Inside Uber’s Self-Driving Car | WIRED

The ride-sharing giant is in Pittsburgh for its latest big move: the country’s first autonomous taxi service. Select Uber users can now ride in self-driving cars, with humans at the wheel for an emergency.

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Inside Uber’s Self-Driving Car | WIRED

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  1. Hey less jobs for human drivers?

  2. a fucking minute long add?!?!??! Ppl wonder why they use add block

  3. some guy trying to make some money off his own car huh lol drivers get no respect

  4. "I’ve had drivers that are WORSE than this!"…BWAH HAH HA HAHA! You’re so funny. 😉😉!

  5. Why replace Fords with Volvo’s? Volvo’s look like ass. A fusion while not pretty is still far more beautiful than a volvo.

  6. who will be held accountable for accidents and loss of lives? technology

  7. Once this is perfected the 99% will be on public transportation !

  8. that’s so interesting

  9. The more advanced we get in technology, we can start putting a voice program and modulator and call it K.I.T.T 😀

  10. How dangerous is it when your car has worn out tie rods and it just decided to snap does it keep attempting to drive?

  11. Who pays the insurance for SDC (Self Driving Cars)?
    Whose keeping stats on the accidents like when the Tesla T boned a 28′ stationary semi trailer, decapitating the Tesla owner?
    What is the sticker price compared to normal cars?
    Obviously let’s also ask: Will this SDC tech be that much better than your closet full of the last 10 years dead computers?
    If these become common, the corporate investment will get legally and instantly defended (not unlike cops) even when it’s tech glitches that kill.
    How many other industries treat humans really well? Oil? -no. Airlines? -no. Auto insurance? -no. Big Pharma? – no. Defense? – no. Big Banking? -no. Corporate Food Inc? -no. Etc…………..
    Ben and Jerry’s? -yes! There is one responsible company you can trust.
    How long before I’m restrained, banned, or insured out of driving my older car?
    The little guy always pays when industry restructures their profit in our world. Is this any different?

  12. wait google glass was scrapped but this is acceptable?

  13. I can’t see what they mean by self driving when a human engineer is behind the wheel!

  14. Self driving cars emit electromagnetic impulses like sonar and radar and cell phones and smart meters. That’s ok cause the other devices can be voluntary but the cars will spray everything pets,plants,environment, people babies, whether you like it or not! Beached whales have been attributed to these powers and I sure they had no choice!!!❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌🔜☠️

  15. Fuck self drive cars , I like driving, are they gonna make something to wipe my ass for me next? They don’t want you doing shit for yourself anymore

  16. wow cool lol

  17. good. no more tipping bitchy, entitled drivers

  18. they are pushing you toward a future where you do not have control of your own life… guaranteed income and you take the shots when they say.. you will eat what how much and when they they say. you will not even be able to sleep in your own bed because it wiil not be your own bed.

  19. These fucking self-driving cars looks like police cars.

  20. total crap

  21. Fusion is ok but I want a Malibu :/

  22. At 2:07, the car is suppose to stop to let the pedestrians walk. That was an illegal move.

  23. so i don’t need driver licence

  24. no small talk required????? but its the brojobs I give the drivers the thing in enjoy the most about uber!!!!!! (no homo)

    but yeah, that goes for people and drivers who rejected and called me fag when im not, guess u deserve been replaced

  25. I don’t trust it. You’re driving along and all of a sudden BAM the doors lock and take you to Area 51 to get tested on.

  26. Tecnologia da Google 😂

  27. the maintenance cost will kill uber

  28. I’m not prepared for this.

  29. If uber speeds who gets the ticket ? Bank robbery call uber as a get away driver .. kill your wife uber take care this body lol

  30. I cannot wait for this technology. I imagine "automobile as a service" where I pay an monthly fee that covers up to a certain amount of miles, and I pay extra for the overage like data on a cellphone. My morning commute becomes an enjoyable experience watching videos on my tablet instead of with my foot perched over the brake in stop and go traffic for 45 minutes. Get rid of my car, insurance, and just get chauffeured around everywhere by a robot.

  31. Only way it’ll really happen if it’s perfect. Reality check,nothing is perfect

  32. nowadays, people use uber because customers loves to ride in nice cars BUT use those cars with a pot on the top it won’t be cool. that thing on the top is really ugly and it is nice for me riding in those cars.

  33. The death of taxis. Uber was a similar concept, only a name stuck to it. This will be the official death of taxis. Few people even use cab services anyway. Even less will use them when they see self driven cars take them over. Most people hate automated cars, as they think driving is an art and an indispensable skill. Anything that leads to the reduction of driving will drive a certain crowd mad. (Not me, I’m not one of them.)

  34. What if I enjoy driving

  35. do you really want this thing behind you during an ice storm

  36. I’ve asked approx. 80-100 of my passengers if they would prefer a self driving Uber, or a real person. Only 1 person said self-driving. One. There’s no way this takes off in the next 5-7 years.

  37. Problems occur when a blow-out, rain storm, debris in roadway, 4 way stop right-of-way rule, snow storm, icy roads, flooded roads, high winds, fire on board, blocked road, detoured roads, engine problems, running out of fuel, police directing traffic, unable to find a parking slot, etc… etc… etc…. Too many human variables involved in driving a vehicle to turn over the operation to a computer with limited intelligence. The horror…………………

  38. I hate Uber, hope this company fucking rot in hell.

  39. some guys trying to make extra money…

  40. Is that legal?

    I’ve heard a lot about Uber testing self driving cars lately. I know they have to eventually become profitable but trying to do it by ridding yourself of your most precious asset (the drivers) in the process is a sign of Corporate Greed and will definitely come back and bite them. Think about this. If Uber starts using self- driving cars, that means that self-driving cars will be therefore, available to the public. That means that over half of Uber’s customer base would not need Uber anymore. Eventually most cars will be this way. Granted, many users are people without cars. But I’m an Uber driver and at least %65 of the people just need a ride so they can drink or a ride to the airport which instead of parking it at the airport you could just send it back home and summon it upon your return. If you had your own SD Automobile, you would for the most part just call it up like an Uber Driver! You could take it to the bar and let it take you home. Drive it to the Air Port, call for it when you return! NOT UBER!
    So hopefully Uber will consider this in the near future but just like most multibillion dollar company’s, its all about next quarter earnings.

    -Dustin Hall
    Dacusville Dudes
    Locksmith / Uberdriver


  43. Okay Folks! Time to take Knight Rider out of the Science Fiction section and put it in Documentary.

  44. More unemployed ppl

  45. I’m not prepared for this.

  46. Tell me why? 2:06 pedestrians in cross walk have the right of way. Right?

  47. oh great more deth machines on the way -_-

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