&index=2)
–$20 for brake fluid: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VXRPL0/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B003VXRPL0&linkCode=as2&tag=carfanatic-20&linkId=6H4Q5CZDPTFAEUUR
–$100 for power bleeder kit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002KM5L0/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0002KM5L0&linkCode=as2&tag=carfanatic-20&linkId=RPUUJGJWLCEMPT42

Every 4 years (mileage depends)
-BOSCH OEM Spark plugs: http://amzn.to/2fUzLHD
-Pollen Air Filter: http://amzn.to/2eYLJiL
-Engine Air Filters (2 needed): http://amzn.to/2fTeWxA

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Camera Equipment Used:
– GoPro Hero 4 Silver: http://amzn.to/2hXeulx
– Rode VideoMicro Mic: http://amzn.to/2hJWMkY
– GoPro Case + Mic Mount: http://amzn.to/2i4hWXA
– Basic Tripod: http://amzn.to/2hXace2

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  1. Caynne turbo doesn’t cost much for maintenance but I live in Dubai where the petrol is cheap and I find the petrol is costly it burns fuel very quick

  2. That thing is a rolling piece of shit. And who the hell pays 250 for a oil change, u should have them give u a wash cloth to stop yr ass from bleeding.

  3. holy shit all that and the car only have 47k miles , Im definitely not buying a porsche cayenne…. Crazy……. I rather buy a BMW X5…..

  4. I have the the 2007 Cayenne Turbo model, 4.5 v8 biturbo 550 hp and I have it since 2009 untill this day and I did not have these problems, changed only the water pump, because I went stupid in off-road, and before that, filters, oil change, brakes, you know, the parts that need to be replaced after awhile. I love my Cayenne, every f***ing day ^_^

  5. why didnt u upgrade to a new 991.2 carrera s or Gts ? 🙂

  6. you can replace all this shit yourself, I’d never pay a dealership for 95% of that crap

  7. thanks for this video. not sure about the turbo now, maybe just the S Model. thoughts?

  8. thanks for this and all your videos. its helping me prepare to own a Porsche

  9. A true car fanatic is a DIY. $327 for oil change + pollen filter LOL. Using same brand and quality items not purchased from stealership it can be done DIY $40. Its like being a model or puzzle fanatic and paying someone else to build it for you. Makes no sense. Owning a Porsche isn’t expense if you’re a DIY. Thermostat and water pump $806? I DIY at $100

  10. LOL, OMFG its true. I was going to buy a pre-onwed one too, but i called the local dealer for a brake job quote for four rotors and pads, and that sticker shock alone made my decision right there. After seeing this, im glad i didnt get one

  11. Rediculous

  12. Great rundown.

  13. This car needs Obamacare instead of warranty

  14. Thats an expensive peace of shit Yikes

  15. What after market warranty did you you purchase for the Cayenne? How has the experience been? What made you choose that warranty?

  16. Drop in the bucket compared to depreciation.

  17. Jesus fuck that i dont know what is worser this truck or trump

  18. don’t buy the crap old cayenne. They completely changed in 2011. 8 speed instead of 6. Lost 500 lbs of weight. 500hp instead of 450hp. Exterior and interior completely updated. It’s like a whole different vehicle.

  19. Really quality video!

  20. Please do one on panamera 4; I’ll look for your other videos now, but, that is my dream car, no worry of bucket seats, they kind of hurt my back(5’7" height), also, which year is the best bang for buck, like you did for 911(comparing generations), Thank You you very much.
    Also, my heart is set to AWD 3.5(I guess) V6, so, please help me choose AWD vs 2WD. I’m a contractor and move between states, and I don’t know where I’ll go next(it might have snow).

  21. If that’s your definition of a "fairly reliable" car then i wonder what an unreliable car is. 😉
    Two waterpumps and thermostats in the first 65kmi plus alignment and driveshaft replacement?

  22. Great video and timely for me. I’m trying to decide whether to trade in my 2014 Lexus GX460 for a Cayenne. I’ve spent nothing on the Lexus other than putting new oil in it. This is a ridiculous amount of repairs. I’m very disappointed because I wanted an SUV that could handle cornering more like a sportscar but I’m not going to be buying a Cayenne.

  23. LEMON CAR!!!

  24. How can you look at that list of repairs and claim it’s reliable? It’s a money pit.

  25. Just bought a 2014 Cayenne S with 36k miles on it. Who did you take your extended warranty with?

    This is my first Porsche, so I want to make sure I cover all my P’s & Q’s!

  26. 2:27, if it were done at Firestone or somewhere like that, the brake pads would’ve been covered under warranty.

  27. Looks like a wale shark from the front.

  28. lol fuck this car. I had a 2008 Porsche Cayenne S, without the headaches of a turbo. Mine had zero accidents and I got it from the dealership with 68k miles and an inspection done. I was spending 1k a month to keep the car running. After 6 months I spent 6k on the vehicle and was done with it. Sure, the car ran fine, but it was expensive as fuck. Yes I sound bitter and I really love Porsche but this vehicle has major flaws. I had an fx45 for 6 years and I had 0 costs asides regular maintenance for wear and tear items. Maybe a total of 2k in the 6 years of ownership. I went back to Infiniti after I got rid of the Porsche. Not only did I lose money of the sale of the car but the maintenance during the time. It was the fastest 12k I’ve ever lost. In hindsight, had I known these issues were on the horizon (couldn’t have anyways) but I would of bought the new lexus rx series.

  29. how much of your time is wrapped up in driving to and from and waiting for these repairs.

  30. should have bought a honda civic. oil change once a year for $80.

