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  1. I’m crying because I will never own one.

  2. wow that sounds nice!!!!

  3. Rob Dickinson has truly perfected the design of the 911, check out our latest video where we chat to the man himself! 

  4. This is pure perfection, but what about safety tho ?

  5. Awesome video with a very well suited melodic soundtrack.

  6. Beautiful …………………….

  7. I’ve never seen a more beautiful object of this

  8. HOLY FUCK THAT BACKGROUND MUSIC IS ANNOYING…i could only make it through half the video

  9. can someone please tell me what song is playing in the background?? I know there is 1 that is similar called warm minds but its not the same:/

  10. How Singer takes an already spectacular machine and work of art in ingenuity and makes it into something that turns me into one of those weird people who want to make love to cars.

  11. Im absolutely obsessed with this car. I would gladly pay the hefty price to own one. The attention to detail is astonishing.

  12. What an obscenely beautiful piece of art. Inside and out.

  13. As if it already wasn’t art!

  14. Unbelievable, so beautiful….

  15. Emotional? It’s called being ripped off. Idiots will buy anything at a high price thinking it’s quality and don’t even realize that’s the reason.. Y’all need to wise up and go read some marketing psychology! This car is $100,000 more than a 2016 911 turbo s? The Fuck is that? Don’t fall for such simple repackaging. He has such a poor business model and will be bankrupt soon enough.

  16. How can you turn a car which is art by itself into art??

  17. i will own one of these one day.  It is a piece of art – absolutely amazing in every way.

  18. what color paint is that

  19. Awesome, there’s nothing like the 911. Timeless.

  20. The perfect car.

  21. )-(

  22. That Porsche sounds like crap. It sounds like a VW Bug and that Porsche performs like crap also.

  23. I isn’t see a cup holder? Where does one put his coffee?

  24. nice car,crap music

  25. The author is right, that Singer 911 is a friggin work of art, If I hit the lottery, it will be 2nd on my list of car purchases behind a 458 Spyder!  Ferrari has refined that 458 so much that you could use it as a daily driver and I would use it like that if I had 100 million

  26. what a beauty……..

  27. Would like to know what Porsche thinks about these cars.

  28. what is that beast behind the singer 911 ? the one who has 2 written over it ?

  29. These Singer Porsche’s are heartbreaking to look at.
    They’re like looking at a supermodel knowing you can’t afford her.
    Sell the house, sell the kids I am getting one.

  30. I just wanna know what Andreas Pottinger’s reaction is to all this and what sort of message is he getting :3

  31. Where does the Singer name come from if the shop owners name is Dickinson?

  32. Better? Sure its louder!


  34. The title doesn’t make sense, the 911 was already a form of art.

  35. @1:19 Jazz?

  36. Singer Porsches are amazing. I would actually prefer one of theese masterpieces to a Ferrari 488, and that is really not rational. Just emotional! One day when I get rich(er), I’ll buy a fully pimped upp Singer with roll cage and Dynaudio audio system, or maybe Mark Levinson or Meridian… Maybe Singer could get a Californian super duper sound system from Constellation audio, or other US audiophile masterpieces, like Pass Labs/Rowland Design/Boulder/Ayre/YG Acoustics/Audio Research/McIntosh etc etc.
    There is some "in car sweet talking sound" to posess. Besides the obvious fabulous motor sounds! Music heals the soul Dude! For sure…And if Singer porsches as a world first car could handle music files at native DSD-rate, DA-converted through high quality processors, then the music on board would be as hot as the exhaust!!! Please work on the sound system. Many enthusiasts like the cars as much as an added top-notch musical experience. As a comforted Porschedriver with the driver window down and a great song such as "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys really hots upp the driving expreience, a lot! Mumma!
    And today in july 2015 there is no cooler music than the African-Swedish collaboration of "THE VERY BEST" and the Lp Makes A King. This is so hot worldmusic that you should all listen to it. Amazing good vibes!!! Really!

  37. A Porsche 911 already IS art. But okay – this is fucking amazing. 

  38. How much $ on average do these cars go for?

  39. Thanks to Rob Dickinson, Magnus Walker, PS auto, Jack olsen etc.  The HornGrill parts are sold out + HornGrill cars pricing are skyrocket high. And Porsche swallow it’s pride by introducing SportClassic with shameful price ! ….. Mama Mia !


  40. The 911 already looked great, now I’m in love with this thing…

  41. Better than sex ?

  42. This mostly goes to show how little the car changed from 65 to the 2000’s

  43. Turn of the noice/music in the background so I can hear what you spaeking about.

  44. Whats the name of the background song?

  45. song?

  46. it´s so good i gotta cry

  47. This 964 looks amazing, but the 993 turbo, IMHO is the best looking 911 , last of the air cooled, and best styled. 

  48. Best looking 911 ever!!!! But 350K is just insulting. 


  50. Gorgeous 

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