How to Hack a Car: Phreaked Out (Episode 2)

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In this episode of “Phreaked Out,” we met some of the top security researchers at the center of the car hacking world. The goal isn’t to make people crash: They highlight security holes in order to highlight flaws in car technology, intended to pressure auto manufacturers to be a few steps ahead of their friendly foes.

Information security researcher Mathew Solnik gave us a first-hand demonstration on how to wirelessly send commands to the car and remotely tell it what to do. With a little over a grand and about a month of work, Solnik found time outside of his full-time job to reverse-engineer a car’s computer system to make it ready for a takeover.

From his laptop, he was able to manipulate the car’s engine, brakes and security systems by wirelessly tapping into the Controller Area Network, or CAN bus, network. Without getting too deep into the details—both for legal reasons and due to my own training-wheel knowledge of such things—he was able to do so by implementing some off-the-shelf chips, a third party telematic control unit, a GSM-powered wireless transmitter/receiver setup, and a significant amount of know-how he’s accrued over the years.

The reason for such additional hardware was to make our older, mid-sized sedan function like a newer—and arguably more vulnerable—stock vehicle, which these days often come with data connections. (We would have loved to tinker with the latest, most connected car on the market, but since we were on a shoestring budget and it’s incredibly hard to find a friend who’s willing to lend their car for a hacking experiment, our pickings were slim.)

With that said, a car whose network system is connected to a cloud server and accessible by Bluetooth, cell networks, or wi-fi is potentially vulnerable to intrusion.

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  1. No one would ever steal my car..,………JS a Toyota Tercel is just a theft deterrent "ugly" civic lmao

    no OBD and no Power anything xD

  2. I feel so cool right now coz i have the same laptop as the bald hacker.

  3. Does he use Linux ? And how does he get wifi?

  4. car that have an electronic emergency brake is such a dumb designing. i don’t care how advanced your system is nothing beats a mechanical stop

  5. Ignition.exe has stopped working. Windows is searching for a solution to the problem

  6. The addams family is doing this to me right now and Sally sue doing the boogie on the corner is very happy seeing me suffer. plus the people around my area are also on the viewing program because my phone is hacked. The teenage mutant ninja turtles from the other street are probably involved as well. what are the steps that i should do to counter this.

  7. The user hacking the car, what computer is he using?

  8. And thats why I Should probably buy and drive a 1980s Mercedes Benz Diesel that can even start without electricty

  9. mk2 supra for the win!!!

  10. 6:33 looks like the area where you repo that truck in GTA V.

  11. iodiots!

  12. the only cars that can not be hacked or 60s 70s muscle cars

  13. where i can find information how to make that device?

  14. you have an og name

  15. this is why I like my 79 Big ten. Go ahead, try and control it….rochesters dont need computers, and neither do standard transmissions

  16. Ok um Car stops goes backwards itself WTF

  17. Good News:Try to wirelessly hack my 1997 Camaro without physicly getting inside it lol

    Bad News: Can hack the Newer Truck wirelessly in the oncoming lane and cause him to do a head on collision to me ……….

  18. Can’t hack my jeep, too old to have a computer, for example new vehicles computer controls things like idle nope i have to adjust with screw awesome I prefer control over my vehicle and how it preforms not some computer that can be hacked. Whats the fun with a computer controlling. So go ahead try to computer hack my jeep "NOT".. there’s a lot of older collector cars no computer.. so don’t say almost all vehicles are computer hackable.

  19. but he was using a 2000’s honda so…

  20. Watchdogs 2 right there

  21. kinda misleading this particular car had to be modified for him to prove his point.

  22. Try to hack a 2004 Lexus, you can’t. It has electronics but, there is no canbus.

  23. lets all remember that Michael Hastings hit a tree at 90 mph and didn’t even brake…..

  24. well their goes my Dream car. I now have to the 1st gen land cruiser now

  25. "Brum brum" my car now

  26. and brakes work with or with out a computer and if they were smart enough to reverse engineering the ecu with a $25 chip they wouldnt need to steal a car they could sell that chip to people who want tuning capabilities and make millions

  27. how can i buy this

  28. 9:10 "theres no power steering"
    nigga dumbass look how easy he moves it around just a little smh

  29. have you hacked mysync?


  31. A corrupted driver has been detected Windows will now uninstall the driver.

  32. *i hacked my lawnmower! he is doing good!*

  33. How can I build one for myself, I want to see if I can not make my car

  34. windows vista in real life- are you sure you want to use the brakes- yes i am- im sorry we have to check with the systems administator

  35. #Vault7

  36. @2:27 Is that a Bus Pirate?

  37. ok most of this is bullshit there’s like three types of cars that use fly by wire steering , also most car use regular hydraulic brakes ,because if what there where saying was true that means you couldnt turn the steering wheel if your battery died

  38. this is for real!?

  39. And this is why I drive a car from the 1970s same with my motorcycle 1970s is the way to go mechanically tuned mechanically controlled EMP happens to happen I still got two vehicles copper box holds the battery with thick rhino truck bed liner coating the inside to prevent shorts less anyone who buys a new car isn’t too smart considering the fact you can build your own car from scratch with new parts for $15,000 or so if you’re cheap and know how to find good deals and don’t have the need for a V-8 get GPS trackers too because no one will suspect the 1970s vehicle that looks like a 1970s vehicle has GPS tracker

  40. Perhaps the wiki-leaks "vault 7" is responsible for this issue coming to "light" in a useful way.  Journalism is a force.

  41. i didnt see him pull the e brake? In every car you can manually lock the brakes.

  42. i wish it was that easy i wouldnt have had to buy a 1200 dollar ecu

  43. mmm what about Audi or Volkswagen cars with transponder inmovilizer them have can bus too but

  44. this is not true, there are alot of parts on a car that are not controled by a computer, like the gear shifter and the brakes, this work mechanically , even the hand brake works mechanically, it is possible to make a car controlable but it will need a lot of modules installed before it can be done and for that you will need access to the car for many hours, maybe days, the brakes cannot be controled by a computer because it will create a hazard, it ix controled by the abs system but it cannot overide the brake pedal

  45. I looked up your video because of the upcoming Fate of the Furious 8 had a lady with a tablet and controlling every car, just like you just did.

  46. And remind me why the Police don’t have access to this

  47. what if you put one of those chips in your own car so no one else can put one of there’s on or if they do then you can still control your car from your computer. would that help matters?

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  49. Now it will be a thing to totally get rid of any electronic in a car, but is it legal ?

  50. Lol all these car features for the government to track and listen to people without people knowing. Imagine how many staff the government has to listen and track people

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