How to Remove a Porsche Cayenne Battery

How To Remove The Battery From A Porsche Cayenne

This is the quick and easy guide to remove a battery from Porsche Cayenne

You will need a 10 mm spanner and a 10 mm metric socket and driver, 10mm 12 point (Spline Bit) and driver, T25 torx bit and 15 minutes of your time.

Make sure you remove the rear plastic covers of the seat rails first to prevent them from breaking when you lift the seat.

1. First thing to do is run the seat all the way foward and then remove the rear plastic covers of the seat rails.
2. Lift the carpet under the rear of the seat and unclip the rear battery box lid clips.
3. Run the seat all the way back
4. Slide your fingers under the front carpeted trim piece and gently lift it forward. The part that curves up and back under the seat, hooks in three spots to the main seat bracket. You should be able to unclip the piece across the front between the bolt covers and then lift it up and back to un-hook the three hooks under the front of the seat.
5. Remove the right and left bolt covers.
6. Use the 10mm Spline bit and a socket wrench to remove the two seat bolts. (Porsche recommends these bolts be replaced each time.)
7. Pivot the seat backwards
8. Remove the two front clips holding the battery cover in place.
9. Remove battery box cover
10. Using a 10mm wrench for loosen the battery corner hold down
11. Use a 10 mm spanner to loosen the battery clamps from the battery post.
12. Remove the negative lead first and then remove the positive lead.
13. Remove center battery hold down clamp
14. Remove loosened corner battery hold down clamp
15. Tuck leads beside the battery
16. Lift battery and remove from the vehicle.
17. Installation is the reverse. Use blue threadlock on the two seat bolts and torque to 45 Nm.

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  1. WOW no wonder the woman and her child died in their Porsche Cayenne while driving to Florida .  I could not understand how fumes from the battery could have killed them and I had no idea that the battery was under the front seat .. That is like sitting on top of a bomb ..  Bad idea , REAL BAD idea to put the battery there ..

  2. The best DIY videos so far. Great Job! I subscribed

  3. A big thanks for sharing. Just bought a Cayenne and had no clue where that battery was. Similar to the seat removal in our MB R350.

  4. WTF man! all of this to remove a freaking car battery? Our old mid 2000’s cars just take a few screws to take out under the hood, next to the engine. At least malfunctioning batteries won’t kill you being inside the car itself.

  5. thank you – thats a great "how to" video

  6. R u frigging kidding me?

  7. Thanks, dealer wanted $159 plus lose the car for a day. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks

  9. Great video, thanks for taking the time to film!

  10. Thank you. What a PITA.

  11. big props/thanks for your for putting this up to help others as this would have been a slight head scratcher otherwise. now if only the audi q7 battery was this easy

  12. Engineering disaster , user unfriendly location sue the engineer who choose this location

  13. Could they have possibly made it ANY MORE FUCKING DIFFICULT JUST TO SWAP A GODDDAMMNED BATTERY OUT? Jesus bloody fucking christ.

  14. merci

  15. It is under the seat. We had to outcast a special wrench but all is well.

  16. You should get paid overtime for having to deal with this BS

  17. I just lost my faith in German engineering 🙂

  18. HUGE thanks for the video….truly appreciated(2004 cayenne s)

  19. Thank you so much, very nice video.

  20. крассавчик! всё показал как надо,

  21. great… thanks for postin’

  22. Where are all the alerts? Where’s the recall? Where is the sense of urgency to stop all people from driving these cars with batteries in this location? Hydrogen sulfide is nothing to play with! WHERE IS THE SENSE OF URGENCY!! Have people lost their minds!!!

  23. excellent video ….
    thank you very much needed to change the battery and did not know well how to disassemble 😉
    know how to change spark plugs and air filter of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 4.8 ??
    pless help
    thank you very much again greetings

  24. Great video, but how do you move the seat if the battery is flat?

  25. So is the a step by step install for the new battery and is there any special resets that need to be done after you install it?

  26. Thanks!

  27. In Florida a 3 year old girl and mother died due to fumes from batter in passenger compartment of Cayenne

  28. fundamental flaw with this design, you can’t move an electric seat with a dead battery.

  29. Ill be damned !! Why so complicated!!

  30. Complicated much?

  31. oh fuck that it just killed two people by this stupid design

  32. Thank you for this excellent video. (The Latifa Lincoln and Maksmilla Lincoln’s death by hydrogen sulfide in June 2016 brought me here.) That’s a lot of work and disassembly to remove a battery, especially moving the power seat (which requires an electrical power source to replace an electrical power source). Almost all cars I’ve had have been in the open-air engine compartment and designed to allow the battery to be pulled in about two minutes (one minute if quick) without electrical assist. HIgh quality parts and excellent, highly conscientious workmanship for a bad design idea.

  33. I need shop the battery but I don’t now what battery I need help

  34. For someone not speaking a word you gave some very detailed information. Great video!

  35. Thanks for this video, I never would have found the battery!
    I may even give it a go

  36. You just buy a new car it is way easier

  37. I used to like Porsche but after this video, no. I don’t like the idea of the battery sitting under the drivers seat. First of all, changing the battery should be one of the easiest things to do. Secondly, if the battery leaks sulfuric acid like the incident in Florida, the consequences could be tragic.

  38. Holy .. you better hope that your battery didn’t die on this thing. Manual on my moms 05 cayenne s claims that there is 2 battery’s one in hood and one under the seat. i thought it was easy to get to the one under the seat, man i was wrong  

  39. Thank you for the video. Very helpful.

  40. vorrei vedere come smontare la maniglia Esterna dello sportello dalla porsch cayenne

  41. thanks! посмотрел и передумал снимать ))

  42. Very good film. Saved me a lot of time and trouble! Thanks very much!

  43. Thank you. That was very informative.

  44. thank u ur video make it easye

  45. I like Porsche but that just a horrible design.

  46. Excellent video, thanks for sharing.  Took less than 2 hours and saved me over $450 in Porsche dealer installation and excess battery cost.  Worth mentioning that the bolts holding the front seat assembly to the floor require an XZN110 (10mm) Tripe Square Bit that most hardware stores don’t carry, but it’s available on

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