  31. How much cheaper the V6 version would be to run?

  32. Fuck all this. Sticking to Toyota and Honda

  33. where did you get your aftermarket warranty from?

  34. After watching this video, I want to steer clear from cayenne; hope I don’t hear the same stuff for panamera.

  35. I hope the owner had a lot of time to spent… soooo many times in for service or replacement! many times even after less than 1000 miles!!! that is NUTS!!! this could drive me crazy!!! I have a honda (yea civic… yea the one that is not luxury as a cayene) and it has 200.000 miles and the only thing it required was OIL and Filters!!! not even a light bulb was faulty!!! my god these germans are getting worse and worse in car quality.

  36. That’s a lot of time in and out of the shop. Would be interesting to calculate the cost of an owner’s time to manage all the service in addition to all the hard costs (warranty and non-warranty covered visits).

  37. How the fuck does the Thermostat and Water Pump fail at 25k miles? Unreal. Sad …just very sad.

  38. Water pump and drive shaft gone before 60k mile is just unbelievable.

  39. The first 5 years is not necessarily a true indicator, as most repairs occur afterwards. I purchased a 2004 Cayenne S in 2007. Typical major repairs in $1,500 to $2,500 range. After 11 years, I probably can count only 2 years where I had major repairs done, so about a handful, altogether. The remaining are typical maintenance issues, like fuel sensors, oil changes, etc. I would say I spend roughly $2,500/year over 9 years and $6,000/year over 2 years (major repairs), so roughly $3,000/year average. I avoid dealerships or high-end repair shops to perform basic maintenance.

  40. My 08 Cayenne turbo is still going strong at 125k miles, planning on driving mine into the ground.

  41. Any problems with your air suspension yet? I got an 08 Turbo this past summer with similar mileage, compressor, and everything associated with the system has been replaced. Replaced 3 level sensors, the 4th is next. Thermostat was replaced a few months ago, starter, battery. I had a crack in my pano roof, replaced through glass insurance ($13k) Bought same tires as you. With pano roof and everything else I’ve replaced, I’m at $20k into it so far, but I still love it. Next thing I’m doing is secondary cats removed, and vivid tune. When my main cats go out, I’ll be going catless as it’s $3k for high performance ones, and still less then stock price. The Mecan is awesome, way better, handles like a car and has PDK. Autohausaz.com place to buy oem parts. There isn’t a big aftermarket world for these turbo’s.

  42. Whats your average mpg and annual mileage?

  43. Porsches are high maintenance, also unreliable. Dont be fooled into thinking German = Reliability. Porsche makes most of its money on patents for engineered products thats not car related.

  44. Very good video indeed. I am a little bit surprise that I did not see any transmission, differential or transfer case fluid change. Is there a reason for that. Also I would like to know if coolant pipes and air suspension has causing any trouble so far. Thanks a lot.

  45. Cool to see I’m not the only one who does this. Here are my numbers. My car was a little rough when I got it so my repairs for the last 10 month higher but my purchase price reflects that. So after owning it for 10 months and driving it for 7,500 miles my total cost is $11,656.53 plus gas and insurance. Insurance is around $100/month and gas is also like $100/month.

    5/9/2016 6,500.00 103,648 Purchased 2004 Porsche Cayenne S
    5/9/2016 40.00 – Purchase Car Fax
    5/10/2016 195.98 2x 275-45-19 Nitto Tires Used
    5/10/2016 128.82 SC Property Taxes
    5/10/2016 38.85 Turn Signal Bulbs, License Plate Bolts, Spray Wax
    5/11/2016 359.00 Title Transfer, Sales Tax, Registration
    5/12/2016 27.40 103,850 Headlight Inspection
    5/14/2016 72.24 103,901 2 Tires balanced, mount and valve stem
    5/17/2016 17.75 Cabin Air Filter
    5/27/2016 702.37 104,127 Front Lower Inner Rear Bushings & Alignment
    6/4/2016 60.00 104,300 10 Qt Mobil1 0W40
    6/8/2016 101.84 104,600 2x K&N Air Filters
    6/26/2016 6.35 105,400 Oil Filter Wrench 76MM 14FL
    6/26/2016 4.23 105,400 8MM Hex Bit for Oil Drain Plug
    6/26/2016 – 105,450 Change Oil and Oil Filter
    8/15/2016 48.99 106,819 Headlight Wiring harness
    8/16/2016 342.00 106,835 Spark Plugs and Coil Packs OEM BERU
    8/16/2016 35.99 106,835 Tools: E10, E12, T30, T40, Tripple Square 12mm
    8/16/2016 200.00 106,835 Labor to replace spark plugs and coil packs
    9/6/2016 600.00 107,400 Replace leather front 2 seat bottoms
    10/7/2016 333.68 109,000 4 Rotors, pads, break sensors, and tools
    10/7/2016 250.00 109,000 Labor to replace rotors and pads
    12/19/2016 839.43 109,797 Oil Change, Break Bleed, Rotate and Balance Tires, Transmission Flush
    12/23/2016 400.74 109,854 Replace Automatic Transmission Oil Pan
    1/28/2017 6.97 110,430 Leather Conditioner
    1/28/2017 204.25 110,434 1 Nitto Tire New (flat tire)
    2/1/2017 53.65 110,434 Mount and Balance tire and valve stem
    2/2/2017 86.00 110,455 Rear Latch Shocks (trunk only not glass)

  46. Anyone can reply: what if I lease the same model vehicle from Porsche, what will be my cost of ownership?

  47. I’m sorry but the oil change intervals are too long and not consistent at all, it seems like with all these repairs the previous owner must have been pretty tough on the car.

  48. 2:42, a common issue, that is not covered under warranty?

  49. Horn, we call that a fanfare 😀

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