How To Install A Set of Air Filters On A Porsche Cayenne Turbo

In this video I show you how to install a set of new air filters on a Porsche Cayenne Turbo (955). You will need a set of torx bits and a flat head screw driver to complete the job. This DIY project is somewhat time consuming but very do-able. Don’t forget to check out my other DIY maintenance videos for the Porsche Cayenne.

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  1. You make that look so easy.

  2. Thank you Dan much appreciated I will go for it and keep watching for your videos Aloha

  3. Great video. All of your Cayenne walkthroughs are brilliant. I am looking to get a 100k mileage Cayenne Turbo 2004 in the next 4 weeks so I am reviewing all of your videos. I think I will be replacing a number of components in the early stages of my ownership but hopefully nothing too major. Keep these videos coming DIY DAN!

  4. Good informative video. I’d only add that the air tube for the suspension won’t not just pull off when the green locking cap is in place. If its there, twist a screwdriver blade in the notch of the green cap to pop it loose, then push the locking collar towards the tube to remove the air tube. Also be careful that the spring clip for the overflow hose doesn’t fall off the Pass Side cover rim and get lost.

  5. Wow great video Dan! It helped me a lot. I have though upgraded to the evoms V-flow intake system. More horsepower and a lot easier to change the filter now haha. Thanks for the great videos!

  6. This vehicles engineering gave me cancer

  7. Dan I watched all your videos since, I am possibly buying a 2006 turbo with 65000 miles on it. you have given me the knowledge to buy it or not. Thank you very much, an as we say in Hawaii Mahalo and a big Shaka to you.

  8. yes !

  9. Hey, Dan great show, unfortunately, I’m having a problem to disconnect this airline from filter cover any tips?

  10. Great !!!!
    Thank youuuu !

  11. Those filters are massive! Thanks for the time on the vids for the Cayenne. Considering buying one!

  12. Very well done! Thank you.

  13. So Dan I guess wiper motor is next. I spoke to the seller of turbo I am looking at buying and he said coolant lines,water pump,drive shaft & injector wiring harness have been changed and all service records are up to date from Porsche Hawaii and also has 22 in rims & exhaust upgrade which he said brings it to 500hp I really would like your opinion he wants 27950 and he is firm. Mahalo

  14. Have you experimented with a durametric yet? I’ve been wanting to make some changes with my cayenne, but do not have very much experience with the durametric. Great vids!!!

  15. Thank you so much i am from saudi arabia your job was really prefect thank you again

  16. Bravo, Dan951. You are cordially invited to join my Facebook Cayenne page. Your expertise can assist my 1,200+ members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1628490004068635/

  17. Thank you

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