Insane car battery hack

You’ll never believe what’s inside!

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  1. fake


  3. 2007?? WTF

  4. In the battery is acid and lead

  5. I thought I could use the stick this time… Now all the AA battery’s made an eruption instead of just being in the car battery… AND I NEVER GOT MY GAMEBOY

  6. car battery hack,LAME

  7. I saw this video forever ago and didn’t believe there was a unicorn, but I did believe there was a gameboy

  8. Next time hack a power station to find a few millions of them


  10. you guys stole this skit off of TV

  11. instructions not clear. got sprayed by acid

  12. I actually thought this was legit as a kid

  13. Does anyone still believe this "hack"? First sign of bogusness is "hack" in the title 🙂

  14. Only found 8 AA’s in mine. 1,500 makes 2.2KV!

  15. I found 30 unopened cans of ravioli in my neighbor’s

  16. nop car battery are full of acide not aa battery

  17. I opened one and it exploded water and smells horrible

  18. I opened my car battery and found 30 Playboy magazines, 30 condoms, and a bottle of lube.

  19. your videos were awesome back then

  20. I’m crying

  21. Mine had sticks in place of batteries.

  22. why is there a dead pakistani on my couch? I came from the game store. he was there. on my couch. he was dead. very much dead. laying there. he was stinking the whole house. I disposed of him in the garbage. 1 day later, I was fined $2,500 for "murder". did anybody drag him in my house? if you did, I won’t be mad!

  23. lol

  24. You used the British swear word at 1:20 lol


  26. I love how people say that it’s fake, even though that’s the whole point of this entire channel. lol

  27. Fake and very dangerous because you are making people to get lead acid on their skin.

  28. Bullshit, 1500 AA batteries would give more than like 12V and only tens of amps

  29. Hey everyone, the greatest results that i’ve ever had was by using the Magic Mender Wizard (just google it) definately the most helpful course i’ve tried.

  30. i did this and its bullshit, i only found AAA batteries

  31. My face! My face! Oh the pain!

  32. He bought a lot of batteries

  33. if this was real the car baterry wloud have 2250v of energy…….. theyre just 12v

  34. I found a bunch of portable chargers in there XD

  35. i thought this was real and i still would’ve today if i hadn’t seen a video were someone actually opened one but battery acid was inside 😢 but i knew the unicorn and tetris where fake but besides that i though this was legit

  36. this is fake

  37. that is cool!!!

  38. idk why but he kinda does sound like faZe blaziken.. but like an older version

  39. I opened mine, and found serious treasure. 4 cans of red bull and a nerf gun!

  40. I opened my aunts and it exploded this bluish liquid everywhere, it smells like decomposing plants and got on my arm and now its bright red and shaking!

  41. Some one said there is a sucker born every day and if you find him/her you can keep them.

  42. I found 1,000,000 dollars and Pokémon sun and moon with a Nintendo 3ds

  43. gameboy is a lie it doesn’t come out

  44. I actually do own a lightsaber but when I tried to use it it chopped the battery in half.

  45. 15750 volts? actually its 12

  46. impossible

  47. Don’t put that warning label at the end. Let natural selection take its course.

  48. Mine Is Filled In Water With An Underwater Unicorn That Does Nothing But Fly Around My Room
    I Also Have A Lightsaber So, I Used It To Open The Car Battery Just Like You Said

  49. 11,116 people didn’t find the unicorn

  50. While I find these videos hilarious, this one took it a little bit too far. Not a lot of people know that the insides of these batteries contain acids that will vaporize your skin and bones away if you touch it. If someone believes this is true they could seriously injure themselves if they tried it (even though you put a disclaimer at the end, yea you’re not responsible, but who’s to say they’ll see it).

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