How to Replace the Engine Oil in a 4 5L Porsche Cayenne

How to Replace the Engine Oil in a 4.5L Porsche Cayenne

NOTE: Engine oil should always be drained. Engine oil should never be extracted as particles of dirt may remain in the oil pan.

You will need:
Oil filter
Oil filter cap ring gasket
Drain plug washer
10 quarts of Porsche A40 approved spec synthetic oil
36 mm 6 or 12 point socket
10 mm socket
T30 Torx bit or driver
8 mm Hex bit
Minimum 12 quart capacity oil drain pan

1. Remove plastic engine skid plate guards
2. Loosen the 2 oil drain plugs and collect engine oil in a disposal container. Dispose of waste oil in accordance
with legal requirements.
3. Loosen oil filter with special tool oil filter spanner P 9204 and unscrew it.
4. Remove the oil filter housing vertically downwards. Drain the remaining oil into a disposal container.
5. Remove the filter element. Remove the filter downwards and dispose of in accordance with legal requirements.
6. Clean the oil filter housing and replace the O-ring seal. Clean the oil filter housing thoroughly inside and outside and replace the O-ring. Carefully lever off the O-ring. The oil filter housing must not be damaged during this procedure.
7. Install the filter element
8. Lightly oil the filter housing O-ring.
9. Install the oil filter housing and tighten using special tool oil filter spanner P 9204. Tightening torque: 19 ftlb.
10. Clean oil drain plugs and screw in with new aluminum sealing rings. Tightening torque: 37 ftlb.
11. Fill in engine oil. The oil change quantity is filling capacity: 8.75 liter .
12. Pull out oil dipstick and wipe it off with a clean, lint-free cloth. Insert oil dipstick again fully, pull it out again, and read off the oil level. Correct engine-oil level if necessary.
13. Sart up the engine. The oil pressure light should stay on for about a second or two and then go out. Take a quick look underneath the car. Verify that there’s no volume of oil seeping out of the engine. Take the car out for a drive and bring it up to operating temperature. Shut the car off and then recheck the oil level.
14. Reinstall plastic engine skid plate guards

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  1. This is a really good video. Will do My Macan this week. Thanks.

  2. Is it Porsche Cayenne 4.5 V8 petrol? what is the spec for the oil filter wrench? (diameter size and flats/flutes around the perimeter) Thanks.

  3. For a "never changed the oil on a car before" person like me, that was a fantastic demonstration…makes me feel like even I can do it! Thanks.

  4. By doing it yourself you saved about $450?

  5. nice!

  6. Is it a torks screw or and how big?

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