Instant Karma for Porsche Cayenne Driver

Stupid driver punished himself.
Republic of Moldova.
Instant Karma for Porsche Cayenne Driver.
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  1. LMFAO !!!

  2. The Cayenne driver thought the camera car wanted to hit the trailer before him so he did what he could to hit it first.

  3. yeah! take that world ugliest overpriced status symbols! Ha Ha!

  4. karma porn.

  5. hahah dumb fuck

  6. epic fail of road rage lol

  7. It was the trucks fault for not moving😂😂😂

  8. hahahaha

  9. I can’t wait 3 seconds to merge safely. Can’t you see I’m driving a Porsche!?

  10. Lol!

  11. god damn fuck Russia. the drivers are assholes, the people are assholes, the traffic are assholes, the weather are assholes, and the Putin are assholes. Russia literally are assholes.

  12. Best that could happend to an idiot like this ;D

  13. lol

  14. Best thing I have seen on the internet today

  15. that made me chuckle

  16. the driver is English

  17. Expensive cars (bought or rented) don’t equal more rights on the road. You have the same amount of right as a seventh hand fiat punto. When will they learn.

  18. The guy from the Simpson show would be on the side saying haha

  19. The possession of a porsche does not automatically enlarge your brain – neither does money……..Probably he will sue the trailer……

  20. Road rage disease is common in every country.

  21. I love Nelson! HA HA!

  22. An expensive lesson learned.

  23. I would have pulled over with that van and gone back to laugh, mock and rub it in that douchebag’s face… side note, nice to finally see a BMW using it’s turn signals…

  24. Lovely, it’s like watching the sunrise after a night great sex. 🙂 (or almost)

  25. I love this video lol

  26. idiot

  27. Ha ha ha ha ha

  28. Ha, instant justice, love it. You drove back and pissed on his car?

  29. English cunts

  30. Yasss

  31. Awesome !!!

  32. Both of them drivers is morans!

  33. Slavs should be banned from driving. They fucking suck at it.

  34. That trailer cut him off!

  35. ben gli sta al coglionaccio arrogante infame

  36. keh keh keh

  37. 0:50, the Cayenne overtakes the van by the left side of the road, and then for no reasons, nearly stops on the right side, and then, again for no reasons, he floors it without looking in front of him? WHAT HAPPENED INSIDE HIS HEAD?

  38. dumbASS

  39. The Porsche was actually in a big rush to hit the trailer- looks like he reached his goal quite quickly. Idiot.

  40. 10 arrogant Porsche drivers dislike this video

  41. I made the 666th thumb up!

  42. I hate Porsche Cayennes and all who buy them on a deep emotional level…I died laughing at this ☺️

  43. ha ha epic what a twat, he still thinks he looks coool even after this though ha ha

  44. damn 😂

  45. One of my favs.

  46. Excellent!

  47. he told the cop the trailers brakes lights are not working.

  48. I wouldn’t call this instant Karma. It looks as if the car filming speed up to keep the Porsche from getting around him at the beginning. Then the 2 of them road raged and involved the van in the whole incident.

  49. Ha moron!!

  50. bahahahahahaha!!!

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